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Letters to the Editor: June 01-14, 2021
Tuesday, 01 June 2021 16:18

Asheville’s Marxist takeover? Boycott the city 

Your front-page article in the Vol. 17, # 12 (edition of the Daily Planet) about the Vance Monument is disturbing in that a far-left-wing fringe of radical socialists who have invaded the city of Asheville, (i.e. Kim Roney) as a small minority is now changing our local history to suit their own Marxist ideology.

Their accusations of Governon (Zebulon B.) Vance, as a two-time governor and then a three-time senator and his many accomplishments, especially to help the state get out from under the oppressive 12-year Reconstruction period, far outweigh the outrageous accusations of him as a white supremacist and racist, these social misfits are simply trying to change history to suit their own political agenda.

As a senior citizen who grew up here with a family heritage dating back to 1784 (Samuel Davidson), and the contacts I have, I will do everything in my power to encourage family and friends NOT to spend one thin dime in this city.Wth the massive tax increases across the spectrum and increased room rates, tourists — our largest commodity — will finally realize they can’t afford to visit here any longer or, for that matter, even want to.

Black Mountain

‘Newsom or no one’ is nonsense

It’s time for many of my colleagues in the California Democratic Party to get a clue about the current gubernatorial recall election against Gavin Newsom.  

This isn’t 2003, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is not running for governor of California this year.

In other words, the hostile hyperventilating that you hear from some of our state’s party leaders is unnecessary, since there is almost no realistic chance that Governor Newsom is going to be recalled, in large part thanks to the fact that all registered voters in California will automatically receive an absentee ballot in the mail for this year’s recall election.

Speaking of unnecessary behavior, the ugly arm-twisting and aggressive suppression of the Democratic candidacies of some well-known potential gubernatorial replacement candidates is unfortunate, not to mention unseemly (and un-American, if you ask me). Democrats, run for office if you want to! Don’t be bullied by anyone.

There needs to be at least one viable Democratic gubernatorial replacement candidate on the ballot this fall, just in case the majority of California’s voters do decide to go ahead and recall Gov. Newsom from office.

This latest laughable political proposition of “Newsom or No One” — currently being promulgated by not only Gov. Newsom’s inner circle, but also by the friends and former underlings of recalled Democratic Gov. Gray Davis — is so fundamentally at odds with realpolitik, where does one even begin?

How about with the 2003 gubernatorial recall election in California?  

“Democrat” Gray Davis (who was barely a Democrat at all) lost that recall election for one main reason — and I’m not talking about Davis’ Republican replacement Schwarzenegger or former Lieutenant Gov. Cruz Bustamante, the most prominent Democratic replacement candidate on the ballot that year. Blaming Bustamante for Davis’ loss is ridiculous.

Gray Davis was recalled as governor by California’s voters in 2003 because the then seconnd-term Governor Davis had the lowest approval ratings of any California governor in my lifetime (and I’m a middle-aged man who was born and raised in California). 

Conservative Democrat Gray Davis’ approval ratings were in the 20s at the time of the recall election, in other words, only about one out of every four Californians approved of the job Davis was doing, which is why Gray Davis’ second-term as governor of California came to an abrupt, embarrassing end in 2003. The voters wanted Davis to go.

Blame the blatant corruption of Bush-Cheney, Ken Lay and Enron for Davis’ ignominious defeat, if you wish, but stop beating up on Cruz Bustamante already, conservative Democrats!  

Or were you unaware of the fact that a bunch of angry, asinine, over-the-hill, white-haired white folks falsely blaming Bustamante might backfire on our current Gov. Gavin Newsom?

As the worst president in American history — Donald Trump — used to say so often: “We’ll see what happens.”

Arcata, Calif.

The hypocritical Biden takes U.S. toward socialism

Since his inauguration, (President Joe Biden has been nothing but hypocritical.

He promised not to raise taxes and yet he has done so openly and covertly to the middle class via their IRAs and 401Ks.

He promised many things to get elected and now is reneging on most of them.

With a benign attitude, Papa Joe, his minions and socialist handlers, have taken our nation one gigantic step toward socialism.

With total disregard for law, Papa Joe wants to release the Covid-19 vaccine patents, which he does not own, to the world.  This is outright theft and should be punished.

Biden’s excuse for this theft is to save lives around the world. If he is so concerned about saving lives, then he needs to stop the migration of children along our Southern borders. 

If he is so concerned, then he needs to also stop funding Planned Parenthood and needless abortions.

But Papa Joe has no such concern. He doesn’t care about America and it people.  

He tries to present  himself as being moral and ethical, yet fails miserably by blocking investigations into his family’s criminal activities, and members of Obama’s administration.

Essentially Papa Joe is a hypocrite, not deserving any respect.



A letter to the editor from ‘our socially more just future’

Having achieved Ray Kurzweil’s much ballyhooed singularity, it is now possible for me to travel in time and to write this LTE from the future. 

I wanted to assure the good people of Asheville that there is nothing to fear in the future. Absolutely nothing.... Don’t worry, be happy!

 The year is 2032 a full 12 years after America’s Great COVID pandemic and most of the world has “built back better.”

The so-called “Great Reset” is now in full swing and some people seem to be adapting to the new reality. Life has been made much simpler and, if one follows the basic rules, life could be — as “Seinfeld” creator and comedian Larry David would say — “pretty…. pretty…. pretty good!” But don’t forget your mask! Time for us to look in on how things are going. You with me?

 It is Election Day 2032 and the campaign for president has been contentious. The Basket of Deplorables (BOD) ticket of Gov. Matthew McConaughey and former Gov.Caitlyn Jenner have made some unexpected gains against the incumbent Democratic Ticket of Gretchen Whitmer and RuPaul. This is really going to be an election for the ages, the first ‘Trannycontinental’ election. The Democratic ticket campaign slogan  — “More Equity and Social Justice for All” — seems to be resonating with most Americans. 

 In the titanic struggle between equality and freedom, equality had won the day hands down and freedom had become a mere footnote to history. 

After all, if everyone is equal, who needs freedom — it just tends to complicate things and encourages people to be different, to fend for themselves and achieve the uncertain prospect of creative individuality, which is anathema to our wise overseers. 

We had long ago decided that security was far more important than freedom. As a result, all conflict had been eliminated from society. The legal profession was understandably not too happy, and this new reality certainly did not feed the Pentagon’s traditionally voracious budget. But….as the song goes: “The times they are a-changin.’”

 Voting eligibility had become a bit more complicated in the days following the 2020 election because such a fuss had arisen concerning voter fraud. But here, once again, modern technology has come to the rescue. 

We will never again have to worry about vote fraud or voter suppression. Voting was only an implanted chip and wi-fi broadcast away for those who met the criteria of the voting standards act passed in 2025 by majority direct popular vote.  

Oh, did I forget to tell you that Congress had been essentially eliminated because it was now possible to have direct voting by the people?

Why have elected representatives when you can hear the braying directly from the horse’s mouth? 

WE THE PEOPLE are now in full control. No more greedy lobbyists, silly resource consuming investigations or Electoral Colleges to complicate the political process. The doors of Congress had been shuttered. Its members had become representatives in the Global New World Assembly, with Barack Obama presiding. 

 Each person was now chipped with all his, her or its (depending on gender assignment and sexual preference) pertinent social, health and financial information. One’s standing in society was closely tracked and monitored. Voting among many other privileges was no longer a matter of citizenship, but depended on a social responsibility score. This score was based on an aggregation of various algorithms that tracked one’s social behavior, measuring one’s participation in — and progress toward — society’s overall “Woke” goals. 

 Before I voted, though, I was getting a little hungry, so I went to the vending machine at the corner “Green Station” and attempted to get a “Payday” bar to give me a quick energy boost. As I walked up to the vending machine, I heard the tones indicating a lock on my chip and when I selected a “Payday’ bar, red lights flashed, along with a loud klaxon-like sound indicating that I had been denied the bar. The algorithm that allows access to various food items from vending machines had noted that I had the symptoms of pre-diabetes. It also scanned my genetic history, which showed a disposition toward Type 2 diabetes. I was offered a bag of trail mix instead. 

 I would soon be ready to vote, but I had to first get to an appointment with my Social Adjuster (SA). My social compatibility score had suffered a hit recently because I failed to attend a gender sensitivity re-orientation session that was designed to teach us about how gender is really a matter for individual self-determination. 

Apparently, I had made an offhand comment at a dinner party about how gender was not a matter of choice. My comment had been picked up by “Alexa” and communicated to the Citizen Compliance Personal (CCP) database. As I raced out into the street, I was able to get the attention of a rather stocky and intimidating Brown Mask. The “Brown Masks” were the muscle responsible for keeping order in the streets and making sure that the automated ubers were coordinated. He scanned my chip with his smart device, grunted and then flagged down the appropriate uber that would take me to the quadrant of the city where my Social Adjuster was located. 

 After my meeting with my friendly SA, it was time to vote. I was concerned about my vote and what it might do to lower my social credit score. Having already been flagged for gender insensitivity and having skipped my gender attitude reorientation, a vote for the McConaughey-Jenner (BOD) ticket could lower my social credit score considerably. 

One new addition to the electoral system was the fractionalization of vote scoring. My voting “fract,” as it was called, had already been reduced to one-third of a full vote. What should I do? What would you do? Vote your conscience...nah...why bother. I want to continue to be able to get my Big Mac and fries at McDonald’s. No Big Gulps, though, as they have been eliminated by Health and Homeland Security (HHS) secretary Bloomberg.

 It had been a very trying day and I decided to check my options for evening activities that my chip would allow me to participate in………..

 (...And that’s the way it is, Tuesday Nov 2, 2032…. Reporting from the future, this is BOD 010621...To be continued). 


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