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Irked Dem challenger calls on Rep. Cawthorn to ‘cut the crap:’ Combat veteran demands that congressman begin — at once — holding in-person town halls
Thursday, 15 July 2021 22:25

From Staff Reports

HENDERSONVILLE – U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-Hendersonville, held a tele-town hall on the evening of June 9 when he advocated for the abolishment of the Department of Education and failed to contradict a constituent who referred to the 2020 election as a “robbery,” Jay Carey charged in a June 10 press release sent to the Daily Planet.

(Carey, is one of a number of Democrats who have announced their intent to win their party’s nomination to challenge Cawthorn in the next election for his congressional seat.)

Carey accused Cawthorn — through his June 9 tele-town hall — of lending legitimacy to the false claim of a stolen election, stating that he is working so we can “trust our election process again.”

The Democrat added that the tele-town halls are, in his view, call-in events designed so that Cawthorn’s team can pre-screen questions and silence the voice of critics.      

In response to Cawthorn’s tele-town hall and his chronic absenteeism, Carey called on Cawthorn to hold in-person town halls so he can be held accountable by his entire constituency:

“It’s time for Madison Cawthorn to cut the crap and be held accountable,” Carey asserted in the release. “Last night’s screened tele-town hall is not a sufficient effort by a member of Congress who was elected to represent all of his constituents, not just those who agree with him. 

“With the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, there is no excuse for Cawthorn not to hold in-person town halls in every county in District 11. Cawthorn was more than happy to hold large events when restrictions were in place earlier this year — he should do so now that it is safer to do so.”What’s more, Carey said, “A member of Congress has two primary duties — which are showing up to vote and being accountable to your constituents. Right now, Cawthorn is failing at both. 

“If elected, I will not only show up to do my job and vote, but I will also be accessible in person in every county. I will welcome Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc., to public events — and no voices will be silenced or screened.”

In response to the Daily Planet’s questions on Carey’s various allegations, Micah Bok, Cawthorn’s communications director, released the following statement to the newspaper just minutes before press deadline on July 12:

“Rep. Cawthorn is always looking for effective ways to speak with as many of his constituents as possible. Rep. Cawthorn is proud to have spoken to over 6,000 constituents in his last teletownhall. Congressman Cawthorn holds many public events in NC-11, and spends as much time as possible speaking directly with the people he represents. Rep. Cawthorn is excited to continue holding public forums both over the phone, and through informal meetings with large groups of his constituents.”

Carey, a disabled combat veteran, served “proudly” (as he has emphasized) during Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. He lives in Hendersonville with his wife Leslie, and their sons.
























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