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THE CANDID CONSERVATIVE: Bad actions have lasting consequences
Friday, 01 January 2021 14:15
“Political correctness is just tyranny with manners. I wish for you the courage to be unpopular. Popularity is history’s pocket change. Courage is history’s true currency.”
— Charlton Heston


Special to the Daily Planet


Humanity is in a constant state of motion. Like a car on a hill with no brakes, we’re either climbing up or stumbling back.

We live in a time of troubling slippage. It’s not in an “all ways and at all times” kind of thing, but too many of those ways have created enduring harm behind a pretense of virtue.

Here are just a few:


Foolish local public policy

The three easiest things for a politician to do are (1) spend other people’s money (2) indulge special interests or (3) promise something for nothing.  

Recent local examples include reparations for black Ashevillians, the ill-advised fire-sale of our community’s hospital, and planned destruction of the Vance Monument.

The first ignores the fact that highlighting black citizens as victims while we’re working to insure them as equals is convoluted folly. 

The second was an exercise in herd mentality whereby our media outlets, the Mission Board, paid-off hospital administrators, the medical community, and local politicians rubber stamped selling out to a notorious group of healthcare robber-barons.

The third is coming from the same Democrat politicians who, until very recently, attended the Vance-Aycock Dinner with aplomb and now think it’s OK to dismantle a central city landmark to please and appease.

That’s not leadership – it’s bad public policy and the perps have evaded any form of public karma.


Our highway and parking systems

Two of the greatest Asheville hoodoos of this century have been “progressive” obstruction of highway improvements and deconstruction of our parking system.

Thanks to active intervention, delays and environmental pretense, our local interstate system is decades behind DOT need projections.

Next time you’re sitting in an interstate traffic jam, make a mental note to thank the party serving as a political front for our progressive friends.

Until the early part of this century, Asheville invested most of its parking revenue in a trust whereby new parking garages were funded by user fees – not taxpayers.

On or about 2006, our liberal City Council halted a planned and financed downtown parking garage and began diverting funds to the bus system.

How’d it all turn out? Well, that system is a much-avoided revenue draining mess and downtown parking is an oxymoron.


Churches that stand for nothing

Don’t look now, but Asheville’s traditional faith-based culture has been under successful assault by newcomers who cry “diversity” while stomping out anything they don’t like.

Our community’s churches have been almost universally AWOL from challenging this misguided mission.

Sorry guys, there’s a difference in amiable religiosity and honoring the words and example of the one for whom our faith is named; upholding God’s stated will; and loving our fellowman.

Need demonstration there’s a broad effort to undermine Asheville’s Christian community? Contact the United Way and ask them how many faith-based charities they help support.


An out-of-control drug culture

This one’s simple. Our elected officials, courts, media outlets, and community-at-large have capitulated to the drug world.

Need meth, coke, opiates, or super-sized weed? Home delivery is readily available. If you’re short on contacts, cruise over to any public housing development and open-air dealers will be happy to help. Our restaurants are readily staffed with users/dealers, and most areas have a neighbor running stuff out of their house.

Our hospital system is flooded by unrepentant users and misguided enablers who confuse time-out with effective intervention. Our treatment system is overrun and marginally effective at best. We’re filled to the brim with addicts who’ve become street predators, parent-draining basement trolls, forever methadone dependents, or disabled wards of the state.


The election and other follies 

For four years the Democrat Party resisted the election outcome and attacked President Trump with Russia collusion and other accusation fantasies that received remarkable support and energy from the FBI, the CIA, our judiciary, the Justice Department, mainstream media and most every liberal-progressive-socialist in the country. 

It all turned out to be nonsense — and NO ONE was held accountable for this treasonous behavior. Is it understandable that conservative voters would have trouble trusting that suddenly these same people are dedicated to truth, fairness and the rule-of-law with the voting booth? 

In the end, however, President Trump’s narrow loss came down to one event – his abysmally obnoxious and immature performance in the first debate.

In two fateful hours he shredded too many voters and thereby gave our government over to an army of charlatans.


Where do we land?

We live in a time where most leaders run towards power and away from accountability. The bad guys know it.

The consequences of that folly will accelerate ....
 Dr. Mumpower is a psychologist and former member of Asheville City Council. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 252-8390.



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