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Monday, 01 July 2019 23:16
Special to the Daily Planet

“Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.” 
—  J.K. Rowling


The problem

Last month we took on the tacky task of suggesting the women’s movement has done more to liberate men than women.

 Thanks to the left’s validation of promiscuity, pornography, drugs, narcissism, abortion, irresponsibility and the destruction of the family, guys are freer than ever to operate as perpetual Peter Pans unleashed to use and discard Wendy on a whim and whimsy.

 That’s not to say men or anyone else is better off for this phenomenon. Peter was, at heart, a closeted pirate more into playing and preying than protecting and producing. In the real world, both he and his merry band were set-up for ruin.

 Wendy was wise to leave him. Most of today’s ladies don’t have her smarts.

 If you’re a woman – or a man who cares about same – we’d like to help with Part II on how our wacky world is wrecking women.  Here’s 10 more suggestions on countering the cultural folly currently hurled your way.

 You Are Not a Man – Sorry ladies, no matter the widespread propaganda and pretense, women are dramatically different than the opposite sex. For example, men have 4 percent more upper body strength than women. No matter – you’re well-compensated with a super-resilient emotional framework. Which would you rather have – big shoulders or a big heart?  Though you go through an extra share of heartache and tears, you get to skip the pleasures of laying cement blocks and digging coal. Importantly, your emotional gifts require you learn to ride your feelings like one would surf a wave – remembering you’re headed for the beach, not the middle of the ocean. Oh yes, and never apologize for your random tears. It’s just leaking. Your tear duct glands are 60 percent more active than a man’s and are programmed to release stress hormones. As for brains, men and women’s minds work differently but are pretty evenly matched. Unfortunately, neither of us puts much of what we have to use.

 Fear and Worry are a Deadly Duo – Did you know these are the two most referenced sins in the Bible? That’s because God knew darkness sneaks in the back door more often than it kicks down the front. Those whom evil can’t seduce with the seven deadly sins remain vulnerable to more subtle temptations. Women are notoriously susceptible to fear and worry. If the suicide, anti-depressant medication and addiction stats are correct, you’re losing ground. Learning to do battle with these two is a crucial life skill for any woman trying to survive and thrive.

 You’re Up Against Three Armies – Life comes at women from all directions. Three standouts are the past, present and future. You can do battle with one and win – maybe even two. You can never defeat all three. Too many women are fighting a three-front war – recycling the past, struggling with the present and worrying about the future. A better course is to concentrate on the one – the present – that ultimately forms the others. Notably, most of life’s misery finds traction in the unreachable past and future vs. the precious present. 

Take Care of Your Package – Women have a self-perpetuated reputation for not aging gracefully. That’s partially because a lot of women give up on their physical health and – irony of ironies – let some guy named “Father Time” take over. Don’t do it. Watch out for things – like anger, depression and powerlessness – that age everyone. Take your anti-aging medications! Those include love, gratitude, faith, balance, growth and exercise. As a bonus, that last one is also the best anti-depressant on the planet.

 Learning to Care About Yourself is a Process – Self-love is not the same thing as self-worship, self-indulgence or selfishness. Check out Trader Joe’s parking lot for confirmation. Self-love is simply about living life in a positive, heathy and productive fashion that leaves you with a constructive sense of self-worth. There’s an added consequence to learning to value yourself – over time – other people will treat you about the same way you treat yourself.

 The Key to a Man’s Heart is Validation – Sorry ladies, though its popular to fain indifference to men, you continue to seek us as surely as we seek you. The problem is you’re getting worse at it – not better. Anyone who believes they can find sure love by becoming toys for little boys has been absorbing too much Hollywood nonsense. Nor do you have to indulge male immaturity or egocentricity – just the opposite. Men become better men by having to earn you. That gives you a magic touch. When we get it right and merit your attention and validation, there are very few things on the planet that will more surely capture a man’s lasting attention. Interested in a man’s heart? Forget food, sex or other indulgences – instead, validate him when he behaves like a big boy.

 Don’t Argue with Nature – One of the best ways to reveal the cons of the liberal-progressive movement is to note how many of their agendas mightily clash with nature. No where in nature do you find the message that one can have something for nothing. Entitlement, dependency and permanent victim status are AWOL in nature. Nature clearly demonstrates a preference for two genders and though other options are possible, in nature’s reality they are never easy and should not be marketed as such. Above all, we all should be getting it that minimizing the extraordinary gift of a woman’s capacity to bring new life into the world is a dangerous agenda with epic impacts. You can’t set nature’s hair on fire without consequence.

 A Life of Distractions is Not Enough – In case you haven’t heard, the No. 1 addiction in America is distraction therapy. Be it drugs, self-indulgence, casual sex, drama, anger or a million other things, we’re being misinformed that looking at butterflies will fix our boo-boos. A distraction is just that – a short bit of relief from the crucial importance of living and growing in the real world. If you’ve ever wondered how so many in the entertainment industry find instant credentials as authorities on morality and governance, look no further than a life script defined by distraction therapy. There’s no arrogance like arrogance grounded in ignorance.

 You are Designed to be Moody – Yep, I said it. Women are moody. Everybody knows it and everybody sees it – most everybody is afraid to say it. Men are hormonally more consistent and thus less vulnerable to mood fluctuation. If we’re jerks, we’re usually steady at it. Per your unique capacities to civilize the world, women have a fluctuating hormonal schedule that assures ebb and flow. The issue is not whether you’re moody, but why. Stepping over the hormone thing, consider this – your mood range gives you capacity for more wisdom and love than men. The why is simple – the deeper and broader one’s emotional spectrum, the more depth of awareness one has. The mind is the source of intelligence. The mind and the heart together are the source of wisdom. Men are like messy pine trees – good for shade and framing a house. Women are like apple trees. The same tree that drop leaves on your lawn in the fall gives you apples in the summer. Which would you rather be – sap or fruit?

 WWJD is a Better Four-Letter Word – We live in a culture busily abandoning faith as a priority agenda. Our churches are fast evolving into Biblically indifferent entertainment centers carelessly surrendering to political correctness in an effort to compete with widescreens and Asheville’s burgeoning brewpubs. Anyone pushing the importance of Jesus’s love without a matching attachment to Jesus’s call for accountability is selling social comfort food – not Christianity.

 That’s a big mistake because we’re talking about the faith that made our world. Don’t believe it? Take a glance at the values undergirding most of the world’s education, governance, commerce, health and morality systems.

 Ladies, attempting to navigate today without a faith model is like taking on Niagara Falls in a barrel. The ride is great, but oh that landing. Asking ourselves what would Jesus do assures a softer outcome. Those confused by all the conflicting messages on the importance of faith and in particular this faith, need ask themselves only one question – is there anything that Jesus suggested or did in his life that would mess up mine?

 So, there you are ladies – 10 more suggestions on dodging 21st century mayhem specifically targeted to your gender. Lest you think this is a noble effort, let me assure you it is purely an attempt by another privileged, Christian, conservative white guy to press the male dominance agenda. How so? I get the fact we can’t make it without you….

Carl Mumpower, a psychologist and former elected official, is the past chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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