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The Candid Conservative: Whatever happened to that diversity thing?
Wednesday, 18 January 2023 22:32

A wolf is no less a wolf because he’s dressed in sheepskin and the devil is no less the devil because he’s dressed as an angel.


Special to the Daily Planet

It began about three decades ago. All of a sudden, these classes and presentations on “diversity” started popping up on college campuses, at conventions, in government agencies, and amidst the boardrooms of business and industry.

The premise of “diversity training” was simple — there is value in inclusion and that everyone, regardless of color, gender or culture, has something to contribute and merits a fair seat at the table.

How could anyone argue with that?

We didn’t, and diversity became a buzz word of phenomenal impact. Fast forward to today and we can now see it was all a scam.

Diversity wasn’t about inclusion; it was about power.

Child molesters like lollipops —

In the old days child predators would entice their victims with a smile and a sugared offering and then lock the door of the van. Today’s social predators rely on opportunistic politicians and corrupt tech and media outlets.

They don’t want diversity, they want their own version of exclusion.

Examples abound —

A review starts with Asheville’s City Council. There are no men, conservatives or Republicans. There are only women — and every single one is a liberal.

Not so many years ago, the local daily paper and Asheville’s other liberal marketing agent – the MountainX – used to jump up and down about diversity. Now? Not a peep. Why? Because it suits their political agenda.

Same-same with the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners. There hasn’t been anything approaching an authentic conservative voting representative on that body for years. Even in the face of the Wanda Greene fiasco, is the media concerned about this lack of diversity of view? Nope – they’ve got their home team and they want to keep them.

There is a diversity exception that gets lots of action but no traction – Asheville’s Police Department. In spite of all the rhetoric, investment, recruiting, hand-wringing, and bold proclamations by our council, there are fewer black officers now than in the past.

One area in which diversity training has achieved ponderous results is in gender pronouns. Facebook now recognizes 61 of them.

One of my favorite diversity scams is the Asheville city-appointed reparations committee. Their mission is to pull revenue from the pockets of today’s city taxpayers and give it to today’s black Ashevillians.

Sorry guys, you can’t be an equal and a victim at the same time. And special deals for one group mocks the very ideas of inclusion and diversity.

It’s called reverse-racism and the people who set-up, supported and joined this taxpayer-funded community scam should be ashamed for their lack of foresight.

Cherokee exclusion?

Segregation and diversity are opposing forces rightfully challenged in our largely successful national efforts against racism.

So how is it that the segregated Cherokee reservation is viewed as an “A-OK” exception?

Yes, I know, white Europeans conquered native Americans and took their land. “You owe us,” is the declaration.

The first part is true, just like it’s true that native Americans relentlessly conquered one another prior to the arrival of these better armed and organized European adversaries.

Sorry guys, every people of every nation in history, have, at one time or another been conquered.

Throughout the centuries, those who survived did so by acclimating and assimilating and finding ways to excel in spite of their hardships.

With all due respect, isolation, special- interest exemptions and gambling revenue do not a healthy social equation make.

Safe zones?

The majority of university campuses in America have these things they call ‘Safe Zones.’ They are areas restricted on the basis of gender, race, and other preferences designed to do one thing – protect one group by excluding others.

That’s not diversity, it’s sexism, racism and sillyism.

It’s also ironically anti-science. The studies demonstrating that isolation accelerates versus curbs anxiety and social insecurity are too numerous to count.

That our college campuses, including local UNC Asheville, make sure their faculties and administrators are exclusively liberal, tell you all you need to know on why real diversity is no longer viable in higher education.

Diversity actually is important —

Take a look at a business card. Hold it up between you and someone else and ask what they see.

Their response will be “a blank card.” Yours will be “a business card.” Neither of you is wrong, dishonest or manipulative.

You are both assessing the card based on your angle of view and both views count.

And so it is with diversity. We need diversity in all aspects of the human experience – government, education, and media are not exceptions – so that we can address problems through dissimilar viewpoints.

Diversity training was and is a lie. It’s destruction of our ability to solve societal problems has evolved into a tragedy.

Just ask the 40,000 Asheville souls who recently lost the capacity to flush their toilets....





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