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The Candid Conservative: Liberal media bias is addicting (part 1)
Monday, 15 November 2021 11:37
I wouldn’t say the media is without virtue, in fact, I’d say it does wonderfully at presenting dishonesty as a virtue.”
Anthony P. Mauro


Special to the Daily Planet

In a recent week, I had a couple of opportunities to answer respective questions from a national and local daily paper. 

Both are notorious for liberal bias, and both lived up to that billing in the usual ways.

I thought it might be fun to take one of those experiences and share it with you as a demonstration of why conservatives should always be skeptical of what they see, hear and read in the media.

This is a pretty good demonstration of leading questions, attempting to trap the responder in a false narrative and collecting comments to support a pre-conceived story versus building a story on the facts.

In this case, the media outlet — one of the top five papers in the country — appears to shamelessly be laying the groundwork for an anticipated return to politics by — their term — “centrist” Democrat Heath Shuler.


Q - Do you think (Madison) Cawthorn’s views reflect the views of the majority of Republicans in the district? Why or why not?

A – The only honest way to measure any elected official is through their voting record. Rep. Cawthorn’s voting record aligns closely with the values of the majority of citizens in the 11th District. Some of his political rhetoric is a bit reckless, but where the rubber meets the road with his votes, I see no cause for alarm from conservative-minded citizens. I know of very few young men with his limited experience and exposure who could be doing much better. Most of the relentless criticism he receives at the hand of our local daily and other liberally biased news outlets reads as agenda-driven political theater masquerading as concern and gravitas. 


Q – What’s different about the local GOP now then, say, 5 to 10 years ago?

A – One of many things that conservative-minded people should thank (Donald) Trump for would be his steadfastness in challenging (the) Republican status-quo. Today, thanks mostly to him, our party has relocated its courage button and is beginning to fight back more effectively, enthusiastically and consistently. 


Q – What’s different about the local Democratic Party?

A – The Democratic Party has replaced the traditional liberal priorities of truth, reason, tolerance and diversity of view with a dedication to propaganda, emotion, dogma and snobbery. They are now doing so on after-burner.


Q – I understand you ran against Shuler in 2008. He’s now known as a centrist Democrat, but at the time you called him a socialist. How would you characterize him now?

A – Again, the only honest way to measure a politician is by their voting record. Mr. Shuler’s past voting record reveals a dedication to the same values that Ms. (Nancy) Pelosi championed as speaker and with her own voting record. Though the voters were sold the suggestion he was a centrist, his voting record defined him as I defined him. Where we are today reveals where he and most members of his party were then. They have just come out of the socialist closet. In terms of who Heath Shuler is today, I would measure that by who he became immediately after he left public office – a lobbyist for a mega-corporation (Duke Energy). I call that being an opportunist versus a centrist.


Q – Do you think voters in this district would elect a centrist today? Why?

A – Yes, but as the votes of recent months reveal, real centrists in the Democratic Party are as rare as unicorns. Opportunists abound.


Q – You’ve said that Cawthorn doesn’t need to make talking to voters at home a priority. Why is that?

A – Connecting more directly with voters back home will help season this young man and enlarge his wisdom button. Washington is a highly seductive and corruptive place, even for an experienced politician. I admire that he has tried to stay true to his stated values and not surrender to some of the temptations coming out of our nation’s broken capitol.

 After sending my responses to their questions, I didn’t hear back from these good folks. Same-same for our local paper. When the fox fails the hunt, he goes looking for another rabbit.

Liberal media bias, like all forms of bias, is an addiction. Addictions are any repeated behavior that crowds out normal – as in honest, productive, healthy and sustainable – living. There is nothing honest, productive, healthy or sustainable about today’s liberal media outlets.

Funny thing about addiction – it always comes packaged ounce for ounce with denial. Show me an addict, and I will show you a denial system propping them up.

Unfortunately, addiction does not just destroy the afflicted. Drug addicts harm their families and communities. Liberal media outlets do far greater harm per their powers of outreach, public manipulation and dishonesty.

Next time you watch our local TV station or read a local or national paper and find yourself scratching your head or wanting to scream, remember that.

We can’t help that most of our mainstream media outlets are addicted to liberal bias. We can very much help whether we continue to be addicted to them.



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