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The Candid Conservative: Liberal fakery is finally failing
Thursday, 12 May 2022 12:03
“So much of liberalism in its classical sense is taken for granted in the west today and even disrespected. We take freedom for granted, and because of this we don’t understand how incredibly vulnerable it is.”
― Niall Ferguson

Special to the Daily Planet

Elon Musk is in the process of pulling off one of the greatest game-changing achievements in the 21st century. 

And no, it has nothing to do with electric cars, space or becoming the world’s first gazillionaire.

What it does involve is the revitalization of a social networking platform that had become so corrupt, self-deceiving and culturally toxic, that it was choking itself and the land of liberty.

We’re speaking of Twitter. You know, that media platform that gives Russian and Chinese leaders unimpaired access, but bans former U.S. President (Donald) Trump, runs cover for serial-lawbreaker Hunter Biden, while it vilifies and suspends pillow-vendor Mile Lindell, and has staff meltdowns at the possibility of having to actually apply free speech principles versus run off the idea that people should absolutely be free to say anything that those in control want to hear.

In other words, Elon Musk has confronted the illiberal politics of Twitter’s progressive-socialist power rangers and said, “No more — time for adults to take over this magnificent information, unity, and networking tool and do some good.” 

How? By opening the door for honest debate, diversity of views and creative thinking —– that’s real free speech.

Wow, just when you thought political correctness had won the whole lottery, Elon comes along and confronts their fake ticket.



Our self-correcting world

If there is one principle of nature deserving acclaim, it is the reality that we live in a self-correcting universe. Everything, and I mean everything, is thus subject to regulation that sees manmade extremes eventually corrected to a point of balance.

Remember how Asheville’s mayor and 7-0 illiberal City Council indulged months of riotous behavior by mobs of fake social change agents seeking a lazy way to assert their view? 

That indulgence cost us a police department, killed community civility, unleashed our city’s criminal element, and in the end accomplished not one achievement of note.

We did see a city landmark torn down and have a black reparations committee finally thrown together. The first action is in on-going litigation and the second, when it’s fluctuating membership quits in-fighting and finally comes up with a plan, is going to be hit with so many lawsuits they’ll need to spend all their earmarked public funds on lawyers.


Artificial happiness and the left

Though our pretend liberal friends like to equally pretend they are happy, may one suggest that’s a bunch of nonsense? Liberal happiness is about as deep as a cheap paint job on a worn-out used car.

How can one make such a reckless assertion? It’s easy, just look at what it takes for the left to sustain their illusions of bliss.

It starts with anger and control. The minute things go sideways for progressive-socialists, they go through power withdrawal and get mad. Happy people recognize that control is an illusion and that anger is poisonous to self-content.

Their dedication to addictive behavior – think sex, alcohol and drugs – also reveals inner misery. 

Progressive-socialists are willing to stomp the mud out of our country’s founding values, the stability of our Southern neighboring country, and our social safety net in the name of getting high on something to escape something else.

That something else is a transient sense of wellness that must be artificially and continually fed to sustain their sense that they are OK and the rest of us aren’t.

When yours truly thinks of the left, he pictures a bunch of frantic shoppers chasing blue-light specials amidst the Kmart-like illusions of today’s progressive-socialist movement.

Sorry guys, there is just not enough craft beer, weed and unprotected sex to fix that kind of itch.


Bullying 101

Another of the misery indicators for the left is their reliance on antagonism, mockery, and threats to address those who dare oppose their agenda. Bullying as a path to happiness?

Truly happy people find patience, love, curiosity and acceptance on their trail. Malice, mischief and meanness follow a different path.

It’s back to that lazy thing. Mob protests, anger, and malevolence are easy but don’t accomplish much of anything but loud motion. Truly making a positive difference takes time, energy, and productive action.

The left’s social justice warriors don’t get that.


What should conservatives do?

Nothing beyond getting more active. The days of just wanting to be left alone are over. In the face of such, the left has had a field day with our culture, our kids, and our values.

As the left’s Twitter debacle reveals, they are reaching their tipping point on self-correction.

In the future we will look back and recognize the (Joe) Biden era as the peak of illiberal absurdities.

It’s not a moment too soon. Thanks Mr. Musk – you’ve demonstrated a rare measure of character and conviction in a self-serving world....



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