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The Candid Conservative: Passion + Power – Reason = Failure
Sunday, 02 May 2021 13:27
Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.
— Winston Churchill

Special to the Daily Planet

The first quarter of the Biden-Harris administration reveals one clear thing – the left has no boundaries in their appetites for power or indifference to logic.

If you’re a conservative, it’s easy to be discouraged by this seemingly unstoppable blitzkrieg of left-winded political folly.

Don’t lose heart. History tells us why.


It’s never as easy as it looks

At the beginning of World War I, Germany had a fast-track plan to conquer France by invading through Belgium.

After much pain and perseverance, just a few months into the struggle, Germany’s exhausted-but-functional right-wing had successfully but unknowingly undone their British and French foes. There was nothing between the German 1st Army under General Ferdinand Von Quast and “Gay Paree,” but 30 miles of open, undefended territory.

Not knowing of his achievement, at the precise moment of victory, he responded to a higher command order to withdraw.

Germany spent the next four years locked in a costly stalemate ending in a humiliating defeat setting the stage for World War II.


Vanity isn’t a winning trait

At the beginning of that next war, Germany again had plans to quickly conquer France. Opportunity landed in the form of an “impenetrable” forest that was anything but.

Overstretched and undermanned, the German Wehrmacht nonetheless achieved the unimaginable and, in 90 days, overpowered France’s heretofore widely admired ground and air forces.

That remarkable “Blitzkrieg” success was tainted by subsequent failure to attack the British Army at Dunkirk. About 250,000 troops – the backbone of that country’s ground forces – were rescued.

Hitler immediately planned a cross-channel invasion that was dependent on defeating the Royal Air Force.

In the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe progressively wore down their opposition to a point of desperation. On or about the very day of the RAF’s imminent collapse, Hitler decided to stop attacking airfields and to start bombing London and other population centers.

The RAF got breathing room and subsequently turned the tide. The invasion was canceled and the subsequent five years of conflict resulted in 55 million deaths and Germany’s unconditional surrender.


Until the fat lady sings

Five years later, the North Korean Army attacked and overran 95 percent of South Korea. Within literally months, General MacArthur took the counter-attacking American Army from a toehold on the end of that peninsula to within eyesight of the Chinese border.

The North Korean Army was roundly defeated and that conflict was essentially over. Fearing the Chinese agenda, General MacArthur requested permission to bomb connecting bridges between Korea and Communist China.

President Truman and the State Department refused. China took full advantage of that misstep, invaded and reconquered North Korea’s lost territory and the South Korean capital.

Though the Chinese were eventually pushed back to the 38th parallel, tens of thousands died. The major fighting ended in a temporary truce more or less where things had started three years before. The conflict has simmered in unresolved tension for 65-plus years.


We were better than you knew

Contrary to popular lore, the United States won the Vietnam War at least two times.

The first time occurred as a result of North Vietnam’s abysmally unsuccessful 1968 Tet planned “uprising” that received no support from the South Vietnamese and resulted in total decimation of the Viet Cong.

Unfortunately, back home, public opinion shifted and that victory was fettered away on peace proposals and restricted warfare that allowed North Vietnam to rebuild and reassert their invasion.

The second victory occurred when Nixon took the gloves off and began unrestricted bombing of North Vietnam and Hanoi. On the verge of collapse, the communists of the North pretended a renewed interest in peace that, once again, encouraged America to step back from success.

Though thousands more would die, America’s “Peace with Honor” enabled the North to again rebuild, pretend peaceful intentions, and bide their time until America slipped out the backdoor.

Two years later, they invaded the South, and per our failure to provide promised support, quickly won.

Fifty-seven-thousand Americans died in Vietnam. Five times that number were wounded, and an estimated 10 times that number were psychological casualties.

Sending troops to fight a foreign war you’re not determined to win is murder.


What’s the point?

If you’re a conservative, there is much to learn from the above. Those who think they are going to win don’t always win and those who think they are going to lose don’t always lose.

That matters because we are in the midst of an undeclared civil war.

Witness the cancel culture, renewed rise of the always false promises of the socialist/communist movement, relentless left-leaning media bias, equally relentless efforts to disarm America, wholesale corruption of our liberal arts education system into a liberal indoctrination platform, ever-expanding bankrupting public policy promises of something for nothing, intentionally porous borders, and persistent betrayal of the rule of law for the rule of power – and there is more than enough confirmational evidence.

Take heart in the struggle. The left’s movement of power and passion minus reason is doomed to fail.

When you fly into the sun, you melt your wings….




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