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Getting it right
Saturday, 16 September 2023 13:59

A story headlined “10,000 years of Greenville County, S.C., history reviewed” that appeared in the Aug. 30-Sept. 12 edition of the Daily Planet, regarding an Aug. 15 presentation — by historian-author Richard D. Sawyer to the Travelers Rest Historical Society — included two factual errors.

First, in a reference to the Clovis Point, the story stated that only two have been found in Greenville County. It should have said that that number has risen to three — counting the one that Sawyer's friend gave him that was found in lower Greenville County,  

As for the second error, the story stated  that "someone" found a whole box of Clovis Points. 

Instead, as noted after the story appeared, TRHS President Rosemary Bomar wrote to the Daily Planet the following:

“With something this rare, there could never have been a whole box (of Clovis Points) — the guy had only one that he showed to Richard, and then decided to give it to him, as Richard was getting in his car to leave. This is the one that Richard then later donated to Furman Archives and Special Collections. 

“And, he told me this weekend, when he still had it, he took it to Columbia and the archaeologists there said it was the most perfect Clovis Point ever found, not just in Greenville County, but in South Carolina (anywhere in the state!). Wow, I can see why he was amazed and thrilled!” Bomar stated.



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