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The Daily Planet's Opinion: City in 2022 entangled with APD/DA/crime, homeless campers, underpaid workers
Saturday, 01 January 2022 15:05

While 2022, a new year, dawns on Western North Carolina, the situation in the region’s biggest city, Asheville, feels more like a scene out of the 1993 comedy-fantasy film “Groundhog Day,” except that the grim outlook for the local metropolis triggers more of a dark “humor” at the incessant repetition of errors by our city’s lackluster leadership who are so confident in their ability to “reimagine” virtually everything — with little or no hope of change.

Among the urgent problems facing the city is the terrible turnover in staffing at the Asheville Police Department, prompting the hiring of a recruiting firm at significant cost to the taxpayers, which appears to be fallout from our “woke” City Council’s general sympathy — at least at one time — for the moronic Defund the Police movement. 

A related issue is the citizenry’s indifference (to date) to Buncombe County District Attorney Todd Williams, who, for reasons that need close examination, dismisses a huge proportion of the cases that the APD reports to him, which, in turn, discourages the APD from making arrests and contributes to officer turnover — AND encourages our criminals to realize they can do ANYTHING now ... without any consequences. So crime in Asheville naturally is jumping, at least anecdotally if not statistically.

Also, homeless campers continue to proliferate throughout what was previously “the Paris of the South.” Besides “doing homeless,” there is much evidence that many of our homeless residents also are “doing drugs,” which results in crime, safety and health issues for everyone. And instead of instilling a healthy work ethic — along with consequences for not working and taking personal responsibility for one’s life — the city doles out money for meals, housing and medical care, oblivious to being an “enabler.”

And, as a story in this edition notes, Asheville recently was ranked as one of the worst places in the nation to live for workers in certain demographic groups. This likely will hurt worker recruitment and discourage younger families — as well as retirees — from settling here. As the city’s reputation suffers, the final nail in the coffin will be the decline of tourism. 

To make the city great again, Asheville’s wayward powers-that-be must be pressured to return to the basics, such as ensuring that actions have consequences, that work is something to be embraced and cherished, and that nobody is entitled to anything ... without working for it.



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