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The Daily Planet's Opinion: Mayor declares ‘Parks and Rec’ Month (hah!) How about ‘Get back to work’ month?
Thursday, 21 July 2022 11:47

As the world, the nation and even the City of Asheville are beset by hyper-inflation and likely falling into a severe economic recession with staying power, our city leaders continue to dwell in la-la land.

To that end, Ashevlle Mayor Esther Manheimer — surrounded by affluent, rigidly left-leaning elitists —  at a City Council meeting recently proclaimed July as “Parks and Recreation Month,” according to a city press released posted on July 5.

Given that the aforementioned economic problems are fueled by a combination of idiotic government policies along with a lagging worth ethic (where work is considered something only for suckers) and replaced with an entitlement attitude of deserving something for nothing, Manheimer’s touting of parks and recreation this month seems to be particularly ill-timed.

The United States (as well as many other places around the world) have too many people who were and, in some cases, still are “enabled” by our government to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic — or goof off, in general (mainly feeding their screen addictions) — while others have worked stoicly to keep the wheels turning in our society. 

Even now, these “snow flakes” continue to be paralyzed with fear for their lives and have gotten acclimated to not working, so nearly every entity in Asheville, as well as around the U.S. and many places in the world, are having to close early or not even to open because of a lack of workers.

Meanwhile, the city press release notes (ignoring the presence of homeless camps), “Parks are at the center of the many experiences, memories and milestones — moments that park and recreation professionals make happen.

“The House of Representatives has designated July as Park and Recreation Month, emphasizing the outsized role parks play in regards to social equity, personal wellness and community resiliency....

“Community members are invited to explore a park or greenway, connect with neighbors over cultural and leisure programming, and discover all the city’s parks, pools, community centers, and other facilities have to offer.”

Lest we be misconstrued, we are not criticizing the Asheville Parks & Recreation Department, per se, as we think much of what it does, it does well.

We are not meaning to discourage the citizenry and visitors from getting exercise for the benefit of their good health or reveling in the natural beauty of the area, which often is easily accessible in the city’s parks.

Rather, we are laser-beam focused on the possibly catclysmic problem of an economy that is nearly paralyzed (maybe forever) by a citizenry filled with slackers who want the benefits from work — without actually working.

Also, there are well-known benefits from work, besides the most obvious one of keeping the economy running — such as giving one a sense of self-worth, developing job skills and interpersonal skills, along with mental and physical challenges.

It’s time for Asheville’s leaders — consumed with the fad of “reimagining” — to set a good example by working extra — and encourage others to do the same ... and even encourage retirees to return to our lagging labor force... because they still HAVE a work ethic.



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