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City-county joint patrols begin amidst reported 18% drop in violent crime
Sunday, 04 February 2024 18:10

From Staff Reports

The Asheville Police Department reported an 18 percent plummet in violent crime from 2022  2023, according to its overall crime report releases at the beginning of the year.

Also, the APD stated that property crimes decreased by 13 percent.

What’s more, the report showed that the Joint Asheville police-sheriff patrols began amidst the 18 percent drop in violent crime

To that end, “With the implementation of data-driven strategies, it’s helped us have significant reductions in both violent and property crimes,” Interim Police Chief Mike Lamb said in a meeting with the city’s Environment and Safety Committee on Jan. 23, according to Asheville television station WLOS (New 13)

As for the city crime report, Lamb said that some parts of city are still more active than others.

“West Asheville experienced a little more violent crime, especially out towards Exit 44 in the western portion,” Lamb was quoted as saying by News 13. 

The TV station then noted that, “in another document, it shows that the downtown area had 53 total violent crimes. Oakley had the second most with 36, and Hillcrest in third with 24.

“During the presentation to the committee, Lamb mentioned he was pleased with the overall results, but there was a caveat on the property crime side. Lamb said he believes there were a few potential property crimes that weren’t reported.

“With over 70 vacancies on his fleet, Lamb wants to improve both of those numbers in 2024.”

The TV station quoted Lamb as saying, “I would like that if we could increase our staffing to be able to increase our customer service. Officers would be able to meet people — or take reports on non-crimes in process.”



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