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The Candid Conservative: Truth: It’s life’s crucial ingredient
Thursday, 15 July 2021 18:27
“The high-minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think.”
– Aristotle


Special to the Daily Planet


Isn’t it ironic that in the magic age of information, truth has become harder to find than ever.

There’s a reason.

Social predators, whether in our family, communities, media, or government, do not like truth. Truth brings light, and the forces of darkness do not like the scrutiny.

In fact, one of the best ways to determine whether someone is operating in good or bad form is to measure their attachment to truth.

If truth — not talking truth, but real doing truth — isn’t a high priority, you can be certain that something not-so-good is lurking in the background.


Epic failures in truth

Nowhere in our culture is the betrayal of truth more evident in than in the news media, judicial system, and government. Let’s take on all three.

Truthfully indicting most print and screen reporters is stunningly easy.

If you are a journalist, and you write the news without including multiple angles of view on issues of importance, you are betraying your audience and your profession. There’s more, but that one denunciation aces out the need for others.

Nothing of the human hand is perfect and justice will never be an exception.

That said, in recent decades we have allowed America’s judicial system to deteriorate from an earned grade of C+ to an overly generous D-.

How? Well, ask yourself how often politics, money, power, bureaucracy, and an indifference guide the rule of law over objectivity, fairness, due process, system integrity, and accountability? Examples of the former abound.

How many people were held accountable for the collapse of economy in the mid-part of this decade? How many people have been held accountable for failures in our Covid response and application of authentic science? How many people have been taken to task for the abuses of our intelligence systems, courts, and law enforcement agencies in the name of impeaching a President behind a bodyguard of proven lies? How many high-level bureaucrats, agencies, or elected officials have been held accountable for the essential surrender of our borders?

For that matter, how many people of power and influence are held legally accountable for anything?

As regards governance we have been lied to so much that we expect politicians to lie and they have done so for so long that most don’t even know they are doing it.

Our current president and vice president are profound examples of people of the lie operating without the crucial governing trait of self-awareness.

Lest one suggests that their predecessors were also dishonest, an important difference emerges. Trump played with the truth in the form of exaggeration and hyperbole – on things of substance he was uncommonly honest. His back-up was a paragon of truth at all levels.

Biden has no connection to the truth at any level but that which serves his fascination of the moment. Frighteningly, his back-up is worse.

The systemic indifference in truth found in our media outlets, judicial system, and governance are to America’s future what death by a thousand cuts is to a torture victim.


A reconnection to truth starts in the mirror

There are a few rules on truth that can help.

1) Don’t let others convince you that truth doesn’t exist. If there’s confusion about what the truth is on a subject, it just means you don’t yet have enough information.

2) Truth takes practice. It’s a skill for most of us – not a natural talent.

3) That’s because truth is hard. You have to walk uphill to find it and keep on walking uphill to keep it. Lies, deceptions, half-truths, and other forms of dishonesty are easy, but it’s called  “downhill” for a reason.

4) You have to think small. Even little fibs can erode your ability to hold the truth. If you ever wonder why politicians and others seem to have lost all connection to truth, you can bet that loss occurred one little truth stretch at a time.

5) Importantly, people who lose, or better stated, surrender their attachment to truth do not know it. The best liars are people who lie to themselves first.


Be a truth seeker

It’s true that all of us are faced with the temptation of falsehoods and none of us do a perfect job of resisting. That’s OK. Dedication, not perfection, is the foundation of a truthful person.

If you want to open the blinds and let more light into your life, become a truth addict.

It’s not necessary to hurl the truth at people. One can ignore it, be brutal about it, or speak the gentle truth. Real truth is rarely framed in anger.

It’s worth noting that the Bible defines the spiritual person as a “truth seeker.” That’s not a mere coincidence....
Carl Mumpower is a practicing psychologist and former member of Asheville City Council. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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