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The Candid Conservative: Don’t join the miserable
Thursday, 21 July 2022 11:43
Some people are so addicted to their misery that they will destroy anything that gets in the way of their fix.” 
Bryant H. McGill


Special to the Daily Planet

Making one’s way through the current minefield of domestic and international absurdities is an intimidating responsibility. 

The miserable like company and their negativity and nastiness are as sticky as flypaper.

Here’s four suggestions for dodging their toxic adhesions.


Pick your team

If you’re looking for a short script on how best to live life, you can’t do much better than the contrasting methodologies of the Seven Virtues and Vices.

The virtues include: CHASTITY (sharing your pee-pee wisely), TEMPERANCE (maturity, moderation, and self-control), CHARITY (self-sacrifice, generosity, and love), DILIGENCE (steadfast, responsible, and useful), PATIENCE (grace, peaceful, and just), KINDNESS (compassionate, unselfish, and positive), and HUMILITY (modest, respectful, and grateful).

The vices include: PRIDE (boastful, hypocritical, and vane). ENVY (hateful, critical, and begrudging), ANGER (quarrelsome, clamorous, and spiteful), SLOTH (lazy, sluggish, and selfish), AVARICE (treacherous, merciless, and violent), GLUTTONY (greedy, addicted, and dissatisfied), and LUST (thoughtless, rash, and demanding).

Putting it directly, the Seven Virtues uplift, while the Seven Vices destroy. One would do well to learn both and make a conscious decision on which team you work for.

If you find misery and vice more attractive than virtue, please do not be discouraged. With persistence, who knows? You may be the first person in human history to thereby land in a pleasant place.


Drop the F-Bomb

The “F” word is one of the most satisfying words in the English Language.

There’s a reason for that. If one is filled with frustration, stress, or anger, using the F-word will relieve you with dazzling efficiency.

But there’s a problem. Ventilation is more about recycling than releasing. Research reliably demonstrates that venting results in more anger, not less.

Witness the generous application of the F-Bomb as a counter to the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling. The majority decided this is a states’ rights issues and that the Constitution suggests those fifty angles of view will more reliably produce a best practice model than a politicized swamp in D.C. that can’t manage itself.

The left’s stunning realization that all of the complex legal and intellectual arguments generated by the court could be reduced to rubble with just one four-letter word was nothing short of brilliant.

Actually, releasing the F-Bomb does little more than confirm one’s lack of creativity, maturity, and reason. The latter are crucial skills amidst misery and require practice to prosper.

Those wishing to stand as a positive and productive person might want to consider dropping the F-Bomb. 

Practice psykido

The martial arts of Aikido, Jiu-jitsu, and Judo seek to skip the assured pain of force-on-force self-defense by using an opponent’s momentum against them.

Picture actor Steven Segal in his prime. As the bad guys daring to enter the kitchen of the ‘Mighty Mo’ rush to dismember our hero, this super-skilled cook simply steps to the side and deftly assists them into the assured discomforts of running into a wall.

How does that apply to navigating a crazy world? Using the force-on-force futilities of worry, anger, and negativity to counter bad guys assures just one thing - you get beat up too.

Far better to embrace self-control, step to the side, and let the self-destructive momentum of the miserable secure their demise.

Things just work better when we intentionally focus on what we can influence over what we can’t. There is nothing useful in complaining about the bums in government while skipping the personal responsibility of learning the candidates and voting our values.

Psykido is the psychological skill of separating what you can control from what you can’t and turning that insight into action. Black-belt Psykido practitioners find life much less stressful, invasive, and frustrating than those who are in constant mental battle with events, people, and realities over which they have no meaningful control.

Here’s a hint, if you find yourself yelling at TV news, you might want to work a little harder.


Be that one in five

Eighty-percent of Americans are disruptively discouraged about the course our country is on. That’s not an irrational position, but it is futility personified as normalcy.

The mission is to be aware of the insanity, but refuse to move into the asylum.

Picture a circle with a dot in the middle.

You are the dot; the circle is the world. Concentrate on growing the dot amidst the never-ending miseries of the circle, and you will find a version of peace no matter how much nonsense is going on around you.

That’s how many of our POW’s in Vietnam survived. That’s how you and I can survive Joe, Kamala, Nancy, Hollywood, biased media outlets, DC’s bureaucracy, and an army of F-Bombers.

One thing is certain about today’s world, it is going to get worse before it gets better. There is too much dark momentum to reverse course before we crash into the realities of a self-correcting world.

Take heart. There are always special moments when you steer your boat in windswept waters....




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