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Letters to the Editor
Ideas offered for joint police patrols in downtown Asheville
Friday, 16 February 2024 20:40

The urgent plea of Asheville business-owners and residents for better public safety is not being answered.

The Buncombe County sheriff’s plan to add a few more deputies on Friday and Saturday to patrol downtown Asheville is “window dressing.”

The number of deputies for such patrols should be doubled from eight to 16 for maximum effect of a “new” police presence in an area where criminals operate with impunity at present.

The days these additional patrols are utilized should be varied and never announced ahead of time! They should also include deputies working in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles and/or on foot. 

In other words, the schedule and the mode of these patrols should not be announced to the public. Why tell those who are breaking the law when and how you are going to enforce the law?

Paying for these additional patrols is the responsibility of the City of Asheville. They should have adequate funds to cover the costs. They should have budgeted for about 50 more police officers than they currently employ. (If they have not done so, then their commitment to public safety is non-existent!)

Assuming they have budgeted for the actual number of officers they need, there is plenty of money in the public safety budget to pay the sheriff for deploying his deputies to assist the Asheville Police Department in any attempts to make downtown a safe place for all.

The sheriff should not be asking Buncombe County to pay for special law enforcement needs that are the result of a toxic law enforcement environment created by the Asheville City Council!

Retired chief of police in Burlingame, Calif.
Biltmore Forest 


Class-action lawsuit? Failure by federal judge; it will be overthrown

It’s a sad day when federal judges sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution fail (in) their most basic of all duties.   

That this case cited a now too-common and glaringly awful SCOTUS ruling that prevents lawsuits from a U.S. citizen on constitutional violations, living anywhere in America for that matter, saying they have no standing to sue about what he thinks is an illegal statute because that statute may not apply to them specifically is utter nonsense.  


Because any state that violates the USC (U.S. Constitution) violates the rights of every American citizen because we are all affected and protected equally against those violations. 

Damages can be direct or indirect, as in political repression of our rights generally.   

Think of the so-called “no standing” BS regarding the Nov. 3, 2020 insurrection. A total fail. 

In other words, if one of us is repressed by tyrants, we all are.    

Sic semper tyrannis. 


EDITOR’S NOTE: The phrase “sic semper tyrannis” is Latin for “thus always to tyrants.” In contemporary terminology, it means tyrannical leaders will inevitably be overthrown. The phrase is attributed to Marcus Junius Brutus, one of the people who assassinated Julius Caesar. John Wilkes Booth is believed to have said the phrase after assassinating Abraham Lincoln. It is also the motto of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sen. Warren brings shame upon U.S. Congress

Elizabeth Warren took it upon herself to presume to assume that she could not only speak for  black folks, but to also use them as the weapon of choice in the justification for the removal of the Reconciliation Memorial cenotaph in Arlington (Va.) National Cemetery. 

Warren (a Democratic U.S. senator from Massachusetts) would proclaim that in the bill that “she wrote”(forget the Naming Commission)) would give the opportunity to correct longstanding injustice.

There are plenty of injustices that she could take care of for the black Union forces at Arlington. 

Twice, the so-called U.S.Colored troops petitioned  the United States Congress to move the bodies of the black Union soldiers to where the white Union soldiers were buried. 

Rejected on both occasions. 

Remove the signage depicting the black Union soldiers as “Colored." 

Give to the black first Union officer (surgeon) — buried at Arlington — with back pay commensurate with time served to his family, or if not to be found, to some young black family who would be proud to accept that kinship as an African. 

The only justice that she brought forth was attempting to remove the place of honor that Southern black folk earned alongside a man that he not only called “master,” but also family and friend before, during and after the War for Southern Independence. 

And not to forget the time spent as the trained cadre on plantations all across the South who made the implements of war for General Lee’s beleaguered army, provided the food stuffs, and stayed at home to help protect the defenseless old men, women and children the best they could from Lincoln’s “hoarde army” carrying out his total warfare policy. 

Not one time anywhere in this process of removal and desecration did she (Warren) present to the bipartisan parties the voice of the people — red, yellow, brown, black and white, speaking in majority not to remove the Reconciliation Memorial cenotaph.

What she (Warren) did say was “the defense bill now before us includes language I wrote” that would require the secretary of defense “to remove Confederate names from all military assets.”

She made it clear to the Senate Armed Services Committee that the debate was over... and that all the recommendations she made would have to be carried out to include the removal of the Confederate Monument deemed the Reconciliation Memorial cenotaph — tantamount to what I believe was an act that overstepped the charge of which this Naming Commission was given. 

And to make matters worse, United States Federal Judge Rossie Alston would issue a temporary restraining order to stop the removal of the cenotaph because of the shown desecration taking place by the movers.

Even though he refused to look at the evidence, he would issue the TRO, call the movers, make them aware of it and tell them to clean up their act, and that he would visit the site the next day to make sure they did, so that he could rescind the TRO — and  they continue the removal process. 

He (Alston) wasn’t through with his nefarious actions. He began to define what the message Ezekiel put on the cenotaph with a depiction of a black woman as a nanny. 

This was not his job.

He didn’t even afford the plantiffs the opportunity to be present. 

Alston and Warren should both be censored and removed from their respectie bodies. 

And the United States Congress should be ashamed they denied the voices of the people to be heard before their body. 

God bless you!       
Chairman, Board of Advisors Emeritus
Southern Legal Resource Center 
Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida 
President, Southern Heritage 411


Ted Rall lambasted for (allegedly) pushing narrative over the facts

Oh, those pesky little things called facts.

That is what Ted Rall, author of the Jan. 19th article (syndicated column in the Daily Planet) — “Victimhood (not a word) or vengeance? Israel wants both” — conveniently changed, though reports do not support (Rall’s contentions).

Ted claimed that the Israeli IDF began defensive attacks on October 8.

Truth is, after more than 1,000 Hamas militants — who slaughtered more than 1,400 unarmed civilians — were routed out of the area on Oct. 7, no military defense from Israel was taken in Gaza until three weeks had passed — even as the more than 240 hostages lay in the hands of their torturers... and four of them being Americans, I might add.

During that period, the civilians were given notice by way of flyers dropped over Gaza and loud speaker announcements, warning civilians to flee before the bombings began.

Reports came from the civilians, claiming they were blockaded by Hamas from leaving the area, even with threats of being shot should they attempt.

This continued until Nov. 1: “Small
group of Amricans among the first Gaza evacuees as border opens,” an NBC News online article stated.

Soon after the IDF discovered more than 200 miles of underground military tunnels leading to bunkers hiding ammunitions, manufacturing and installations under hospitals and schools. 

This fact alone shows the total disregard for the life and safety of the Gaza residents by the Palestinian authorities.

Truly, the Bible foretells of those who will alter the facts in 2 Timothy 2:13: “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

Such are those who give a false narrative in order to promote an allegiance with evil men.


Are you an accomplice to genocide?

Are you an accomplice to Genocide and you do not know it? 

Do you know that God, our Creator, commands us to do Good, and not Evil?

The past and present history of mankind clearly shows Humanity prefers  Evil over Good. Because of that, God, destroyed all, except one family.  Only one Man, Noah, was righteous!!!

God gave mankind another chance, although, He already knew they were going to blow it!

And boy we have really blown it!  Because we threw God and The Word of God out of the picture.

Is Humanity really so dumb that it cannot follow God’s Word?  Or is it just stubborn!

When God said, “Thou shall not kill” He was saying don’t murder other human beings.  Specially an innocent one.  God considers murder so bad that the punishment He prescribed is DEATH.  Abortion is murder!

Every person involved in the murder of an unborn baby is a murderer!  Everyone supporting abortion is an accomplice in this genocide, which has cost America, over sixty-five million lives.

This is what happens when a nation rejects God, his son Jesus, and His Just Laws.

All Mankind is commanded to obey God.  Especially those selected to govern.  That is why He wanted the Word of God spread to the whole world.

Sadly, it is now obvious that most of America does not know Him.

But they will find out when God executes his judgment.  Please read Revelation. starting with chapter six.


Coalgate, Okla.



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