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The Candid Conservative: Our wacky world is wrecking women
Tuesday, 04 June 2019 11:37
Special to the Daily Planet

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” 
—  Timothy Leary


The problem

Modern man has much to be thankful for. 

Topping the list comes the sweeping success of the progressive feminist movement. 

Thanks to this nagging juggernaut, men have never had it better.

 First came the belief that sex was a casual act indifferently attached to emotion. That bit of modernistic cynicism was then unleashed by the reproductive usurping powers of the pill. The result – men were freed to rent women instead of commit. The inventor of the pill must have been a man.

Next came legalized abortion for those times when the pill didn’t cover the bases. Yes, abortion was and is hyped as a women’s reproductive rights thing, but what it really amounts to is a way for men to avoid the consequences of thoughtlessly applying our thing.

Technology has been great for men. Free porn is so available as to have become an addictive ready replacement for real relationships. In the face of the competition, recent generations of women have taken to sexting and nude selfies in an oft-desperate attempt to find sure love. It doesn’t work, but men sure appreciate the gesture.

My favorite bit of social silliness is the feminist movement’s confusion of the rightful pursuit of gender equality with the idea that women should be like men. What more could a guy ask? Women have thus become as sexually debased, selfish and stupid as we are. Hooray for progressive feminists!

No, not really – in fact, the deconstruction of women in America is a tragedy.


Plan B

I recently had a special opportunity to speak to a philanthropic women’s club. Amidst our culture’s pervasive submission to liberal dogma, that’s not an everyday invite for a Christian conservative psychologist.

I was determined to take full advantage of the 45 minutes and violate every warped code of progressive dogma I could.

What follows is the first 10 of “Twenty Skills Women Need in a Crazy World.” If you’re a woman – or a Daddy or other good guy who likes the idea of uplifting women – it might be worth a few moments. In 21st century America – the female gender needs all the help it can get.

Women Civilize the World – practice. It’s my pleasure to start with the best of the 20. Without women, the world would be a muddy mess. There are lots of ways women take us higher but my favorites are your capacity to create softspots in the middle of chaos; the way you make men be better men by our having to become so to earn your graces; and, yes, that other thing – you populate the planet.

Treat life responsibly – never seriously. Though seeming to share common ground, these agendas are antagonistic. There is so much absurdity, tragedy and harshness in life that being serious about all it will burn you out, make you angry or otherwise sour your joy. In contrast, being responsible keeps you in the game, but preserves your flexibility, positivity and brain cells. If you’re not laughing – a lot – at the nonsense of life, you may need a skill reset.

Endorsement by others is jelly – your inner truth is the biscuit. Women get tricked all the time into needing the culture – or the men in their life – to validate what they know, do, or are.  That’s a form of self-applied duct-tape. It’s a skill to resist focusing on what other’s think or say about you and to concern yourself mostly with what’s true about you. Jelly without the biscuit is a sticky mess.

Your love and your example are your two best power tools. We all need to matter, but women in today’s world are finding some pretty foolish ways to do so. Anger, naked selfies and gender exchange may be popular current ways to find some mojo, but they’re the equivalent of riding on bald tires. Working to expand your love skills and your personal life-model will reliably take you further, longer than social fads and distraction therapy.

Grow your head, heart, hand and spirit – every day. Life is nothing if not a classroom. We are put here to get better and make the world better – not for the soulless pursuit of our own personal pleasures. To do that you have to grow all of you – all the time. The head, heart, hand and spirit are like the four points of a compass. Go to each of these places every day and see what you can do to expand yourself a little at a time. You never get to stop no matter how accomplished, learned, or old you get. Growth is as important to life as breathing.

Don’t be ashamed to learn from the smartest guy on the planet. When asked by God what he wanted, newly minted King Solomon made a selfless request – wisdom. Out of that fulfilled gift came a very simple equation for a successful life – live in God’s stated will and devote yourself to the what might be called the 4—L’s. Solomon contended that everything that falls outside of laboring loving, learning and living (as in maturely celebrating the gift of life) was reliably tainted with vanity. The corruptive influences of 21st century progressive values affirm the wisdom of his conclusion.

Depression and anxiety are messengers. Don’t look now, but in the age of a mental health professional on every corner and a gazillion psychoactive medications, anxiety and depression are on the rise with women. One view on the why is that anxiety and depression are actually the psychological equivalent of physical pain that warns us against the dangers of a hot stove, spider bite or alcohol inflamed pancreas. A & D can thus be considered angels attempting to guide us to reconsider our lifestyle and learn new and better coping skills. That’s one reason psychoactive medications are so notoriously ineffective – knocking out the messenger is the same as giving a Stage 4 cancer patient pain-killers and claiming a cure.   

Pick your poison – spills, pills or skills? There are no reliable ways to dodge the fact that life is hard and everyone faces a solid share of challenges. In a culture that is foolishly encouraging women to become more like men, is it a surprise that their lives are paradoxically becoming foggier? Male or female, it’s our choice to let our hardships spill all over the place – take pills to cover the symptoms of our misery – or learn new skills to address the hurdles. Per usual, the hardest option is the best option. Skills are tough to learn, but they represent hope.

Anger, fear, shame and selfishness are addictive and destroy the container that holds them. Modern living is increasingly conducive to these four forces of harm. We’re mass producing angry women almost as fast as we’re producing immature men. Fear far too often serves as the hidden life filter for far too many women. Shame, as a by-product of foolish life scripts is a similarly rampant female reality. Selfishness, not surprisingly, is the deadly cave that becomes the hiding place of the thus afflicted. Thankfully there are antidotes to these modern-day harms. The best way to kill anger is with liberal doses of forgiveness – deserved or not. Fear loses its traction when faced with the courage of action. Shame finds no home in a heart of rededicated maturity and love. Selfishness withers on contact with an attitude of gratitude. Ladies, those are life changing skills

 The darkest place in the universe is inside us. In the age of self-service, women are smart to give this sanctuary extra reflection. Your unique gifts were not meant to be locked away or smothered in the twilight of an armored heart. The temptation to turn inward is natural in a hard world.  Women must always be pushing their gaze outward to new opportunities to grace the world. A dollar bill under a mattress has to be taken out and invested to grow in value. Women who turn inward for sanctuary are more surely captured in a prison than secured in their fort.

 Thus, we have the first 10 of 20 skills for women struggling to survive the traps of a progressively confused culture. We’ll hit the next 10 ... next month.

Yes, I understand we’ve just violated a library full of political correctness codes. Thank you for your indulgence. The female gender is simply too important to passively watch the left suck out your life force….



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