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The Candid Conservative: Our police aren’t safe — neither are you
Tuesday, 15 June 2021 10:56
“And maybe remind the few, if ill of us they speak, that we are all that stands between the monsters and the weak.”
Michael Mark



Special to the Daily Planet

The number one job of government is public safety. Everything else – everything – comes in a distant second.

That observation matters because without safety nothing works and governance becomes a sham.

We live in a time when our local and national governments are busily betraying public safety and its foundation – the rule of law. The ripples from this vanity are just beginning.

One consequence about to punch Asheville residents in the face is the destruction of our city’s police force.


Be careful what you ask for

Asheville’s left-minded voting majority has been getting their singular way for decades. The mayor and City Council – to a woman – are tilted so far toward liberal special interests that the idea of the “common good” is viewed as a right-wing conspiracy agenda.

If you’re into Asheville becoming an elitist city where normal folks can’t afford to live, drugs dealers and users are a mass-production enterprise, and the law only applies to those prone to upholding it to begin with, you’ve found your paradise.

But there’s a problem in Coolville. No, it’s not the dilemma of those who championed tearing down the Vance Monument discovering that the Ashe in Asheville was Vance’s kindred spirt.

It’s showing up in tax and fee increases, a deficit of people willing to work for a living, and marked expansions in criminal activity.

Asheville is now ranked in the top 10 percent of dangerous cities in America. According to our mostly biased media outlets, the fact that almost all of these cities are run by liberals is not worthy of exploration.

In Asheville in 2020, 45 people were shot, 57 were stabbed and there were more than 650 shooting reports.

Since then, the picture has grown foggier. There’s a reason.

If no one reports the crime or there’s no one to report the crime to, in government think, it didn’t really happen.


Voting with their feet

If you want to talk to someone at our downtown police station, don’t bother. There’s no one manning the desk.

Over the past year, fully half of the city’s detectives and a third of our sworn officers have left.

Don’t bother calling APD if you get robbed or someone damages your property and you don’t know who did it, if you are a victim of fraud, scams or identity theft, if you are a victim of a “simple” assault and are reporting it after it has occurred, or anything else that does not qualify as an emergency.

Reducing services and telling citizens to stop bothering you is a very effective way to reduce crime stats. It’s not a good way to run a city.



Police officers – male, female or otherwise – aren’t usually angels. The term “sheepdogs” would be a more apt descriptor.

Our city’s sheepdogs aren’t tasked with keeping a few predators on the other side of the fence. For police officers, the fence has been removed and the list of predators is endless.

Most of the officers who’ve left us in this lurch saw the writing on the wall when city leadership and local media turned on them during last year’s riots.

A disengaged and fickle citizenry didn’t help either. Most of the people reading this article either dislike law enforcement until they need it, or didn’t care enough to do anything beyond grinding their teeth.

Then comes city leaders who hate the color blue on anything but a political banner. When the people who make policy decisions on your finances, function and future are constantly attacking you, it doesn’t inspire confidence. Think of a sheepdog whose owner throws rocks.

Next are the administrators in charge. Our city manager works at the pleasure of the council. Our police chief works at the pleasure of the city manager.

Both have been doing a dance of pretense in an attempt to keep the whole thing from blowing up at the hands of our naive council members. In that process, both have lost credibility with most rank-and-file officers who know that, in the end, neither of these individuals has their back.

It’s amazing, but criminals may be the least worrisome thing our officers face.


What to do?

One thing you can do is watch local TV and read the local daily and hear how things are going downhill. You won’t hear anything about how they helped send it that way with liberally biased reporting and failing to offer or support diverse angles of view so crucial to securing good public policy.

Avoid biased news sources.

Think in terms of protecting yourself and your family. Be smart about it. Stand up for yourself, but remember that the predators and misfits have been dealt the higher hand by our politicians.

No matter how many black-belts you have, it remains that a personal firearm is the only effective way for most women, older folks, and about everyone else to self-protect.

Put time and money into training on how to use it. Hardware is worthless without good software.

If you plan on getting a concealed weapons permit, count on an eight-plus-month wait.

Does anyone find it ironic that at a time when the police are least able to protect city residents, no effort has been made to help those residents legally protect themselves? That you can get your permit for a pride parade in 48 hours speaks volumes on local governance.

When you see a police officer, wave or smile. They are skeptical of support, not immune.

Get involved with like-minded conservatives who believe in the rule-of-law, good law enforcement and responsible governance. Surprise the left and actually commit to voting in the next city election – and recruit a friend to go with you.

The extremists we have in office will not resist the temptations of liberal excess. That people are going to suffer and die for their conceits is a tragedy.

That’s what happens when you don’t take care of your sheepdogs….


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