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The Candid Conservative: Sorry, guys —Hitler was a socialist, too
Wednesday, 01 November 2017 21:04
Special to the Daily Planet

“For fascism, the state is absolute, individuals and groups relative.”

Benito Mussolini

The Problem

Don’t look now, but the progressive-liberal-socialist movement is self-destructing. That’s not a problem except they’re trying to take us with them.

Partial illumination is found in their growing delight with labeling anyone with a differing view as a “fascist.” The left throws that descriptor about with the ease of one tossing stale popcorn to pigeons.

Witness the irony in those who’re totally dedicated to big government calling other people fascists. Especially since what they’re selling is just a repackaging of classic statist thinking — a la Mussolini. They’re convinced that this time their “new and improved” version is going to work.

It won’t and I appreciate the opportunity to tell you why.


You know us by our deeds

Though the left talks about compassion, rainbows and love, they walk in an opposite direction. How else can you explain their corporate sponsorship of so many antagonistic groups – including a 21st century version of Hitler’s brown-shirts called Antifa?

Antifa is trumpeted as an acronym for “anti-fascist.” It’s more accurately a simile. How does one propose to counter fascism with fascist methodologies? Watch the July 9th video where a smart guy snuck into a crowd of Antifa wannabes and recited nothing but Hitler quotes. He was applauded – every time.

Antifa’s publicized mission is to thwart the KKK and other white supremacist organizations. Encouraging this violence-prone, hoodie-wearing bunch of masked bandits as social change agents is like hiring Al Capone to foil neighborhood crime. 

Is anyone paying attention to the fact the KKK killed their mojo decades ago? Or that white supremacy is about as popular as black and white TVs?

Not the left.


Self-deception is dangerous

The left is masterful at the psychological defense called “projection.” That’s where one assigns personal perceptions and values to others. “I steal, therefore, I assume you do, too.”

Like all psychological defenses, projection is addictive. With addiction comes denial and thus their indifference to the reality most every accusation they throw out mirrors their own behavior. 

Witness Antifa’s antics at Berkeley (Calif.) as they attacked quiet prayer warriors as “violent racist thugs.”

I hate to break it to Asheville’s super-hipsters, but today’s liberalism isn’t your Granddaddy’s liberalism. John Kennedy would be appalled at what his vision of Camelot has become.

If anybody can be authentically accused of fascism, it’s increasingly angry and desperate progressives who feel licensed to do anything necessary to win. That’s not progress – it’s an instant replay of 1930s’ Germany.

Here’s the who, what, why and how of the left’s mindless drift toward fascism:




This one’s as simple as pegging what the left is for and against.

In the “for” category comes ever-bigger government and centralized control; imposed social norms; personality politics; rule by preference and convenience; and the pretense that progress is only found in new thinking.   

In the “against” category comes God; governance by the people; morality; constitutional constraint; the rule of law; and anything that is historical and time-tested.

Note that Herr Hitler shared enthusiasm for their “for” category.




Let’s start with a dictionary definition of fascism and apply it to the left —


FASCISM [fash-iz-uh m] - a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. (2) A tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.

Though liberals mock President’ Trump’s “Make America Great” campaign as dated nationalism, they’re even more enthusiastic about their own America first movement. The difference is they seek to rework it into their own ideals of utopian socialism versus the uplifting potentials of America’s traditional “Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity” success equation.

The left’s concept of nationalism requires no creative thinking. It’s a mirror image of the European Union. Anyone who doesn’t see that governance fiasco as an unfolding personification of mega-scale nationalism doesn’t know history and or the psyche of the Germans leading the charge.

Take note that both Mussolini and Hitler began their fascist takeovers with the same something-for-nothing promises that undergirds the strategy of the left in Europe and here at home.

For clarification, consider Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope” and its subtitle, – “Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” Obama was selling nationalism with enthusiasm and coating it with the same warm and furry visions that power-seekers always use to seduce the masses. It worked.

The “race” reference in the definition seems totally off the mark until one looks more closely at the core of racism – bias on the basis of color. That’s where the left falls right in line. They are constantly exploiting the racial divide and attempting to define us on the basis of color.

Case in point – more than 4,000 people were shot in Chicago last year and 700 died. That’s just in one city and it’s mostly from black-on-black crime. Yet the left’s “social justice” priority the year before was a Black Lives Matter narrative challenging police violence against the black community.

 The result was a record number of police officers charged with manslaughter or homicide in 2015. Know how many were convicted? Zero. A community with the political power to charge a police officer has the wherewithal to convict that officer. The evidence wasn’t there.  

 May I suggest kneeling as an updated form of “Heil Hitler?”

 As for autocratic leadership, Obama’s patent indifference to constitutional constraints was a model for such. Remember, Hitler similarly started out with confident rightness and a personal license to bend the rules. His betrayal of his country’s constitution and assumed supremacy as a dictator came later. Obama ran out of time – not confidence. 

 A moment’s review on the climate edicts, fantasy health care plans, regulatory overreach and other big government centralization crammed down our throats by the Obama administration completes the picture the dictionary paints. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it may be a left-leaning duck.


What — Part Deux

Further evidence of the left’s brand of 21st century fascism comes through specific behaviors.

They aren’t into gun control – they’re into gun seizure. Just like every other country in the world who started with small steps, they will not be satisfied until they strip of us of our capacity to defend ourselves. Why? Because an armed citizenry can call afoul on government overreach.

Watch their efforts to rewrite or discard history. Recall the recent episode where local self-described progressives permitted removing a civil war memorial as an act of social justice? What the left doesn’t like, it seeks to destroy.

Note what happens on our college campuses where dissenting voices are abused – usually with the complicit support of administrators and faculty. That’s the same kind of thinking that secured Hitler’s grip on one of the most enlightened countries on the planet.

View the limits asserted on the information we get, books we read and things our children are taught in school. The decided difference in propaganda and truth is marked by an intolerance for diverse points of view that distracts from the narrative of those in power. Nobody “hates” like a left-minded person encountering an open mind with a courage button.

The insincerity of our community’s progressive-liberal-socialists is further revealed by our (Asheville) City Council’s hotly protected 7-0 equation. When was 7-0 ever anyone’s idea of a model of good governance?

Earlier fascist pioneers took over Italy and Germany under similar formulas.



Again, that 7-0 equation tells everything we need to know – power.



The term “political correctness” is code for “you better think, say and do what we want you to, or you’re going to know our wrath.” That’s how the left is pulling off their updated version of fascism – pretense that their way is the only way and punishment for anyone suggesting otherwise.  



Where do we go from here?

Lewis Carroll’s nifty tale, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was written to illustrate the trials and tribulations when innocence and nobility collide with collusion and insanity.

You and I are living in a real-world version of Wonderland where insanity is being sold as normalcy; hate as benevolence; and power dedications as enlightenment.

Like Alice we may get occasionally confused, but we need not be sucked into the craziness.

Holding to the time-tested lessons of faith, history and our culture’s traditional norms remains a compass that cannot be distorted by the loud and laborious voices from the left.

Take heart in their self-destructing extremes. If conservative-minded citizens can hold our own, the left will reliably lean so far in the wrong direction that they fall into their own abyss.

Our job is to make sure today’s flavor of conformist fascists – like their kindred spirits of the last century – don’t take our children, culture and country with them….


 Carl Mumpower, a psychologist and former elected official, is chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 




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