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The Candid Conservative: Progressives and the smell of death
Monday, 15 February 2021 11:04
There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity. You can smell it. It smells like death.” 
― Big Daddy in Tennessee Williams’ “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

Special to the Daily Planet 

The “progressive” political movement being stuffed down the gullet of today’s poor, young and naïve is the equivalent of an unscrupulous reverse mortgage fostered on a trusting widow.

It’s easy to peddle, structured for abuse and destined to rob the participant.

This ruse isn’t about progress – it’s about power – and most certainly not your power.

Allow me to make the case.


Rule of inclination over rule of law

Unless you’re ruthless, rich or selfish, safety does not exist in a society run by privilege and personal preference over rule of law.

Today’s progressives – like all despotic movements – are allergic to the rule of law. It gets in their way.

Witness animosity to the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, law enforcement, secure borders and holding bad guys accountable. The left is determined to undermine and replace these legal bedrocks with a concoction of their own choosing.

Where progressives are arbitrarily choosing, you and I are losing.


A busted compass

Listen to any liberally-programmed politician, and you will hear four echoed constructs: (1) America is a land of VICTIMS (2) We should all be ANGRY (3) We are ENTITLED and (4) The solution is SOMETHING FOR NOTHING from government.  

These talking points represent a busted political compass.

By any objective standard, America is a land of opportunity, not victimization. That’s why so many true victims wish to come here.

Where did we get the idea being angry was a productive path to social change? Anger makes us reactive, stupid and easily manipulated. Ask the several hundred angry souls self-duped into mobbing the Capitol.

Entitlement addicts are doomed to fail. They’re up against Mother Nature’s relentless message that personal choice and responsibility are the primary determinants of what we get out of life. Nature doesn’t give free passes.

Nature also has something to say about something for nothing. Nothing in life is free and any leader who portends such is the moral equivalent of a child molester tendering lollipops.

Interested in the contrasting points of a conservative compass? We work to follow REALITY, REASON, RESPONSIBILITY AND RIGHT. They actually work.



Celebrating bias and censorship

One of the more remarkable betrayals of the progressive movement is found in their dedication to media bias, censorship and cancel culture.

Insight on this disingenuous errand begins with the definition of liberalism – “A willingness to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; openness to new ideas.” 

Progressives are open – but it’s a 1960s’ country club kind of open. They only like to see and hear what they like to see and hear.

This extraordinary validation of bias and censorship is a remarkable shift away from the liberty endorsing traditions of historical liberalism.

There’s a singular reason for that perversion.

Mark the political affiliation of the pack, most private print and broadcast media outlets, the publicly funded “Public” Broadcasting System, Hollywood, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and about every university in America. Ninety-plus percent are self-described as Democrats, liberals or progressives.

When all the umpires have offspring playing on the home team, the visitors are guaranteed a tough night.

Then there’s the left-winded folks at Google. This search-engine dynamo controls roughly 90 percent of the internet queries in the world. Ninety-percent of those searches go no further than the first page. In this past election, Google’s algorithms ensured that the home team dominated page one.

These folks not only force-feed their views, they seek to kill the credibility of opposing views.

That’s why conservatives in D.C. are called rioting insurrectionists and violent progressives – in Portland, Asheville and about every other liberally run city in America – are defined as social justice protestors.

That’s why anything a progressive doesn’t like hearing has become “hate” speech.

That’s why our local TV station and daily paper reliably offer only one angle of view on social or political matters.

That’s why Trump’s narcissism gets more liberal attention than China’s genocide.


The ‘Just Say No’ to Mendacity Club

Though surrounded by mendacity, Big Daddy was a reality, reason, responsibility and right kind of guy. He’d understand the dilemma of today’s conservatives.  

There are several things he’d suggest in response.

Keep your hand and eye on the truth, says Big Daddy. Listen to that spirit inside you that knows the difference in chicken tenders and chicken droppings.

Focus on what you can manage and give the rest to God. To do that, make sure you’re traveling in the light versus obsessing about people who’re stumbling around in the dark.

Were he here, Big Daddy would tell you that staying positive, loving and constructive is the best answer to those who are negative, hateful and destructive.

He understood that people of the lie pretending to be God assuredly fall on their own vanity.

Mendacity smells like death for a reason....
 Dr. Mumpower is a psychologist and former member of Asheville City Council. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 252-8390.



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