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THE CANDID CONSERVATIVE: Diary of a mad protester
Saturday, 01 August 2020 14:28

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Special to the Daily Planet

The problem

While protestors increasingly define their mission as “revolution,” local and national mass media outlets continue to peddle “peaceful” pretense. That’s the spin equivalent of reporting a child beaten with a stick as “baseball.”

Protestor spoiler alert – you can’t get to good places through bad means.

Burning things up, tearing things down, and taking things over are not good means. Prolific use of the “F” Word, deception, threats, hate, rage and thrown frozen-water bottles aren’t either.

We know what motivates liberally biased journalists. Interested in what’s motivating too many of today’s protestors?


BLM is more about red than black

Black Lives Matter qualifies as a racial justice movement like Barney Fife qualifies as a firearms instructor.

These organizers, by declaration and deed, are Marxist power-trippers wanting to tear down what they can’t understand or control.

Listen to them. Not to what the liberal media says about them, but to what their leaders actually say.

When your daughter’s first date shows up at the door and boldly declares he’s planning an evening of wild sex, do you let him in?

BLM wants to molest our culture. The way we’re letting them in is absurd.


The tyranny of inadequacy

Funny thing about some people who can’t figure out how to live in the real world – destroying that world or pulling it down to their level becomes the answer. That’s what socialists do and it’s what social malcontents do.

It’s what ANTIFA and a whole lot of other indoctrinated social justice posers are attempting with the aid of a bewildered Democratic Party. That entity has been fully compromised by the inadequacies of the liberal-progressive-socialist movement.


High Conflict Personality Disorder

This little diagnostic gem explains a lot about many.

High conflict people find fulfillment, distraction and identity through fussing and chaos. They don’t like the rule of law, police, conservatives, faith or free-enterprise for the same reason teens don’t like being cut off from their X-Box.

Attempting to appease high conflict people and arguing with a drunk are similarly futile engagements. 


Anger mismanagement

Next to fear, anger is the most addictive of human emotions. The more you get mad, the more you want to get mad — and then the more stupid you become.

We like it because it’s a power antidote to vulnerable emotions like fear, hurt, sadness and jealousy.

Anger has a built-in self-correction tool. With every ounce of anger comes a matching ounce of depression. Over time, angry people eat themselves up with internal misery.

Behind a pretense of compassion, America’s current crop of “peaceful” protestors is busy beating people up, breaking windows, burning cars, rioting, spray-painting, tearing down monuments and otherwise indulging their anger.

We used to call such people phonies. Now we call them social justice warriors.Peter Pan syndrome

Remember Peter? He liked to fly around Neverland, fighting pirates. Though Wendy tried, he never grew up. It was more fun to remain a perpetual child.

There are a whole lot of Peter Pans flying around Asheville, New York, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, D.C., Los Angeles and anywhere else misguided politicians pretend there really is such a thing as Neverland.


Proper priorities

In my youth, protesting was also considered cool. Following high school, some went off to protest, while a few of us went to Vietnam.

A few years later, one of the former tendered humbling wisdom in response to my question on “Why?” “To meet girls,” he said, “It was mostly about the girls.”


A bad ending by bad actors

The folly of seizing portions of our police revenue stream and applying it to “community programs” exposes an education system that no longer teaches history — even recent history.

Calls to defund our police reveal the naive and toxic agenda of leftist protestors and their enablers.

We tried this nonsense in the 1960s and ‘70s when every fake do-gooder with an imagined fix could get government funding for a new program. Corruption, thievery and failure was the outcome. 

Reparation as a promise to select citizens out of the pockets of other citizens is equally naive. It is no more possible to credential black Americans as victims and equals at the same time than it is to take a bath and not get wet.

Besides, protestors are about to become the least of our worries. 

While our self-congratulating city leaders follow Nero’s model and install black condoms over historical markers, our city center is being beaten to death.

That plastic pee-pee sticking up downtown is about to become a monument to the year the music died ....
Dr. Mumpower is a psychologist and former member of Asheville City Council. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 252-8390.



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