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The Daily Planet's Opinion: What if APD disappeared?
Thursday, 19 November 2020 20:41

The Asheville Police Department continues to hemorrhage officers, as recent reports show that “Asheville’s finest” has lost — so far — 49 of its 238 officers in 2020.

In our view, the fault does not lie with our new Police Chief David Zack, who, according to our sources — metaphorically speaking — is being handcuffed by Mayor Esther Manheimer and City Council, who constantly have ordered the APD — too often — to stand down when the protesters have wreaked havoc downtown, with rioting, looting and violence. Sadly, boarded-up store-fronts downtown are becoming a common sight.

During the stand-down orders, APD officers have had to endure insults and threats to not only themselves, but to their families as well. Also, the protesters have endangered the lives of our officers by throwing projectiles at the police — with no real consequences as, again, the officers routinely are ordered to stand down from the mob.

Given that bad behavior must have clear consequences, we think the city’s elected leadership is guilty of rewarding, rather than punishing, bad behavior .

At this current rate of resignations, the APD soon will have insufficient officers to maintain law and order, leaving the taxpaying citizenry to suffer the consequences, which could range from widespread violence, criminal gangs controling all or parts of the city, the administration of vigilante justice — or even militias springing up to defend the helpless citizenry, in lieu of our sorry local elected officials.



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