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The Candid Conservative: Sorry progressives — conformity ain’t unity
Sunday, 28 February 2021 20:40
Special to the Daily Planet

“Conformity: con·for·mi·ty | kən-ˈfȯr-mə-tē | Compliance with · adherence to · accordance with · observance of · observation of · obedience to · acquiescence in · adaptation to · accommodation to · abidance by”


In case you haven’t heard, unity is the left’s new buzzword.

Right out of the gate, our new president proclaimed it as a mercy mission.

Nancy Pelosi embraced it as her stand-in for the now dated term “collusion.”

Every other Super-Bowl commercial was selling it.

Actors and entertainers, heretofore having used every profanity known to man to attack Trump and his supporters, have started acting like choir directors as they sing its praises.

Heck, even CNN’s conservative-hating echo chambers are proclaiming it.

But there’s a problem — not a single one of these fakers mean it.

What they really mean is they want conservatives, Trump enthusiasts, Republicans, independent thinkers, and everybody else to surrender to their idea of progressive bliss.


Executive disorder

Our new president punctuated his unity credentials with an unprecedented number of executive orders resetting Trump-impaired liberal agendas.

That’s the political equivalent of punching a neighbor in the eye just before asking them over for dinner.

Sorry Joe, getting liberal elitists, Bernie, AOC, and everyone else on the left united against the rest of us doesn’t fulfill your inaugural embellishment. 

“Let’s start afresh, all of us. Let’s begin to listen to one another again, hear one another, see one another, show respect to one another. Politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire, destroying everyone in its path.”

The big guy is a small guy when it comes to walking his talk.


Double standards become the standard 

Name any misbehavior under the sun and you can bet two things — (1) the left justifies it on an “ends justifies the means” basis and (2) they relentlessly accuse everyone else of those same behaviors. 

That mischief is known as the psychological defense of “projection” – whereby one projects personal traits on to others. 

Visualize a 1930-ish progressive-socialist German guy who repeatedly called Franklin Roosevelt a gangster. 

The problems with double standards are, once again, twofold – (1) it makes finding the truth ridiculously hard and (2) it protects and thus corrupts the people doing the bad behavior.

Every middle-school teacher on the planet knows that anybody able to do and hide bad things is going to do worse things.


 Impeachment 2.0

For a direct view into the left’s favorite “unifying” strategy, witness the next to last day of the latest impeachment hearing.   

That’s when attorney Michael van der Veen did more to uplift the perpetually unpopular legal profession than anyone since Perry Mason. 

He relied on three largely extinct presentation techniques called calmness, maturity, and reason. 

It took Mr. van der Veen minutes to plunge Schumer and Company into the pit of despair. His primary tool – a double-standard montage of liberals using profanity, hate, threats, and inciteful language against former President Trump and everyone else disagreeing with their agenda. 

It was a game-set-match moment. 

The ribbon on the trophy was this gentleman’s affirmation the impeachment prosecutorial team had colluded to doctor evidence. 

For those numbly habituated to dishonesty out of Washington, that’s a very big no-no. The fact they tried it in full public view revealed remarkable hubris. 

Liars make poor unifiers.


Propaganda is pornography 

The left’s pornographic control of our entertainment, media, academic and technology industries is beginning to consume itself. 

That’s what happens when you rely on a one-sided version of truth – you lose your way. 

Observe the cancel culture’s insatiable appetites. The entertainment folks have unleashed so much political-correctness that they’re stuck with being echoes or risk immediate loss of stature and income. 

Biden’s election has become a “Saturday Night Live” sucker punch. Poor little comedians. They can’t be funny anymore because the left won’t let them be honest. 

Liberal media dominance? Marketing an agenda is not the same as presenting the news as surely as watching porn flicks is not the same as making love. 

Academia, 90 percent of whom are left-winded, has thus reliably pinned itself to the progressive agenda. 

It’s worked for decades, but ask your average UNCA professor how job-scared they are now amidst the ever-changing peculiarities of their programmed students.   

Then there’s our “socially responsible” tech giants who feel it’s OK to ban conservative voices, but leave out the welcome mat for the world’s culture vultures. 

Pornography is not a foundation for unity.


 What’s an independent thinker to do? 

Liberated, nonpolitically correct comedian Groucho Marx had a great quote applicable to uniting with today’s liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats – “Any club that would have me as a member, I wouldn’t want to join.” 

That’s what today’s leftist movement really is — a mirror image of an image-conscious exclusionary country club that only wants to see and hear what it wants to see and hear.

Don’t join this club unless your fond of giving up your integrity, freedom and realism. 

If your big thrills are security, being part of the herd, and rampant pursuit of the seven deadly sins, please apply. 

No matter which team you want to play for, toss the unity thing. 

This is a fight for our nation’s cultural Super Bowl. It will remain a bitter struggle until the finish....
 Dr. Mumpower is a psychologist and former member of Asheville City Council. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 252-8390.



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