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The Candid Conservative: Doomy-gloomy Democrats ....
Tuesday, 06 August 2019 22:28
“There have existed, in every age and every country, two distinct orders of men - the lovers of freedom and the devoted advocates of power.” 
—  Robert Hayne


Special to the Daily Planet


The problem

Were he alive today, John F. Kennedy would not recognize his party of origin. Equally significant, they would not recognize him.

By the standards of today’s donkeys, JFK would be a judged as a privileged racist white male Christian conservative – a relic for condemnation.

 How did his political party go from the heady days of Camelot to the crazy days of hate-a-lot? The answer is simple – their commitment to government as the answer to most of mankind’s woes.

 It worked. It worked too well. We have arrived at a precarious tipping point where a developing majority are addicted to that fantasy. The left has thus unbridled an entitled, self-serving, dependent and naive “me-class.”

 Those valuing personal, cultural and religious freedom might want to rethink affiliation with what’s fast becoming the Party of Doom and Gloom.

The promise of something for nothing

It all begins with one strategy. The young, naive, lost and otherwise vulnerable make good targets for the message that government can give to us without asking of us.  

 Look at the current slate of 10,000 Democratic Party presidential candidates for affirmation of the ruse. One plans to magically erase $1 trillion in student loans; another suggests a $100 billion housing loan plan for black citizens; another sells the idea of “free” health care for everyone – including people who come here illegally. There’s the plan to tax the rich to give to the poor, tax the dead to give to the living, tax the young to give to the old, and tax those who work to fund the relaxations of those who prefer to not.

 In each and every case, the loyalties of one special interest group or another are sought with hollow declarations. There is no one currently in the field who serves up a public presentation without something for nothing sprinkles.

 How’s that a problem? Well, something for nothing doesn’t exist and those who promise it are predestined to let down their supporters. Those thus discouraged must then be reengaged with even greater promises until – at some point – this political Ponzi scheme collapses.

 We’re not there yet, but if more Americans don’t start thinking like Americans, we’re going to arrive sooner than one might believe. As a student of reason, freedom and compassion, JFK would warn today’s version of his party is a dangerous imposter.  

Here are a few more cues on why.


Hate, anger and violence

 A quick scan of national events of importance reveals one startling fact – nasty people find fuel in accusing others of nastiness. Be it masked Antifa thugs beating up their opposition; junior members of congress disgorging hostile rhetoric; politicized FBI leadership echoing animosity through deception; Supreme Court appointee hearings drowned out with gross and unfounded personal attacks; or almost any letter to the editor section of any paper in the country, with rare exception the mean- spirited guys are the liberal guys.

 Most conservatives, in contrast, chug along in boring dedication to time-tested values and policies. We’re not perfect, but it’s rare to see us spewing venom or drooling over our political views. That’s because most of what we believe requires work and personal sacrifice. We’re too busy for hate.  

 The left’s deadly mission increasingly boils down to this – anyone agreeing with their take is a good guy and anyone who doesn’t is a bad guy. Bad guys deserve big doses of hate, anger and violence.

Anti-American enthusiasm

 It’s fascinating to watch how passionately folks will align with a political movement, social justice mission, or ball team and then cringe at the idea of supporting one’s country.

 Countries are like parents. None are perfect. The best parents make mistakes, but on balance, feed, teach, protect, nurture and uplift their off-spring toward adult potentials.

 For most of us, most of the time, America has been a great parent. In fact, the America so many seem hell-bent on destroying has elevated more human beings in more ways than any country in history. That’s why so many risk life and limb to come here.

 The policies of today’s Democratic Party are decidedly devoted to murdering our country’s historical success equation. Their target is a simple but extraordinary formula – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity. How they are doing it is easily defined – relentlessly pretending one can leave out ingredients and produce the same results. The why is too – vanity and power. 


Political correctness

 Short of assassinating one’s opposition, the next most effective approach to winning is to paralyze them. How does one do that? Well, capturing language and social standards helps.

Have questions about how one finds sure love in someone’s backside?  Wonder why lesbians have a problem with nature’s diversity plan? Retain a healthy skepticism for any human activity that censors questions or debate? Well, that kind of person is obviously “homophobic.”

Then there are those who evaluate people with an eye on personal choices, character or cultural dedications. That just means one is covering up their real trigger – color – and that makes one a “racist.”

How about those who resist the crazy and “never worked anywhere at any time” absurdities of socialism, while embracing the unlimited potentials of a free market, freedom of speech, personal property rights, and the responsibility to work for what we have and keep the majority of the money we earn while doing so? Well, that makes one a heartless “fascist.”

Then there are those despicable people believing that self-protection responsibilities rest most firmly in our own hands. We like the 2nd Amendment’s protection of our rights to use the best tool available for doing so. That translates to one being a dangerous “gun-nut” who supports murdering school kids and minorities.

No, crazy people kill kids in schools and criminal minds murder their peers in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Asheville. It’s armed good guys not paralyzed with political correctness that serve to protect both.

May I put is succinctly? P-C is B-S.

Betrayal of truth

 It’s interesting to note that in the golden age of information, the truth is harder to find than a heartbeat in an eight-week old fetus. Actually, the latter shows up on an ultra-sound. The truth increasingly doesn’t show up much of anywhere.

Why is that? Well, more and more people are pretty much indifferent to the truth. Especially when it conflicts with their own ideas of what the truth should be.

Our brain has an amazing capacity to see what we want to see and filter out what we don’t want to see. How else can one explain the remarkable pass granted serial philander Bill Clinton by the left’s “Me-Too” warriors?


Anyone wondering how so many left-leaning people could commit themselves to the dread concept that one can get to good places through bad means need look no further than two renowned social psychologists – Drs. David Dunning and Justin Kruger.

These gentlemen researched out a concept that succinctly summarizes the folly, obsession and danger of today’s liberal movement. The “Dunning-Kruger effect” is short and ever so sweet – “A cognitive bias of illusory superiority results from an internal illusion in people of low ability and from an external misperception in people of high ability; that is, the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.”

What does that mean? Well, not so smart people tend to think they are smarter than they are, and smart people tend to think other people are dumber than they are. 

Witness the hysterical renderings of AOC for an example of the first and Hillary’s “deplorable” comment as an example of the second.

If one needs further reinforcement about why the left is doomed to fail, walk up to about anyone in Asheville and reveal conservative, culturist, patriot, Christian or Republican credentials. Keep Dunning and Kruger in mind as the onslaught begins. Remember the antidote – loving our country, working to make it better, and humbly resisting the not so smart as they work to tear it apart.

In a world of growing legions of freedom hating power mongers, America remains exceptionally worthy and wonderful. She needs our help to stay that way....



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