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The Candid Conservative: We’ve forgotten how to solve problems
Wednesday, 22 June 2022 11:37
Special to the Daily Planet

“The will to solve problems inhabits only a few in this world. Lesser people are content with complaining, scapegoating, spilling blood....” 
— Laura Rahme


Don’t look now, but the official endangered species list is growing. In addition to the black rhino and specked pocketbook mussel, it’s been suggested that homo sapien problemsolverus are disappearing, too.

We’ve reached a point of evolution where essentially any social, economic, political and moral problem in 21st century America is beyond our problem-solving capacities.

Part of the reason tracks to too many laws and not enough enforcement. Another cause is baked-in bureaucratic corruption in most all of our academic, government, legal and administrative institutions. Job one has become self-preservation and political correctness — not solving the problems that generated the original institution’s creation.

For fun, let’s take three problems and demonstrate that what’s missing in our country’s problem-solving equation is not answers, but character, courage and conviction.

In our porous borders, out-of-control drug culture and broken criminal justice system we find fertile ground.


Come as you are

Neither political party is sincere on illegal immigration. My Republican Party puts on a better show than the opposition, but both have relentlessly dodged this issue regardless of who has been in power. The Biden administration has now taken this decades-long failure to tragic levels of absurdity

An authentic fix does not depend on walls or stepped-up enforcement.

That outcome requires just one thing — fining the heck out of any individual, company, business, or enterprise that hires an undocumented worker.

Don’t waste time saying it can’t be done. Try skipping federal or state payroll taxes one time and see how fast the sword comes down on top of your head. It’s will that’s missing — not method.



Just when you think our drug problem can’t get worse than elephant tranquilizers 100 times more powerful than morphine, Canada introduces a drug called W-18 that is 100 times more powerful than fentanyl. Hang on to your loved ones America.

Fixing our drug problem again centers on accountability — in this case for the drug users who fund the drug underworld, foster criminality, abuse our social safety-net and die in droves.

Holding users accountable is not popular. Though every single one made the initial decision to choose to use drugs, though they invariably become predatory as they become addicted, though treatment rarely works — we continue to enable.

Sadly, we can’t save our existing pool of users. Most are going to self-destruct. What we can do is stop new recruits before they are kidnapped.

Timely, significant, and painful consequences that make drug use too risky are the answer. Drinking and driving is extraordinarily rare in certain Scandinavian countries for one reason - the consequences are so severe nobody chances it.

Want to stop our children from becoming opiate addicts? Have them spend 30 days in a tent jail, enrolled in a six-week drug education course and serving parole for a year the very first time they’re caught with possession of a hard drug.


Our criminal justice system is a crime unto Itself

If convenience stores were run like our courts, you’d have to wait in line for hours, what you expected to be available wouldn’t be, and the clerk would require you to pay $300 an hour to participate in the convenience.

Absolutely nothing about our courts is consistent, dependable, efficient, or productive except the way in which they financially reward lawyers, judges, and political cronies. Everyone else, including staff and law enforcement officers, reliably stand as victims of this system.

Fixing our courts will require money, manpower, technology, and commitment. Ask anyone who works in what I cheerfully call our community’s “portal to hell.” They have the answers.

One example cements our judicial lack of will. To have a rape kit, drug substance, or other forensic evidence analyzed in our state labs takes an average of six to nine months — if you’re lucky.

Before we ever get started on adjudication, this results in what is realistically a one-year delay on the basis of something as doable as a lab report.

The state has been promising to fix this forever. If you can’t do measurable stuff like lab work, you sure as heck aren’t going to be successful with the complexities of fairness, justice, and judicial integrity.


Where from here?

America struggles to correct its course before disaster strikes. And that’s the nature of institutional bureaucracies — they don’t change until they have to.

Speeding up the process requires engaged citizenry willing to challenge the absurdity of problem-solving institutions who can no longer solve problems....




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