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The Candid Conservative: The left rarely gets it right ....
Saturday, 01 January 2022 15:02
“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
— William F. Buckley Jr.


Joe Biden is on the fast-track to becoming the least popular president in American history. 

A mental transmission that keeps slipping in and out of gear is making him even less popular than the guy with a peddle-to-the-metal mouth he replaced.

May one remind that President Biden is the point-man for America’s liberal-progressive-socialist movement? Those plunging stats are as much a condemnation of their policies as his competencies.

With such in mind, how about few examples of where the left is getting things wrong?


Crime damages everybody — including the criminal

The left’s relentless Soros-fueled destruction of our already marginal criminal justice system has had predictable consequence – crime is climbing as fast as President Brandon’s polls are plunging. That’s especially true in places like L.A., San Francisco, New York, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago and Asheville, where the left dominates local government.

On a recent Dr. Phil episode on crime, he surveyed his audience on how many people thought surge-looting of department stores was a bad thing. To his chagrin, only half the audience agreed, with the proponents claiming that it was little guy against big guy stuff.

Would that it be so easy. In truth, crime hurts the thief as much as the victim. Have we morally slipped so far that we no longer realize that stealing is a character-destroyer?  Thieves don’t grow up to be happy people for the same reasons that dishonest, angry, violent, addicted, negative and predatory people in general find happiness so elusive.

The left doesn’t get that, and so they sell the lie that victims aren’t really victims and predators aren’t really predators. 


Public housing doesn’t work — anywhere

Earlier this year, the $37 million renovation of the Old Lee Walker Heights public housing development was completed. Promises of a new day in “wholistic-housing” were assured. The ruse was that mixing former residents with new – presumably non-habituated residents – would create a safe environment for all. It didn’t take anytime for that dishonest echo to clear and the truth to arrive in the form of gunfire into and around the project.

It’s not a color thing. It’s a character, culture and choice thing. For the same reason a few rotten apples will spoil a barrel of apples, people who grow accustomed to the dependencies of public housing don’t have the same values or view as people accustomed to carrying their own water.

Part of the reason tracks to the fact that a “don’t squeal” culture, liberalized bureaucratic paralysis, an unleashed drug-thug ethos, and systemic law enforcement laxities do not make for a positive social order.

Adding the mainstream to this mix will not change anything because the system is designed to enable rotten apples, not remove them.

Expensive fancy buildings do not a healthy community make for the same reason the swimming pool in the 1950s’ version of Lee Walker Heights didn’t make it a safe community. It’s not the building that makes the neighborhood – it’s the people.

Would that we had space for the fantasy “save the homeless” plan for a rundown Ramada motel in East Asheville. Like every public housing project in Asheville, this one will leak chaos, violence and crime on the community that is funding the pretense.


Vaccine hesitancy is mostly about trust and politics

Don’t look now, but we are stuck in the mud on mask and vaccine mandates.

Our scientists have spun and our politicians have manipulated to a point where people with a healthy skepticism of authority figures in general have no respect for those in charge of either venue. The hesitant are resistant to being micro-managed by people who can’t manage themselves.

Lest we forget, it was the scientific community who sold, pretended, ignored and/or otherwise enabled a two-decade opiate addiction epidemic that has evolved into a juggernaut of harm.

Our politicians have deceived us on tax policy, spending, immigration, foreign entanglements, and entitlements for so long that surge-looters – at least those on the Dr. Phil show – have a higher approval rating than our government.

Mandates and shut-downs can never beat truth and trust as paths to effectively fighting back against COVID-19. Both our scientists and governing officials have abused their credibility in too many ways to recapture public confidence. 

Here’s hoping that both groups recover in time for the next crisis.


The list of left-minded wrongs is long

Next time we meet, will hit on some more reasons that thinking people with an affection for reality might want to reconsider lingering dedications to the progressive movement. Calling what’s been happening a form of progress makes as much sense as Subway considering Jesse Smollett as an advertising spokesman.

What does make sense comes down to a simple formula I like to repeat as often as I can: Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity. That’s America’s historical success equation and the heart of the conservative movement.

If you believe that formula makes sense, stop voting for people who don’t....


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