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The Candid Conservative: Countering racism with racism is dumbism....
Sunday, 04 February 2024 17:50
“I am going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.” 
― Morgan Freeman


Special to the Daily Planet

January is a month of marches, glistening oratories, speechifying editorials, celebratory news clips and other forms of pomp and circumstance. 

Most of it will be framed with the intention of recognizing the one man who did more than any other man to nudge our country away from racism.

Most of it will be about as hollow as a new box of cereal. 

We live in a time when the word “racist” is used with ease and reckless enthusiasm by people who absolutely should know better.

This is not 1963. That America was up to its neck in unaddressed and terribly harmful racism as a defacto white majority position. 

That’s not true today. Sure, we still have those who persist in judging people by color, but they are fading out and certainly get no positive or rewarding attention for their dedication to irrationality.

Get with it and fast forward to 2023 and an America that has created the 1964 Civil Rights Act; desegregated our schools and universities; elected a black president; and otherwise achieved tremendous progress in doing Dr. King’s thing. 

His thing? 

Well, MLK had lots of things, but equality was his main thing: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

In case you didn’t know it, Dr. King was a laser-focused fan of equality. He believed that the best America would be one that kept crawling and clawing its way toward justice for everyone without consideration for the color of their skin.

We were doing just that for decades. The election for Barack Obama to the presidency could arguably be described as the zenith of our progress.

It’s been downhill since. Ironically, it was Obama himself who sidestepped an extraordinary opportunity to unite us once and for all. Instead, he took a detour around the word equality toward a similar sounding word – equity.

In so doing he helped unleash a movement that is definitively, decisively and damningly racist to its core.

Equity is about one thing and one real thing only – a special deal – and in this case, a special day, based on one’s skin color. Think reparations and affirmative action as two examples. 

In the name of making up for the past – something that can’t be done – equity advocates have ironically used color to take us back to the past. But like every over special-interest deal, this mission has a fatal flaw – one cannot be entitled and equal at the same time.

Though the motives behind any effort to create equity may be sincere, the outcome is destructive. For the same reasons it is not possible to take a bath and stay dry, it’s not possible to grant people special privileges and retain social equanimity. 

 Thus, there’s a broad movement in America – funded almost entirely by tax dollars – to use color as a filtering agent. Though it is clearly against the law, it has become amazingly acceptable. A 1963 redo?

Asheville High had such a program in the form of scholarships for black students only; Asheville’s PEAK Academy charter school – at least per their leadership’s public admission – aims at quota numbers for black students; MAHEC has a scholarship program that excludes “whites” and “over-represented” Asians; Asheville City has taken this race-based exclusivity approach to board membership; etc. Mountain Biz Works just got a federal grant to apply to people on the basis of their color. The list goes on and on. 

Stand anywhere in Asheville – look in any direction – and within walking distance is some place that picks and choses participation per skin color.

We should be better, smarter and more sincere than that.

When you hear the word equity, pause for a moment and rethink this ill-advised mission of those who would take us back in time. Do we really want to be recycling color – any color – as a screen for anything?

On the month of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, mind if one suggests – regardless of your color – that you skip the holiday pretense, glorified declarations, and hollow affirmations of his greatness?

If you believe – really, really believe – that MLK was a great man who made a great difference, then walk his walk and skip the empty talk.

Were he with us today, he would note equity’s scamming credentials immediately.

Shame on those people whose glorified sympathies license them to attempt to address fast-decaying racism with what amounts to a new and not-so-improved version of racism.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an equality guy inside and out. The people pushing equity are walking on his grave....


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