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WORST mess up in U.S. history? How about Jan. 6 antics?
Sunday, 04 February 2024 17:47


EDITOR’S NOTE: The letter to the editor to which the following letter responds was headlined “DoD ripped for failing to disclose Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization in ICU for several days.”
I refer to Ms. (Kristen) Burns-Warren’s letter appearing in (first, no less) in the Jan. 17, 2024 edition of Letters to the Editor (of the Daily Planet). 

First, this is not the most historic f--k up of our country (as Burns-Warren contended), by a long shot. 

As a form of reference, I refer to the January 6th (of 2021) antics of MAGA rats, or possibly the handling of certain portions of the Covid response (see 243 distinct cure suggestions, including inhaling bleach, red soap, etc.). 

I doubt even Kim Jong (Un) would deploy nuclear weapons, despite his saber-rattling.  

There are approximately 2,000,000 civilian and military personnel working in the Department of Defense. There is a chain of command in the DoD that is on alert 24/7, 365 days a year. The chain of command does not have to call Lloyd Austin to find out if they should turn the lights on or off.  

Actually, an airplane flew into the Pentagon, a building in New York and a field in Pennsylvania within a couple of hours not so long ago.

Despite these tragedies, America rallied bravely, within minutes and hours.

Stop and think! Hysterical reactions serve no one.





Questions raised about Hunter Biden's 'stunt' of double-contempt 


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor was preceded with a subject line stating, “‘BREAKING: Hunter Biden lashes out at reporter as he makes surprise appearance at contempt of Congress hearing.’ — The Post Millennia”
Well this stunt got Hunter Biden what in return??

Does lawyer Hunter Biden understand contempt?

Isn’t this a doubling of contempt?

Hunter Biden was obviously trolling and not invited nor expected, arriving with his guards and lawyers flanking him. 

What does he accomplish by his disruption of showing up uninvited — isn’t that like a wedding-crasher-syndrome-turned-government-crashing?

By definition:

• Is Hunter Biden not disobedient?

• Is Hunter Biden not showing disregard?

• Is Hunter Biden not displaying arrogant contempt for the event where his presence was not planned nor required — but when his presence was planned or required, he failed to show up?

Hunter Biden was given the opportunity — AFTER a closed-door session — to do a public one, so he was going to get a public session — just not in the order for which his defense demanded. 

Hunter Biden did, in fact, show up previously on the day of his closed-door session, but refused to walk over and enter the planned event he was subpoenaed to attend. Instead he read off unknown authors’ pages of notes ... and then refused — to the surrounding press —  to answer a single question. 

So how does he back up his desire for a public session when he already refused to provide public answers to the public questions?

Hunter Biden’s defense tried preferential treatment in his previous child support case to not have to show up, but requested a video chat, but the judge refused that request, stating no preferential treatment.

We still have no response on what the president’s involvement was prior to his son’s stunt reading off unknown authored notes and defying his subpoena, but (White House Press Secretary) Karine Jean-Pierre told the public that Joe Biden was well-familiar with what his son planned to say, so why don’t we have transparency on whether Joe Biden encouraged — or not — his son’s actions in this defiance of a subpoena..

Did his lawyers today (Jan. 10) at his side encourage their client to crash in unexpected — and then depart?


Cecil township near Waynesville


Asheville, Buncombe can’t afford to pay reparations; Southerners should seek reparations from Yankees

On Friday, Jan. 10, I would attend a meeting of the Council of Independent Business Owners at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. 

In attendance were several members of the community running for public office. 

The key speakers would be the (Buncombe) County  budget director (John Hudson) — and a committee budget member, the Honorable (Buncombe) Commisioner Al Whitesides. 

They would account for expenditures and income revenue. 

I would question both men in regard to the county involvement in so-called affordable housing, to include:

• What was affordable housing (adding that the average working-class citizen couldn’t afford it)? 

• Why had the county and city (Asheville) began an illegal intrusion into historic districts (by) building multi-family housing in areas zoned single-family? 

Commissioner Whitesides responded,”Because we owned the land!”

My reply was: “That is unacceptable!”

The past president of CIBO, the Honorable Mac Swicegood, responded, after looking at the Budget Flow Chart of the county: “Y’all don’t have any money.”

 This led me to ask; “Where was the reparations’ monies not shown on this budgeting chart?“

Commissioner Whitesides would respond that the city and county had pledged $1.24 million, each, totalling $2.48 million to the reparations project.

I told them that, while I was on record for speaking out against this so-called reparations; the monies they proposed couldn’t reparate me. 

And then Commissioner Whitesides let the cat out of the bag — the county lawyers had already told the reparations committee that black folks weren’t the only ones targeted to receive reparations... it was to be for everyone. 

Poppycock, I decreed. This city and county can’t afford to pay reparations.

They need to turn to the United States Congress and demand such an act properly for the Southern white and freedmen of color for his real property that was burned, killed and stolen, his slaves, and the property of the slaves that was stolen from them. 

And not to forget the gold — seized from the Bank of England — that was owned by the Southern people.

Instead of giving our  monies to our enemies, the bottom line is, that if we are going to talk reparations, I said, “We of the South need a more knowledgeable committee to represent us!”

God bless you! 




EDITOR’S NOTE: Edgerton also emailed the Daily Planet the following separate letter to the editor that is being reprinted here because of its relevance. 

GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley betrayed S.C.; triggered statue takedowns

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 7:27 p.m., on his television program,’ “Watters World,” (Jesse) Watters would quote (GOP presidential hopeful) Nikki Haley..... “As governor of South Carolina, I fought hard and successfully removed the Confederate Battle Flag from the Confederate soldiers’ monument on the Capitol grounds.”

What Nikki didn’t tell was that she used a photoshopped picture taken by the Yankee press of Dylan Roof holding the Southern Cross in his hand that had nothing to do with the murders he committed in the House of God. She would proclaim that she had to do something because of the pressure she was getting. 

So she betrayed the “vow and compromise” given by the South Carolina legislature, when they removed the Southern Cross from the Capitol Dome and placed it on the Confederate soldiers’ cenotaph, where it properly belonged and was never to be removed again. 

And when she broke this vow, her action served as a catalyst for the haters of our Southern heritage and culture and began the process of carnage..... tearing down the memorials of our sainted dead, street names, schoolhouses, buildings and places that bore their names, as criminals like the rogue politician (U.S. Senator) Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who ignored constitutional law (bill of attainder) and deemed our armed forces and the citizens who righteously supported them as traitors.

The Honorable President Donald J. Trump tried to save and give her some respectability, when he made her the United States ambassador of the United Nations. However, it didn’t take long for her to betray him.

The people of the South will never forgive or forget her for what she did! God bless you! 


Chairman Board of Advisors Emeritus, Southern Legal Resource Center 
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida 
Recipient, National Order of the Confederate Rose Life Time Achievement Award 
Recipient, National Sons of Confederate Veterans H.L Hunley Award
Recipient, the United Daughters of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis Medal 
President, Southern Heritage 412

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