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The Candid Conservative: Are homosexuality and Christianity in conflict?
Thursday, 10 November 2022 21:54

“Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.”

— Isaiah 66:2 



Special to the Daily Planet

Recently a mother shared a conversation centered on her elementary grade son. Her experience has direct application to today’s conservative poke in the eye.  

“Mom, someone asked me if I was straight or gay and I told him I was straight – what does that mean?” 

The mom responded by suggesting he had answered correctly because he was a boy and a Christian, and he was being raised by a mom and a dad who loved each other and wanted him to one day have that same opportunity.

Good job mom.

If you’re not up on the reality of public-school these days, know that this question is posed relentlessly. In the midst of children struggling through the developmental process – it represents a sharp finger into the head, heart, hand and spirit of a liquid bowl of human Jell-O.


Propaganda rarely heralds progress?

The LGTBQ movement has done an excellent job of framing their agenda as a social justice matter. They have been so successful, that to challenge essentially any of their principles and practices is to insure — in most settings — immediate animosity.

It not surprising that conservatives, culturists, Christians, truth seekers, those believing in the word ‘normal,’ and those with a loving heart find themselves hesitant to risk this minefield. In fact, we’ve reached a point where most churches assume a neutral or even celebratory position toward the LGBTQ movement.

God hasn’t.

The scriptures challenging homosexual devotions are legion. No matter how much obfuscation and manipulation one encounters, biblical sincerity leaves no room for anything approaching a reasonable case for misunderstanding.

Homosexuality, sexual immorality, gender flexibility, and — of exceptional importance — recruiting others toward the same are clearly and definitively against God’s stated will.

Those seeking a way around this conundrum need do only one thing – take a position that the Bible’s core themes are fallible and, therefore, ignoring selective scriptures is justified.

Good luck with that.

Any church taking this detour around our faith’s roadmap is confusing a Christian country club with a Christian house of worship.

Good luck with that, too.


What’s the right thing?

All that said, what should a Christian charged with the summary commandment of ‘loving God with all our heart and loving our fellowman as we love ourselves’ do?

May one suggest you count to three?

One of the best ways to catch a social justice manipulator is to note they can only count to two. In their view, you can either encourage members of the rainbow movement or hate them. You can only pander to people of color or hate them. You can only make the poor dependent on government or hate them. You can either support women in indiscriminately killing the unborn or hate them. You can only surrender our borders to illegal immigrants or hate them. The list is endless.

Again, conservatives, culturists, Christians, truth seekers, those believing in the word ‘normal,’ and those with a loving heart should reach higher by counting to three.

It is entirely possible to (1) neither encourage nor (2) hate the members of the LGBTQ movement, but to (3) love them as God says we should love everyone and simultaneously stick to the Biblical assertion that homosexuality and it’s various branches pit man’s personal will against God’s stated will.


Real love is always tough?

Here’s the kicker.

No matter one’s personal aversion or discomfort with homosexuality, we are not free to judge, condemn, or otherwise reject --– as people – those who embrace this path.

Just as surely, we are not free to discount Biblically challenged loyalties and pretend all is well in order to preserve our Christian country club membership.

Counting to three finds us noting that – with the exception of blaspheme — God does not rank sin, that none of us are free from sin, and that we need to reserve the lion’s share of our energies to pulling the plank of sin from our own eye.

God is the one that bears the final burden of judgment.

The challenge for Christians is marking the difference between make-believe Christian convenience and authentic Christian conviction.

The Bible tells us how. Those who would destroy our nation’s foundation of faith tell us why it’s OK to pretend otherwise.

That — at grave expense —  is blasphemy....




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