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Cawthorn claims he never heard from Edwards about casework data; Edwards responds with screenshots
Wednesday, 18 January 2023 22:25

From Staff Reports

Former U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-Hendersonville, responded to newly sworn-in NC-11 Rep. Chuck Edwards' claim that Cawthorn's office did not transfer official constituent casework by the deadline of Dec. 23, Asheville television station WLOS (News 13) reported Jan. 13.

On Jan. 9, News 13 noted, “Edwards' office released a statement that not only said he and his staff had no way of knowing which constituents had ongoing casework or other outstanding federal issues, but also asked constituents to contact Rep. Edwards' office if they have outstanding or unfinished casework. 

“On Friday, Jan. 13, a spokesperson for Cawthorn sent News 13 a statement responding to Edwards' claims. 

“News 13 then reached out to Edwards to get his reaction to the former congressman's Friday statement.

In the statement, Cawthorn's spokesperson said: 

"Rep. Cawthorn's senior staff gave full cooperation to incoming Rep. Edwards and his office. Congressman Cawthorn's team did not receive any message or request indicating that Congressman Edwards did not possess everything he needed to take on relevant casework.

In keeping with past representatives, Rep. Cawthorn no longer utilizes the same cell phone number that he utilized during his time as a member. Rep. Edwards was aware of this. It appears that Rep. Edwards found that he was unable to fulfill his commitment to addressing casework, and sadly failed to utilize multiple avenues to bring his inability to proceed to the attention of Rep. Cawthorn's staff.

It is disappointing that Rep. Edwards did not simply email, call, or text, members of Rep. Cawthorn's senior staff in order to address his inability to handle relevant casework. Parting shots, directed at hardworking staff, do little to help the constituents of NC-11. Rep. Edwards would do well to put aside his personal grudges and apply himself towards defending his constituents from the impacts of far-left and establishment policies.

If Rep. Edwards requires tutoring on his role as a member of Congress, Rep. Cawthorn invites him to set up a meeting with his scheduler."

News 13 then noted, “House rules state that the outgoing member must execute the transfer process to the incoming representative. 

“Later on Friday, Edwards provided the TV station with a follow-up response to Cawthorn's denial that Edwards' team reached out to Cawthorn's staff for access to the database and needed signatures.

Edwards issued the following statement:

"The record shows repeated attempts were made to get Mr. Cawthorn to provide authorization, an action that only the outgoing member can authorize. Sadly, Mr. Cawthorn continues to be more responsive to the news media with misinformation than helping to meet needs of the good people of western North Carolina.

After my staff’s failed attempts to get the form signed working through U.S. Committee on House Administration, I personally called Mr. Cawtorn’s DC and District Offices. Those attempts failed because, as we know, those extensions were not being monitored, but I wanted to make my own attempts nonetheless. Below are three text messages I then sent Mr. Cawthorn. Each of these was immediately preceded by my calls to his cell phone, the same cell phone he used to text me on Nov. 8 and then to call me a couple of weeks later when we discussed the only thing I would need from him was the release of his files. On each attempt to call his cell, his mailbox was full, so I immediately followed up with a text. Also, since no email for Mr. Cawthorn was listed on his official website, between the second and third text messages, I completed and submitted his online request for help form. I received no response from that either.

Rather than to continue with this unproductive media campaign, why doesn’t Mr. Cawthorn now simply perform his duty and sign the form?"

The TV station then noted that “Edwards claims he reached out to former Rep. Madison Cawthorn to transfer constituent casefile data, but never heard back from him.” 

The station “also spoke with a senior House Republican aide — on Friday (Jan. 13) — who confirmed Cawthorn’s office did not transfer records to Congressman Edwards' office,” News 13 reported.



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