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THE CANDID CONSERVATIVE: Our self-correcting world is a wonderful thing….
Sunday, 19 July 2020 19:25
Special to the Daily Planet

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted..” 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


The problem

America’s Democrat-run liberal cities are busily cannibalizing themselves. Yep – not so cool Asheville is on the list.

Try not to treat the insanity too seriously. As long as most of us continue to do what we have always done – reach for normal – all will be well.

We live in a self-correcting world and the brigands currently having their way are anything but exempt. Watch as they rapidly turn on themselves with a long list of contradictory behaviors: Complain about police violence, control and intolerance while practicing violence, control and intolerance. Embrace the simplistic art of deconstructing and side-step the skillsets necessary to building. Scream racism while simultaneously practicing racism. Demand accountability and relentlessly avoid any responsibility for personal choices and actions. Apply the letter of the law to others and rapidly disavow that same law when applied to self. Talk of peace and unity, but practice chaos and anarchy.

Anybody cuddling that kind of schizophrenic script is bound to self-correct. Think Charles Manson on a macro scale.

For that vast majority of Americans who aren’t running off a “Helter Skelter” screenplay, here’s a few suggestions on how to keep your wits while waiting for the process to conclude.


10 conservative counters to cultural chaos

 #10 - It is not possible to scorn, despise, or reject other people into being better people. That negativity will more likely convert you into becoming like those you hate. Your most powerful tools of influence will always be your love and example.

#9 - America is exchanging the rule of law for the rule of “me and my mental illness.” Look up High Conflict Personality Disorder for an explanation of what runs BLM, ANTIFA, the left, and so many others. Be normal is the antidote to those who aren’t.

#8 - Three decades ago, Christian psychiatrist Scott Peck told us we were busy building a generation of liars who would one day destroy America. He called them ‘PEOPLE OF THE LIE.’ They are now in charge. Make sure you are not one of them.

#7 - America has an extraordinary success equation - LIBERTY + OPPORTUNITY + RESPONSIBILITY = PROSPERITY. Resist anyone pretending it is possible to leave out ingredients and produce the same outcome.

#6 - Your smart phone was developed by smart technologists. The intricacies of DNA similarly reveal mankind as a product of remarkably intelligent design. You were conceived for good purpose – honor your maker.

#5 - Anger, entitlement, and victimization never leads to achievement, respect, and equality. Remember nature is relentless – these opportunities are built and earned – never stolen or given.

#4 - Today’s mass-media news outlets are almost universally designed to manipulate, addict, and entertain vs. liberate, empower, and inform. Do not ingest more than you can digest.

#3 - Chaotic people struggle to live in the real world. Their way out is to pull the world down to their level. Ordinary people build their place in the world. Celebrate ordinary.

 #2 - Learn the crucial difference in your rational-reasoning thinking brain and your reactive-instinctive lizard brain. Smile as you remind yourself you are not a lizard.

 #1 - If you profess to be a Christian, stop listening to liberal ministers and your own worldly temptations, study the Bible, and start acting like one.

What else to do?

Pray Washington doesn’t send in troops or treasure. The left – including Asheville’s hyper-liberal city council and mayor – have created this mess. Leave them with the accountability for fixing it. They can’t, but maybe that will open the door for voting in adult leadership.

Remember that all this pretended concern for minorities, the poor, and disenfranchised is mostly about power. Social predators who don’t have it, want it. They are willing to misuse anything and anyone to that end.

Oh yes, one more thing – support Asheville’s front-line police officers. Amidst the folly of immature elected officials, a narcissistic judicial system, criminal entrepreneurs, paralyzed administrators, race provocateurs and mob-rule enthusiasts – they are surrounded.

The number of people rioting, plunderin  and controlling everything but themselves is relatively few. Think of a “Sneaky Pete” who farts in the elevator. Mostly the rest of us just need to keep our head, hold our breath and wait for the door to open... 
Dr. Mumpower is a psychologist and former member of Asheville City Council. He can be reached at 



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