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The Daily Planet's Opinion: Baby, it’s ‘woke’ outside .... ‘Cancel culture,’ led by (non-legend) John Legend, triggers rewrite of classic that’s out of step with today’s hypocrites
Monday, 15 November 2021 11:40

One of the most clever, flirty, romantic and fun Christmas songs, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” has taken a beating lately — first from radio stations that, in the past few years, have refrained from playing the classic because of complaints from “cancel culture ‘woke’sters,” who felt the song was too offensive  — a bit over-the-top sexually and with a woman wondering what was in her drink — and threatened the stations with ad boycotts if the song was played on the air.

It was definitely not politically correct among the hypocrites comprising the PC movement, who often virtue-signal their love of “diversity.”

The classic Christmas carol, written by Frank Loesser, won the Oscar for best original song after being featured in the 1949 film “Neptune’s Daughter.” The much-loved song also won the 1949 Academy Award.

Among the many renditions of the song, the 2006 version featuring Dean Martin and Martina McBride, in which McBride overdubbed a vocal track from Martin’s 1959 recording to achieve a stunning duet performance, is ranked THE favorite. (Deano had the “it” factor — he was SO cool! Ironically, Martin died on Christmas Day in 1995.) However, some critics say the Al Hirt & Ann-Margaret (1964) version was the best, featuring, as one listener said, “the breathy, seductive voice of Ann-Margaret and the pleading reassurance of Al Hirt.”

And it must be noted that Loesser (1910-1969) wrote the music and lyrics for Broadway musicals, including “Guys and Dolls,” and the 1962 Pulitzer Prize-winning “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and many more. He won Tony awards for the music and lyrics to both aforementioned Broadway shows. He also wrote notable songs for films.

Interestingly, Loesser was self-taught despite his piano-teacher father’s efforts to discourage his youthful interest in popular song. He reportedly dropped out of the City College of New York and worked at various nonmusical jobs before becoming a music publisher’s staff lyricist in the late 1920s — and eventually worked his way to great success.

In stark contrast, we have no-talent, self-promoting, money-grubbing John Legend (who HAS to call himself  “Legend” because nobody would call him that, otherwise, other than the “Me, too”-ers.  (For the record, Legend’s real name is John Rogers Stephens).

So there you have it —  Legend “reworking” the lyrics to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” just to satisfy his PC constuency, and with no regard for original (and brilliant) artistry.

Sure, Legend  has amassed a fortune and sold a lot of records (and digital downloads, etc.), but, truly, he has left nothing ranking in the big leagues in which Loesser’s clever, melodic and memorable classics revolve. Not only that, he has chosen to desecrate the lyrics to one of the great Christmas songs in music history, under the guise of political correctness.

Legend (or more accuraely, Stevens), instead of being PC (i.e. — dishonest), should turn his focus on being honest and try to write something beautiful and lasting. He should stop changing — and ruining — the lyrics penned by others who are more talented than he will ever be. 

We are glad to report that, based on sales figures, the public has given a chilly response — dare we say “the cold shoulder”? —  to Legend’s rework of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”



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