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Cawthorn leads freshmen in U.S Congress for most missed votes (16%) in ‘21: Conservative rising star points to wedding, honeymoon
Tuesday, 01 June 2021 16:38

From Staff Reports

WASHINGTON — Western North Carolina’s Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-Hendersonville, tops the list of freshmen Congressmen who have missed the most votes, according to website

While a Cawthorn billboard in Haywood County states, “Your Voice in Washington,” Cawthorn, 25, “has missed more than 16 percent of votes” this year, Asheville television station WLOS (News 13) noted in a May 18 report on the 11rh District congressman’s ranking.

“As reported by Axios, the top five freshmen members of Congress missing the most votes this session are all House Republicans, with Cawthorn leading the way. Of all members of Congress, House and Senate, Cawthorn comes in sixth in missed votes.”

Cawthorne is widely considered one of the rising young conservative political stars — and a strong backer of former president Donald J. Trump.

In response to the Daily Planet’s questions on the missed votes — submitted via email — to Cawthorn, he issued the following response on May 25:

“If I have to choose between voting with (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi or spending time with my beautiful wife, I’m choosing Cristina every time.”

Also, as a “followup” to the aforementioned statement, Cawthorn Communications Director Micah Bock added:

“Rep. Cawthorn married the love of his life on April 3rd of 2021. Due to his honeymoon, he missed House votes occurring between April 13th and April 16th.”

Meanwhile, News 13 quoted Dr. Chris Cooper, political science and public affairs professor at Western Carolina University, as saying, “The average member of Congress misses about 2 percent of the votes that are cast,.”

Further, News 13 reported, “Cooper said Cawthorn’s absences didn’t impact whether a bill passed or not. He said Cawthorn made most of the votes in his first two months. The ones skipped, he said, happened during April and May. Still, Cooper said it’s not a good look to Cawthorn’s constituents.”

Cooper added in the News 13 report that Cawthorn “has a national profile, and I think a lot of folks are trying to square that with what they’re perceiving as somebody who is paying less attention to the daily work of Congress.”

News 13 added, “Cooper said lawmakers miss votes for a variety of reasons, sometimes understandable. However it may be perceived by voters, Cawthorn’s record at the moment provides fodder to a crowded field looking to unseat him next year, Cooper said.”

Also, News 13 quoted Cooper as saying, “Missing 16 percent of the vote is something that I’m sure will come up in the election.”

News 13 ended its report by noting that Cooper said that “with this kind of media attention, he expects Cawthorn to make a course correction and show up for more votes.”



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