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Monday, 03 February 2020 12:18
Special to the Daily Planet

Emotional sickness is avoiding reality at any cost. Emotional health is facing reality at any cost.” 
Scott Peck


The Problem

Mr. Webster defined “Myth” as a “widely held but false belief or idea: legend, tale, or fantasy.”

Dr. Scott Peck, another cultural sheepdog, noted that those dedicated to mythology as a means to avoiding reality were thus doomed to self-inflicted harm. 

 We live in a time, culture and space where self-inflicted harm is almost epidemic. Though it’s a bad time to be stupid, it’s a great time to be a conservative.

Why? Because when you look at the root word of our movement – conserve – you find a worthy mission: CONSERVE [v. kuh n-surv] to use or manage wisely; preserve; save.

 When the world is going crazy and doesn’t know it, keeping one’s compass calibrated on reality is tough. With the culturist mission of “conserve” as a filter, last time we took on some common social myths impairing our connection to reality. Here’s some more.  

Modern America is uplifting women

 This one depends on how one defines “uplift.” If “uplift” means making women sex toys for emotionally immature boys, widespread recruitment as guinea pigs for social and biological neutering experiments, and ironically regressive “woke” pressure to act like men, yes, women are on the march.  

 If, on the other hand, one believes penetration is not a casual act, that the capacity to create new life is at the essence of a woman’s chromosomal map, and that becoming like men is a very unimpressive marker for social advancement, then no.

How many truly happy women do you encounter? Regardless of age, social standing, education, employment or standard of living, anger and depression scar the face of far too many women.

Take a walk through any grocery store, shopping mall, office building, or other place where women are in attendance. Unless they’re spending $500 on a Grove Park Inn spa treatment, the majority of those women will look just slightly less burdened than the average extra on a zombie apocalypse movie. Stats on anti-depressant medication use by women caps this declaration.

As to one of the whys, may one suggest that casual sex (as in not attached to love, commitment and safety) does something extra bad to women? Men just become more selfish, immature and shallow. Women seem to get their souls scorched.

A scorched soul means one has spent too much time flirting with darkness. It’s a condition revealed most surely in a person’s eyes. There’s a deadness and flatness that finds no traction in the loved, supported, cherished, and thus truly happy heart.

Women in today’s American culture aren’t being uplifted. They’re being stomped into the mud by destructive public policies, goofy life scripts and careless social re-engineering fantasies.

Look for women with dead eyes. The numbers are alarming.

Guns are a social menace

 Imagine for a moment that we live in a time where the laws of the land protect politicians, bureaucrats and wealthy elite more surely than the common man. Imagine that the rule of law has been replaced by the rule of convenience, personal preference and power. Picture a circumstance where defending one’s self in a court of law commands one to spend approximately $300 an hour for even mediocre representation. 

Add to this mix a social reality where most police officers feel paralyzed with political correctness, our borders are porous, the drug culture is killing us by the thousands, and the only thing as large and equally inept as an out-of-control phalanx of criminals is the bureaucratic criminal justice system fumblingly pretending to counter this threat.

 That’s today’s America, folks – and there’s no evidence we have reached a point of critical mass whereby we’re seriously attempting to counter this absurdity. Is it any wonder that so many individuals, women, and families are choosing to buy and learn how to use a weapon or two or 10?

The U.S. Constitution was uniquely set up to empower the common man over the bigger man. Our Founding Fathers knew that in a hard world, unarmed men become prey for weaponized, elitist and self-serving men. Watch Hillary, Pelosi, Hollywood celebrities and other rich liberals and their inevitable bodyguards and security-fortressed lifestyles for a view into that bigger man reality.

Everywhere in the world, one will find both kinds of men, but it is only in America that one finds common men guaranteed the right to bare arms and protect themselves from the unscrupulous.

That is, after all, what most guns are used for – to prevent and intercept violence or other forms of mistreatment. For every circumstance where a bullet is fired aggressively in America, there are thousands of times where another bullet is quietly resting in a gun as a means to preventing something bad.   

Yes, guns are dangerous. That’s why no one should buy one unless they plan to get training on the how, why, when and where of how to use it. That’s important for the same reason driver’s ed is important.

Speaking of dangerous, when you look at the mayhem lists, the number of people harmed by guns pales in comparison to the toll exacted by prescription drugs and M.D. medical errors. Is the solution to outlaw meds and medical doctors? No – accountability is the answer – precisely as we should hold those accountable who misuse the right to bear arms.   

Putting aside the fact that our nation’s gun control cities are notoriously out-of-control when it comes to crime and violence, it’s relentlessly demonstrated that taking guns away from good guys will in no way impair bad guys. It is just as surely been repeatedly demonstrated that the only real impairment for a bad guy with a gun (and we will always have such people) is a good guy with a gun.

Then there’s that other thing the Founding Fathers were concerned about... Having suffered under the despotic control of the Crown of England, they knew the price of freedom and the dangers of government. They understood that only an armed citizenry would naturally retain the respect, consideration and responsibility of those who sought to govern.

That gun control is a smart play in the modern world is one of our society’s most foolish myths. The opposite is true. Everyone believing the world is becoming safer, more reliable, noble, and loving please raise a hand and surrender all guns ASAP.

Those who don’t, please take that hand and put something in it that one can learn to use in defense of self, family, community and nation from those without a sheepdog’s character.

The liberty to own a weapon that one can legally use in the role of protection is an eroding freedom in most parts of the world. It’s a myth America will be better off without it.

Most American’s are racists

Not much to argue about in our history. Racism was interwoven in American culture as surely as it was everywhere else in the world.

Though we like to think of places like Europe as having been relatively free of racism in the twentieth century, a review of how the British treated the people of Ireland, how the German’s treated the Jews, how the French reacted to Germans, and how the whole bunch exploited Indochina, South America and Africa reveals a history of racism even more dedicated than our own.

That talented black performers could long-ago go to Paris and achieve fame, fortune and equality was less an affirmation of broad European social ideals than their regard for quality entertainment. Ask the Vietnamese.

Thankfully, here at home we’re come a long way on racism. It is no small statement that we elected a black man to the highest land in the office – twice.

Are we where we should be? No, there’s lots of room to grow and if the left and racism profiteers will get out of the way, in a generation or two we should have this social challenge largely licked.

How so? Well, as long as our liberal friends keep exploiting the racial divide for power, finance and political gain, we will suffer the consequences of what really drives that divide.

It’s not color – it’s character, choices and culture that’s keeping us apart.

Think cars. Color as a consideration is way down the list of motivations for purchasing a vehicle. Up top are such things as quality, reliability, affordability and suitability. Same thing with people, and that’s where character, choices and culture are kicking our fannies.

Character is about values, standards of behavior and having a functional moral compass. Without character, things don’t go well. Regardless of the color on the outside, the absence of character on the inside insure division and failure.

Choices are the number one determinant of who we become. Bad choices make us bad people. Good choices make us good people. In American culture, the importance of making good choices is being watered down.

Culture matters and it can be argued that much has been lost of what once made the black culture so imminently strong and relentless in their ascendance. What were those positive cultural markers?  Try the importance of family, a strong work ethic, spiritual enthusiasm, a learned independence and a highly honed B.S. detector.

Today’s black culture has largely discarded these priorities for artificial sweeteners like single-parent realities, victim thinking, hip-hop misogynists, dependence on government largess and habituation to liberal political pretense.

Yes, daring to suggest today’s black culture has lost its mojo sounds like racism. That’s the same kind of silly thinking that allowed another dysfunctional subculture – the white racists of the 20th century – to flourish.

Most Americans are not racists. We are more surely just naive and uninformed and unmotivated to do anything more productive than echo platitudes, wring hands and let the social manipulators keep pulling us apart.



When it comes to common myths in our culture, the targets of opportunity are endless. In coming months we’ll put an eye on the false innocence of weed, climate change zealotry, the misguided mission to destroy a president, the missing legitimacies of the non-heterosexual movement, the pretense debt doesn’t matter and corruption in local government.

In the meantime, if there’s a choice between reaching for the political echoes coming from the left or the right or stretching out for the hard-to-grab truths of reality, go hard toward the latter....

Dr. Carl Mumpower, a practicing psychologist, is a former member of Asheville City Council and a former chair of the Buncombe Republican Party. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




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