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The Candid Conservative: Tyranny of the anointed
Monday, 18 May 2020 22:11
Special to the Daily Planet

“The Road to tyranny, we must never forget, begins with the destruction of truth.”                                        
— Bill Clinton


Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was not one to tolerate criticism. 

In the early days of his leadership into WW I, he confirmed that handicap by outlawing dissent and jailing thousands who dared disagree with him. 

The crime – exercising 1st Amendment rights to speak their view of the truth on why we were going to war and how poorly we were going about it.

Some 15 years later, almost immediately after his inauguration, Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt confiscated all privately owned gold currency and bullion in America. 

Mirroring the constitutional indifference of his predecessor, Roosevelt was successful in side-stepping 4th Amendment restrictions on property seizure. One year later, the guy who was so into control that he was setting dry cleaner fees, added insult to his victims’ injury by doubling the official price of that gold. His was, in essence, the largest single governmental theft of public assets in world history.

Today, largely under the auspices of a newer generation of Democrats equally devoted to government by comfort, convenience and control over constitutionality, we are witnesses to what may be the greatest theft of individual liberty in our country’s history.

Like a whole lot of other stuff, the COVID-19 foundation for this assault was “Made in China.” Should we be surprised? The Communist Party of that country offers the gold standard for power addiction and human rights indifference.  

That the Democratic Party of the USA would so effortlessly step into a frighteningly similar control model should generate stark cause for concern.  

That you and I are helping them should make us scream.  


The Scam

 The domestic panic attack otherwise known as the COVID-19 response is traced most surely to four municipalities – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, DC. Long controlled by left-leaning mass media outlets and the progressive-liberal-socialist movement known as the Democratic Party, these populations zones have grown accustomed to setting the tone for the rest of us.

The false assumption that one is smarter than one believes and that others are dumber than they believe – otherwise known as the Dunning-Kruger effect – helps explain the shock of so many when the left failed in electing Hillary to the White House.  A similar arrogance of position has been applied to COVID-19.

These four cities, joined by other population centers mostly controlled by Democrats, assumed that their high-risk reality was going to be duplicated everywhere else. And so, they insisted on shut-down as a one-size-fits-all solution.

That so many of us surrendered so quickly to people with such a relentless history of wrongness is testimony to the fact we are also not as smart as we think we are.

New York stands as a stark example of wrongness. Though that amazingly ill-prepared city — and state — certainly faced horrific challenges, it did not remotely reach predicted levels of infection or death. Respirators sat on shelves and COVID-dedicated beds stayed unfilled. Those who fought-back on the front-line were clearly overwhelmed, but that line was shorter, much shorter than presumed.

Here in WNC the story is much the same – except more so. At the time of this writing, Mission Hospital system has two COVID patients, Buncombe County has had less than 100 positive COVID tests and four COVID-related deaths.  

On the other hand, the application of lengthy shut-down protocols on our “nothing like NY” population has become a disaster. No matter how much of our children and grandchildren’s money we throw at the problem, our economy and that of thousands of other communities has been brutalized.  

New York-brand liberalism has fed us a poisoned apple.


What should we do? 

 We should thoughtfully, creatively, passionately and actively resist. It’s time to come out of our “Zombie-Apocalypse” fear-based stupor.

Where to take a stand lands on the simplicity of the “American Success Equation” – Liberty + Responsibility + Opportunity = Prosperity.

We are surrounded with foolish COVID responses – hyper-quarantines, magic money-tree handouts, false science, and fantasy visions of a quick and happy recovery – attempting to sell the notion we can leave out pieces of that equation and have the same outcome.

It’s not going to happen. The same four cities and “Dunning-Kruger” mind-sets that were wrong on Hillary are wrong on COVID-19 and America’s recovery.

Last time their wrongness worked out to the benefit of mainstream Americans.

This time is different. We have been herded into the greatest period of risk in our country’s history. . . .

Dr. Mumpower is a psychologist and former member of Asheville City Council. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 252-8390.



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