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The Candid Conservative: Dishonest and dangerous
Tuesday, 01 June 2021 16:30

Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape. In seduction, the rapist often bothers to buy a bottle of wine.

— Andrea Dworkin

Special to the Daily Planet

Christian psychiatrist Scott Peck sported one of the best brains America has ever produced. 

His was an unparalleled ability to see through the fog of human psycho-social dysfunction and call out hidden wrongs.

To that good end, one of his best efforts was an ‘80s book called “People of the Lie.” He remarked that America was mass-producing a generation of deceivers who would one day capture the soul of our country.

We’re now very much in the clutches of his prophesies.

Variously known as liberals, progressives and socialists, a vocal majority of this generation’s “people of the lie” congregate under a leaky roof deceptively called the Democratic Party.

Why deceptive? Because the word “Democrat” is a noun that means “an advocated or supporter of democracy.”

This bunch of fakers is into anything but democracy.


It’s about control

One of the greatest addictive aphrodisiacs on the planet is power.

Nothing compares to it – not alcohol, not sex, not drugs, not fun, not money, not food, not anything.

That’s because power has all the things human beings crave – excitement, prestige, distraction, influence, flexibility and opportunity – all in one nice neat little package.

Today’s Democratic Party is a throng of denial-ridden power-addicts.

Like all addicts, they are dedicated to their own misguided idea of utopia.

They want us to join them.


The Biden Phenomena

Our current president is an actor.

You can track those credentials to two things – (1) his ability to play to his crowd and (2) his embrace of issues leading to political power.

His predecessor was a terrible actor. He was clumsy, generally negative and he mostly repeated what he wanted to hear. But in dramatic contrast, he attempted to walk his talk.

Understanding the attraction President Trump held for half of America... tracks to that last sentence. He actually stood for something in a time where too few people stand for much of anything but their own special interests.

The Biden Phenomena is simply the personification of Scott Peck’s people of the lie phenomena.


The more one lies – the less one knows it

Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw recently had a special moment on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” His success came at the hand of the notoriously biased host, Chuck Todd.

“In December, you signed on to that lawsuit that the Texas attorney general filed to question the elections of other states,” Todd noted, referring to AG Ken Paxton’s lawsuit challenging election integrity in four swing states after they made 11th-hour voting changes, citing COVID-19 and other factors.

Then came Crenshaw.

“Look, you guys in the press painted that as some extreme action and, of course, it wasn’t,” Crenshaw responded. “That amicus brief was a simple question of the Supreme Court in saying, ‘Can you please speak to this question of whether process changes in the election, last-minute, not approved by the legislature, can be deemed constitutional?’”

“We’re five months into President Biden’s presidency, and there is a time to move on,” Crenshaw told Todd. “You guys in the press love doing this. And I get it. The press is largely liberal. They’re largely Democrat.”

Todd took offense at his guest’s description of the press, telling him, “There’s nothing lazier than that.”

No, Mr. Todd, though Rep. Crenshaw’s candor offended you, there’s nothing lazier that denial, bias, and habituated dishonesty.

Just what do you call it when 90-plus percent of the print and television mainstream journalists in the country identify as liberals, progressives and/or Democrats?

What do you call it when they vote and make political contributions to that same party, while reporting on both parties?

What do you call it when objective bias measurements applied to mainstream media relentlessly identify over-the-top favoritism toward Democrat candidates, elected officials, actions, issues and values?

It’s called lying, Mr. Todd. Unless, of course, you’ve practiced that addiction so long you’ve killed your internal fact-checker and thus lost your capacity for objective self-review.


How best to respond?

Avoid wasting your time arguing with dishonest liberals for the same reason it’s best to avoid arguing with a drunk.

Neither one recognizes their respective inebriation for what it is.

What you can do is stay on the right side of reality, reason, responsibility and right until those otherwise involved are choked by the noose they have wrapped around their own neck.

There are many hidden gems in the word “truth,” and one of the biggest is that without it’s gluey impact, things fall apart.

People can get by with lies for a time, but over time anything built on a dishonest foundation crumbles, falls or implodes.

Thus, it will be for the actors to whom we’ve handed the reins to our country.

They will enjoy their power and the lies that support it, but there’s a funny thing about locking eyes on an addiction.

It’s just a matter of time before that addiction locks eyes on you….



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