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Sen. Mayfield takes exception to charge that her tax plan is devious; calls critic ‘incorrect’
Thursday, 12 May 2022 12:29

From Staff Reports

State Sen. Julie Mayfield, D-Asheville, has responded to a request for her viewpoint on a story appearing in the last edition (April 27-May 10) of the Daily Planet, taking exception to an accusation by retired attorney Sidney Bach, a prominent North Asheville resident, in a story headlined, “Asheville man calls Mayfield’s tax plan devious.”

Specifically, the story noted that Bach has placed a sign in a tree in his yard, decrying what he terms Mayfield’s ‘tax and spend’ ways.

“What’s more, he emailed the Daily Planet the following statement on April 24:

“‘I believe she attempted (but was unable) to have a similar additional city sales tax passed before, as a member of Asheville City Council. Having faild to do so in Asheville, she’s now trying to do it from Raleigh.

“‘It’s common knowledge that a sales tax always has its most egregious and negative impact upon those who are economically disadvantaged and those in the working class who are struggling to survive.

“Yet, it seems that Julie Mayfield fits tight into that category of a politician who would have you believe that it’s OK to ‘tax and tax, spend and spend’ because, after all, ‘money grows on trees.’”

Mayfield emailed the Daily Planet the following response to Bach’s charges:

“I think my statement on Facebook about this provides the best response.  I will add that Mr. Bach is incorrect that I tried to push this as a council member. Local governments clearly do NOT have the authority to pass new sales taxes. As my Facebook explanation of this indicates, however, I have long been an advocate of such a sales tax to fund transit, and members of the Asheville Regional Transit Coalition, that includes groups representing low income residents, support that advocacy. Mr. Bach is not a credible voice for economically disadvantaged and ‘working class’ residents of Asheville. I will also point out that I have been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, which represents workers far more than Mr. Bach.”

Also, she added, “Finally, I have not hidden the fact of this legislation.  I don’t put out a press release on every piece of legislation I introduce or co-sponsor.  I do believe, however, that I included it in one of my legislative newsletters, and I will forward that on to you.”



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