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Letters to the Editor: Sept. 01-14, 2021
Saturday, 04 September 2021 15:48

‘Wackadoodle?’ A citizen fires back: Boyle’s column is ‘a slanderous rant’

EDITOR’S NOTE: John Boyle, a columnist and reporter for the Asheville Citizen Times, recently wrote a column in which he referred to Stephanie Parsons and others challenging the Buncombe County Board of Education’s newly imposed mask mandate as “wackadoodles.” Boyle will be invited to respond to Parson’s letter below — contesting his assertion — in the next edition of the Daily Planet. 
The number one reason why I love the United States of America is our right to Freedom of Speech! 

John Boyle’s style of journalism is more like a slanderous rant, with zero scientific data to back up his claims. 

Just get the damn vaccine, he says! 

Just wear the mask! 

Well, John Boyle, those individuals who have been injured by vaccines will use their own discernment and their freedom to choose! 

The family members who have lost loved ones due to adverse reactions to the vaccines won’t just get the damn vaccine and that’s their right to have the freedom to choose! 

As for the masks or, may I say, petri-dish... Those individuals also have the freedom to choose! 

There is no scientific data to prove that masks work, but I can show you multiple studies proving the harms that masks cause! 

As for the wackadoodles who “overthrew” the school board, as you say... What we are actually doing is utilizing our constitution and ensuring our right to FREEDOM!

We have the bravery to stand against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, such as our school boards who have abandoned their oath to the People! 

This is a Republic, not an autocracy!

So you go right ahead and enjoy your freedom of speech and we will enjoy standing up for our rights and yours!

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter was received by the Daily Planet on Aug. 19.

Political, military blunders in Afghanistan 'inexcusable'

I was overhead during the Saigon evacuation in an F-4 D Phantom aircraft. 

This Kabul debacle looks like an instant replay, only worse. In the main we got the Americans out of Vietnam ahead of time, but the Vietnamese who worked with us were caught in the chaos that ensued. 

The biggest difference between Saigon and Kabul is the Taliban. The North Vietnamese had never attacked the U.S mainland. The Taliban trained, housed and fed the Saudi radicals who did attack us on 9-11-01. 

Some of the current Taliban leaders were released from Guantanamo Bay by the Obama administration. That is the main difference from Saigon and it will come back to haunt us someday. 

It is right that we are leaving Afghanistan and bringing our troops home after 20-years of war. However the way we are doing it is inexcusable. We should have gotten all Americans out first, then the Afghans who helped us. 

We should have been prepared to destroy or remove military equipment if the Afghan Army failed to fight the Taliban, and lastly, remove our remaining military personnel. We erroneously gave up our Bagram Airbase near Kabul before we had a viable plan — unforgivable. 

From US News — “The Human Cost of the Afghan War:”

American service members killed — 2,448

U.S. contractors — 3,846

Afghan national military and police — 66,000

Other allies — 1,144

Afghan civilians — 47,245

Taliban other opposition fighters — 51,191

AID workers — 444

Journalists — 72 

Estimates are American national debt increased by $1 trillion for this war. Corruption was rampant.

We must stop “nation-building” and trying to make other cultures look like ours. And in the process squandering our national wealth and sacrificing or youth’s blood to no avail. 

The following quote is almost 100 years old and is from my Vietnam War historical fiction novel “FIREHAMMER:”

“James Fenton of The Washington Post remained behind after the Saigon evacuation. While he walked through the destroyed and looted American Embassy in Saigon, he cited this poignant inscription by Lawrence of Arabia on one of the walls: ‘Better let them do it imperfectly than to do it perfectly yourself; for it is their country, their war, and your time is short.’”


Teach difference between 'Social Democrat' and 'socialist' 

I have never understood why the nationally well-known Democrats have never taught the American people what the difference is between a “Social Democrat” (which most of our allies are) and a “socialist” (which none of the Democrats are).

It is so simple.

A “Social Democrat” wants to keep our market-based capitalist economic system but wants to have a lot of federal government social programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and College Student Loans in order to help the lower and middle classes. They know that a truly “socialist” economy has never successfully worked in any large-scale society.

A “socialist” wants to abolish capitalism and replace it with a genuine socialist economy in which the workplaces are owned and controlled by some kind of entity, such as “the state,” “the government” or “the people.”

They are not the same thing.

How can someone be a socialist when they want to keep capitalism?

They can’t.

If supporting a social program such as Social Security makes someone a socialist, then that would make Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy socialists.

We all should know that they weren’t.

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not true socialists. 

They are Social Democrats, just as most of our allies are. They want us to have more spending on social programs to help our people just as our allies do.

It is ridiculous and absurd for anyone to claim that anyone and everyone who is at all to the political “left-of-center” is somehow some kind of socialist or communist or Marxist or radical-leftist.
Rochester, N.Y.

Daily Planet termed an anti-Cawthorn 'sell-out'

What's going to happen to you (John North, editor and publisher of the Daily Planet) and your fake little newspaper when your attachment to the Far Left group Fire Madison Cawthorn is exposed

That you have also probably taken money from Soros and Google funded groups to stay in biz (like Hville Lightning) promoting Manchurian Candidates to replace good Conservative people proves you have lost all credibility as an “alternative” to the even more Left ACT. Not good in a Liden economy.

People have figured you out, John, and your one-man Madison attack-dog persona, its not really difficult!

If you publish this, I will buy you a beer.  If you don’t, it will prove I am correct about the sellout.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Contrary to Branson’s assertions in his letter to the editor, the Daily Planet has not “taken money from Soros and Google-funded groups to stay in biz,” as such a move would inhibit the paper’s independence to cover the news without fear or favor. The newspaper sells local advertising to cover its bills. The Daily Planet’s relationship with U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-Hendersonville, and his office has been open and cordial and the newspaper seeks, receives and reports statements with the congressman’s perspective, as stories concerning him arise. The newspaper is not associated with the Fire Madison Cawthorn PAC.


Government’s vaccination push termed 'an evil plot'

The proof is out there that the drive to get Americans vaccinated is an evil plot to control us!!

What’s the proof?

The coronavirus test teaches far back in the head and makes contact with the blood-brain barrier, whose function is to keep things from getting into the brain that shouldn’t get into the brain.

The blood-brain barrier acts as a guard and guardpost to keep harmful things from getting past it and from entering the brain.

The coronavirus test makes physical contact with the blood-brain barrier to disable it so that the coronavirus vaccine.that an intact and functioning brain would keep out of the brain can now get into the brain.

I exercise some control over the brain for Big Brother, who is hard at work turning our country into a Big Brother police and surveillance state.

There is your proof that the desire to get Americans vaccinated is an evil plot to control us!!!




Get vaccinated, wear mask; go with 2 proven lifesavers

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, science, medical experts — and I — urge everyone to wear a mask and get vaccinated.

Never mind the naysayers, misinformation and outright lies about how to handle the COVID-19 and delta variant pandemic.

The life you save will be your own  — plus your family, friends and fellow citizens around the world!




Protection asked for USA, as 'We didn't start the fire!'

 “You’d think it was the Fourth of July....” —  “Saturday in the Park” by (American rock band) Chicago....

When I was young, I thought I could be a rebel like my hero, Jesus.

“You are going to carry that weight a long time.” (The Beatles). Jesus didn’t tell ... The governor had asked Him what the truth is ... “Jesus, tell me what is (the) truth?”

“Send him to Pontius Pilate” — I think is how the “story” went. Further down the road, it was reported they let the madding crowd decide my Lord’s fate. “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

I was afraid in high school to rebel against the Vietnam War. I worked at a grocery store, owned and operated by a Jewish man. “I don’t understand this hatred, I thought.” I was making good wages.

The wages of sin are death. I’ve heard that before ... and now after. Anno Domini means after (the) death. B.C. means before Jesus. I wasn’t there! I cried.

Please don’t hurt us (U.S.A.). “We didn’t start the fire! (Billy Joel)” End. Fade to black....


Resident, A-HOPE Day Center

Homeward Bound WNC



EDITOR’S NOTE: Contrary to Morrison’s assertion that “A.D.” stands for “after (the) death” of Jesus, the website states the following:

“‘A.D.’ stands for anno domini, Latin for ‘in the year of the lord,’ and refers specifically to the birth of Jesus Christ. ‘B.C.’ stands for ‘before Christ.’ In English, it is common for ‘A.D.’ to precede the year, so that the translation of ‘A.D. 2014’ would read ‘in the year of our lord 2014.’ In recent years, an alternative form of B.C./A.D. has gained traction.” 

The calm before the storm: America’s final descent into tyranny  

I recently visited downtown Asheville and was deeply saddened and terrified by what I found. 

After a summer of fun and hope, the impression I got was of a revived CULTure of self-righteous tyranny, a graveyard where the ghosts of freedom groan in the night. 

It was the resurrection of The Mad Masked Covidians who stared at me with venom because I was not wearing my face diaper of obedience although state and local “authorities” had not yet reimposed any new mandates for masking and/or social distancing. 

These poor souls wandering the streets of downtown could hardly be called alive in any real sense of the word. They were merely functional beings. Shadows on a cave wall. 

I must say Asheville has become a very weird place — like the setting for a macabre Alfred Hitchcock story or an episode of Rod Serlings “The Twilight Zone.”

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but masking is an ugly, demeaning, dehumanizing and unhealthy practice.

My sense was that the severe manner and judgmental tone of the Covidians is really political. They are acolytes of the virus that got rid of The Golden Golem of Greatness, banishing him to Elba-a-Lago while enabling the wrecking ball of our economy to swing freely. 

Never mind that they threw out the baby with the bathwater, including a whole way of life based on respect for other people, for the law and for freedom of expression, key ideas that once undergirded our struggling-but-still-viable democracy.

For a real democracy to survive, opposing views must be entertained.

When one party is in power, we used to refer to these contrary voices as the loyal opposition. The opposition may not be so loyal anymore but it is, nonetheless, fundamental to a democratic society.

No one side has an exclusive monopoly on the truth with a capital “T.” The truth is often beyond our reach, but we can approach it through civil discourse. The more opposing ideas churn the the public discourse the more enlightened we become.

We can always make improvements but these folks helped totally wreck our way of life and I get the distinct impression that they enjoyed doing it! These worshippers of COVID-19 seem to have gotten that old-time religion for the viral messiah that delivered them from evil and now promises to usher in a new golden age of enforced total equality.

Now, as delta round 2 approaches, it has been suggested by some lemons in the media and their keepers — the Keystone Cops in Washington — that those who remain unvaccinated are responsible for the spread of all variants of COVID-19 present and future. 

A fantastical claim by these “virtuous” believers in a land where the truth has been banished to “conspiracy island. 

Believe the big lie and you can steal the life of those who built, defended and died for our country so that all people could be free. 

The cult of the self-righteous is actually suggesting that those who do not take the vaccine be punished most severely, some even suggesting that they should be shot, thrown into isolation camps, deprived of food and water, their benefits like Social Security and Medicare canceled. 

They will spare none of your freedoms to get you to take the experimental jab of uncertainty. 

Yet why do they, the blessed acolytes of the virus, still wear those masks of obedience? 

What we really need is a vaccine against the vaccine.

The promise of the human race is great. Our potential is endless with the possibility of maturing spiritually beyond the myth of Adam’s downfall and the carnivorous curse of original sin.  

We are not a race of fallen angels. We are a race of rising angels with our greatest days yet ahead. 

Today we are threatened with our own self-destruction.

I will no longer become mired in the nightmare of what we have become and will spend my writing time and energy in exploring new paradigms for seeding a better world. 

We must become “Johnny Appleseeds” of the future. This is my new mission. I face it with great hope and joy.


Polk County school board accused of undertaking ‘surrogate parenting’

The question I would pose to the Polk County School Board is this: 

Isn’t it time to put the focus back on student achievement and stop undertaking responsibilities that can best be described as “surrogate-parenting?” 

The distressing and avoidable debate of masking students should be a “wake up” call to clarify the original intent of public education. To educate, pure and simple. 

American K-12 education used to graduate young adults ready to compete …to take on the rigors of college or enter the workforce and assume the demands of a working adult.  

Over the years, however, public education has been swamped  with other responsibilities and interests.

It can no longer boast of its achievements in academic excellence or proclaim the readiness of its graduates to enter the workforce.

There are a few exceptions, like here in Polk County, but overall nationwide, public education is broken.

If you were to attend their school board meetings, you would get a sense of the magnitude and expanse of programs with which they contend. 

Too much has been expected of public education and the predictable results show educational decline.

U.S. students today can’t compete well with those of other nations. The creation of the U.S. Department of Education in 1980 was another step toward destiny. 

The vast sums of federal money poured into public education has been a bust. Public education has been in free-fall ever since. 

In the writer’s opinion, the answer to the failure of public education is fairly simple. The vital influencers of  strong K12 education have been have been ignored, replaced by a host of other special interest groups that in the end, just bog down and distress the system (federal and state agencies, teachers’ union, NGOs and even the departments of public instruction). 

Meant to enhance the system, they serve to overwhelm it with disastrous results. The mission statement of our schools is to “Do What’s Right for Students.” The goal is co-opted by other responsibilities inappropriately assigned orr assumed. 

I would implore our educators to get back to the business of educating, not indoctrinating or parentlng.  

Our school board and educators can better serve the students and families of Polk County by following a few guidelines.

Resist any attempt  to take responsibility for decisions  that are clearly a parents’ purview.

Reject any attempt to teach subjects that are more appropriately taught at home.

Refuse to comply with any directive from a government or non-government organization that attempts to nullify your authority.

Instead, get back to basics in the classroom. Focus on student achievement. Nourish minds with facts and truth. Instruct students to think critically.

Inspire them to reach their potential. Promote good citizenship and encourage civic participation. Prepare them for life after graduation. Set aside everything else! 

And finally, find a way to restore the most important element to success and student achievement by once again involving parents and families in all aspects of the education process.
Green Creek
Columbus, N.C.


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