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The Candid Conservative: Men, women, etc.
Wednesday, 08 November 2023 21:08
EDITOR’S NOTEL: This is the third of a three-part series on genders.
“There ain’t no answer. There ain’t gonna be any answer. There never has been an answer. That’s the answer.” 
— Gertrude Stein

Special to the Daily Planet

We’ve talked to women about men and men about women. Now let’s talk to all of us about the “other” category.

With men and women, it’s a black, white, and bit of grey discussion. 

With the current list of 72 alternative genders, one understands why the LGBTQ, etc., movement has embraced the rainbow flag as a lobby logo. At the current rate of identity evolution, they’re going to need every color they can get.

 Christian conservative white males are not supposed to talk about this subject. Excuse me while I step over that bit of nonsense. 

One doesn’t have to be a cat to talk about cats. If you find disagreement with what follows, please let the editor know. If you find condemnation in what follows, please let me know. 

This Christian conservative white male understands that his faith gives him the license of discernment, not judgment.

 Science is Science — Except apparently when we don’t want it to be. First, let’s be clear there is no ‘gay’ gene. Instead, gender flexibility tracks to a spectrum of causes that can include parental, social, sibling, cultural, and other environmental influences, as well as safety filters, psycho-physiological make-up, addiction factors, modeling, and, yes, personal choice. Curiously, our sense of smell can also insert itself into the mix. Sorry folks, we’re stuck with “X & Y” chromosomes. Nobody has found “Z” yet, but they’re trying hard to prove that people who are not born that way are born that way.

 Debate and discussion be gone — Any movement that shouts down alternative views with intolerance and mockery merits skepticism. That list would include bullies, judgmental Christians, Muslims who throw homosexuals off buildings, and the LGTBQ, etc. movement itself. Attempting to have an open discussion on this subject is guaranteed to generate a reaction not unlike that which occurs when one attempts to pet a mama bear’s cute little offspring. It’s called dogma, and dogmatism has never made anyone or anything smarter, better or righter. 

 A sad fad that’s bad — One of the more illegitimate pieces of the LGBTQ, etc. movement is a widespread marketing/recruitment effort with teens. Dramatizing the normal transitional confusions that almost every adolescent experiences into a license for modifying one’s gender proclivities is short-sighted, premature, and radical. That’s especially true when you factor in the forever impacts of hormonal and surgical interventions during a teen’s developmental years. Shame on everyone who is playing a role in this sad fad.

 Ask a gay male — Though Hollywood likes to conjure up images of ever-so-solid relationships as a pattern in the gay community, researched reality offers a differing truth. Certainly, there are exceptions, but per the admissions of the gay community itself, sex is the driving force in the male homosexual culture. Heck, it’s a pretty big force in the heterosexual culture, too, but a comparison finds the latter operating as amateur enthusiasts. Why is an overemphasis on sex a problem? There are many reasons, but the biggest one is that nobody – of any sexual persuasion – ever found lasting commitment, love, safety, support and security through an obsessive dedication to playing with other people’s body parts. 

 No, the Bible is not confused — It’s popular in the LBGTQ, etc. community to pretend the Bible is not critical of same-sex relationships. That’s propaganda, and the Biblical scriptures speaking against such are legion. Where Christians get in trouble on this one is that though homosexual activities and relationships are clearly defined as a “sin” – as in against God’s will – there are other sins like jealousy, greed, judgmentalness, dishonesty, gossip, pridefulness, selfishness, gluttony and a host of other stuff that people quietly stepover in their Biblical dedications. Sin is sin, and God does not rank one as worse than another. Christians who study the Bible with discernment are free to hold up their hand and raise a concern. We are not free to judge or condemn, both of which are sins the Bible flags with intensity.

 Up against symmetry- — One of the biggest issues with same sex partnerships is the word symmetry. Clearly nature intended primary human relationships emphasize a male-female bond. Everything from the differing structure of our brain, our body parts, our ability to naturally craft children, and the relentless research supporting a male-female relationship as the most ideal format for raising children speak to this agenda. That’s not to say that other options can’t work. It does say that it’s tougher. A male-male or female-female relationship will find symmetry a very difficult pursuit.

 Relationships are not easy — No matter what your circle of identity might be, emotionally intimate and lasting relationships are a premier life challenge. For those who argue that we don’t get to choose who we are, one is still left with the fact we can certainly choose what we do with who we are. 

 No matter where you fit in the gender options list, personal choice remains the most certain determinate of where you land. Slogans, dogmatism and pretty flags are not dependable parachutes....


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