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The Daily Planet's Opinion: Roll over, Beethoven! ‘Harsh’ sharps and flats... eliminated
Saturday, 02 October 2021 12:02

Given that both Buncombe County and Asheville are afficted with some of the worst elected leadership in each locality’s history, it perhaps come as as no surprise that the county is hard at work building a permanent idiocracy via a series of percussion instruments that — by design — eliminate sharp and flat notes.

The instruments recently were installed in a sound garden at Charles D. Owen Park at the Buncombe County Sports Complex off Sandhill School Road in West Asheville.

The new “multi-generational sound garden” allows everyone to “share in the joy and freedom of playing all the right notes!” an enthused county spokewoman Lillian Govus told the Asheville Citizen Times in a recent interview. She added that residents “are our guiding star whenever we make improvements at our parks,” the ACT noted.

“AARP provided a Community Change Grant for a sound garden at Charles D. Owen Park in 2019,” Govus told the ACT, referring to the instruments and the American Associations of Retired Persons. “It’s been a huge hit, leading to requests for something similar at our other regional parks, Buncombe County Sports Park and and Lake Julian Park...

“Thoughtful consideration was given to the sensory, physical, social-emotional, and developmental features of the new outdoor play space,. Music has positive effects on learning, memory, and our ability to grow as caring and connected individuals.”

ACT columnist John Boyle rhapsodized recently that “nature also works this way, stimulating our brains to facilitate what Govus referred to as “the cognitive function and neural connectivity necessary for healthy intellectual, social, and physical development.”

Boyle wrote that “the county has taken some steps to limit harsh-sounding notes” and then quoted Govus as saying, ‘The unique variety of sound qualities and pitch ranges are strategically grouped to complement the environment, with no sharps or flats.”

No sharps of flats? The great composer Beethoven must be rolling over in his grave....



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