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Weaverville police aim to lead WNC in shift to all-electric vehicle fleet use of EV patrol cars
Sunday, 04 February 2024 18:18

From Staff Reports

WEAVERVILLE — The chief of the Weaverville Police Department is touting the WPD as the the leading law enforcement agency in Western North Carolina to convert to electric vehicles, Asheville television station WLOS (News 13) reported on Sept. 25.

“We are the first in the region to have electric vehicles and, specifically, an electric patrol vehicle,” WPD Chief Ron Davis told News 13.

The WPD’s EV fleet features two Ford Mustang Mach-Es and a Ford Lightning truck. Its fleet reportedly still has two gas-powered vehicles, as well as a number of hybrids.

In his interview with News 13, Davis said Weaverville town leaders gave the department the directive to be as efficient as possible.

He said the WPD began deploying hybrid vehicles several years ago and, since then, the fleet has consisted mainly of hybrid patrol cars.

Davis said the department received its first two electric vehicles on Sept. 22..

“We are the first in the region to have electric vehicles and specifically an electric patrol vehicle,” he was quoted as saying by News 13.

Davis said that, with the hybrid vehicles, the department saved more than 6,000 gallons of fuel — and expects to save significantly more with the switch to electric.

Davis also said that, while officers love the capability of the vehicles and how they are set up, they have some concerns over the range, which is about 275 miles. He acknowledged that Weaverville does not have many charging stations. “Nonetheless, I feel confident we can overcome that, address those infrastructure issues,” Davis told News 13.

Davis also told the TV station that he is not too worried, though, because Weaverville has already received a grant and is working to install more charging stations.

“Once they come to grips with it being an electric vehicle, it’s like any other vehicle that you have. You just plug it in, instead of putting gas in it,” Davis told News 13.





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