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The Candid Conservative: Who maimed Asheville? Part II
Thursday, 03 January 2019 11:45
Special to the Daily Planet

All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.
J.M. Barrie, “Peter Pan”

The Problem

Last month, we suggested Asheville’s developing a limp.

Let’s up the ante – as measured by a growing parade of sour faces, our cool green credentials are being ousted by a dower shade of grey.

Cesspool of confusion? If so, who did it?

At the top of the list stands the soundless majority. Those who’ve sat back and passively watched the nonsense dial up year after year. That includes most of our community’s 46,000 registered Republicans and other conservatives.

We could have readily reeled in this civic mayhem with more doing and voting and a little less reclining. In the prone position we tend to forget the world gives us pretty much what we earn.

Those who’ve had a more direct hand in allowing Asheville’s harms to accelerate have earned more direct attention. My pleasure to meet the need.


An indifference to diversity

Buzzword aficionados will recall that the left once sold “diversity” as a big deal. It means little more than liberated to do any weird thing that suits one’s fancy and ready availability of local drugs and produce.  It has nothing to do with diversity of thought or values.

For confirmation, look no further than Asheville’s 7-0 ultra-liberal governing body. The only variety of thought in this group is the creativity with which they independently come up with diverse ways to spend money, create new regulations and indulge their special interests.

Have we really slid so far down into the rabbit hole that we don’t realize the dangers inherent to homogenized governance?  Good-old-boy/girl/other progressivism has eclipsed diversity, reason and realism in our city’s voting majority and no one questions the equation.

That’s habituation — and habituation is always a precursor to dysfunction.


Illegal immigration

Take a trip through any public housing project in Asheville and you’ll spot a parade of single-parent children. By now everyone knows how damaging MIA fathers are to child development.

In those same settings you will find an ironic army of loitering young adult men. Many aren’t working – either they don’t want to, don’t have to, or don’t know how to.

That sad phenomenon is traceable. There’s the corruptive impact of drugs – generational dependency on government – and that missing dad thing.

One you don’t hear about is the impact of a couple of decades of illegal immigration. That tragic misstep has enabled us to most especially ignore our young black men. Employers have had a ready and willing adult labor pool to draw from that has made the trials and tribulations of reaching out to, hiring and training these young people unnecessary.

Though it has a racial impact, a distaste for illegal immigration is not a race thing. It is a real-world thing. In the real-world extremes breed extremes. Allowing people to steal vs. earn their way into America has resulted in an unintended consequence whereby we have discarded too many of our own.

You won’t hear about this hidden shame in our politically correct community. Just like you won’t hear about the cost impacts and overload on our social safety net, schools and legal system.



Liberal media bias

 Pretty much since the turn of the century, our community’s media model has been anything but fair and balanced. Our daily paper and TV station have reliably catered to progressive agendas.

 Please don’t take my word for it. A google search of the political pieces of both reveals a remarkably consistent pattern of liberal bias.

 The impact has been a loss of investigative journalism, objectivity and oversight crucial to cultural sanity.

 President Trump is very much right to challenge this singularity. His opposition is not toward journalism – it’s toward biased journalism. Anyone who thinks mainstream journalism is not biased must be standing on the side benefiting from the prejudice.

 Journalistic dedication to truth’s 360-degree spectrum is important for the same reason it’s important to not just look out the front window when you drive your car. The things you’ll miss can do great harm.   



Failures of the church

It’s my pleasure to break it to you that morality matters – and that our community’s historical scruples can be tracked directly to our churches. Please excuse my candor while I call out the majority of our ministers for having done a miserable job of carrying on that history of success.  

Why the thump? We have churches all over town. Those houses of worship are almost universally grounded in the King James Bible, Catholic Bible, Torah or other similar guide to the deeper truths of the Judeo-Christian faith.

How do you run a Judeo-Christian church and ignore your compass? In Jesus’s time the Pharisees had that mischief down to a science. The echo of Pharisaic hypocrisy can be found in most Asheville churches most any Sunday. The result is a host of watered-down places of worship attempting to be everything to everybody and fast becoming nothing to nobody.

Keep this strictly between us, but my own church – the one where I was baptized – has become so liberal that what once was a house of light has become more or less a spiritual amusement center. There you will find consistent devotion to the message of Jesus’s love and zero engagement is his matching call to accountability. The services are thus dependably dedicated to (1) making people feel good (2) watering down the importance of the commandments and (3) preserving the financial integrity of the faculty and staff.

Ministers who ignore the Bible’s cautions on the dangers of living outside of God’s stated will and then put a happy face on spiritual complacency are toxic.

How and why? Pretending that we have to ignore the Bible’s challenges on misbehavior – drugs, immorality, violence, family destruction, greed, immaturity, sloth, etc. – in order to be loving hosts is a lie.  

By the way, while I’m getting in trouble, may I suggest the above goes double for our community’s black ministers?

 Most black churches endorse conservative Christian values and have more spirit in one service than we have in five. Yet the only time we hear a peep from you good folks on our community’s slide into darkness are on matters of race. Anything else and you are shamefully AWOL.

Luke 20:46 offers caution for those who take on the awesome responsibilities found on the back side of the pulpit.  



In recent months we’ve been witnesses to a parade of corrupt community enterprises.

Not much needs to be said about a county governance model where fraud was an institutional enterprise. We really should remember it went down while the Democrat Party was on watch and in full control. They still are.

Then there’s the media complicity that enabled the ruse. The rumors and flags were legion for a decade plus. Just what did our primary media outlets think a governance pattern of refusing to share information; staff and elected official intimidation; and rampant nepotism meant?

A-B Tech is another unfortunate example of corruption. When you make promises in order to secure passage of a special tax and then license yourself with double talk to betray the oaths used to secure that outcome, that’s corruption.  

Lastly, may one take a moment to declare foul play on the projected sale of our community’s hospital system? Does anyone really believe we would spend a hundred years building this non-profit enterprise and then hand it off to a for-profit company just to make things better?

Mission Hospital’s management has long been struggling with its business model. The temporary solution has been chronic under-staffing and overwork for those who carry the load. Ask most anyone working there. The gloom factor and fatigue have more in common with the last days of Khadafy’s Libya than a smooth transition from something good to something better.

Remember the deceptions used to sell the ill-fated merger of St. Joe and Mission? A ton of folks have regretted that faux pas. The surrender of this community asset will one day make that earlier community card trick look like child’s play.

Once again, the media has reliably echoed the information releases of administrators and skipped anything approaching investigative journalism on the truth behind the curtain.

Can you recall even one negative article or news clip on disgruntled hospital employees; under-staffing as undeclared policy; unsustainable free-service demands; and a financial iceberg a “happy face” administration has hidden for years?


What’s next?

Originally this was intended as a two-part series. There’s so much silly stuff going on in Asheville it’s going to take three.

In the interim, press on with your own efforts to add some light to Asheville’s grey. You’re light is needed — we live in a city that’s limping, not paralyzed.

For honest, liberated and enthusiastic culturists, there’s lots to do….

Carl Mumpower, a psychologist and former elected official, is chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




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