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Letters to the editor: October 2017
Thursday, 05 October 2017 10:44

Issues-based coverage of town elections missing

hat I think is most missing from local news coverage is issue-based coverage of municipal elections in the small towns. 

Which candidates, for example, stand for affordable housing in Woodfin? Biltmore Forest? Weaverville? Fletcher? Canton? Black Mountain? Montreat? Old Fort?

I have always wanted to know this and have never been able to easily find out.  


Remember that political change MUST start at the local level, so our ONLY chance to get a good president tomorrow is by electing a good alderperson today.

Alan Ditmore

In the big leagues, Trump’s a less-than-average president

President (Donald) Trump’s big league batting averages:  DACA — .000, Health Care- .000, Clean air protection —  .000, Clean water protection —  .000... and the list goes on. 

What to do? 

For starters, send him back to the minor leagues and disband the Electoral College!

Herb Stark

Trump ripped by media, but hatefulness ubiquitous

No one has a monopoly on hatefulness; hate is ubiquitous. It’s just not what one ascribes to one’s self.

Popular media ostensibly disparages President Trump, but to encounter such vehemence against our congressman, and witnessing them being forcefully uncivil, was beyond belief. A culture war really exists as a horror to anyone expecting decorum.

Congressman Patrick McHenry, R-Denver, N.C., spoke in Buncombe County, giving everyone a chance to air their views. 

For them, it was more a chance to vent their spleens. After two  hours, I asked myself, “Besides supporting the congressman, why am I here?” 

One of my neighbors was among the most explosive — I use that word without hyperbole — who after his rant and accusations, stormed out.

It was contention after contention, a constant stream of yelling, demanding, shouting, booing that blanketed the congressman’s attempts to explain his positions on health plans and environment which went on for the entire event, yet he remained calm, chipper. 

Someone confided her fears that a very hostile young man who repeatedly interrupted loudly, looked suspiciously like he could transform into a terrorist.

Surprisingly, one of their staff told me only in Buncombe did they encounter this kind of vitriol. Gee, I live here!!!

Esther Huff


America needs to lower corporate tax rate to 15%

The last time our elected officials passed comprehensive tax reform was in 1986 — 31 years ago, before I was born. 

No wonder our economic growth annually hovers around 2.1 percent. 

Businesses are not investing in American jobs or American cities because it is simply too expensive. The corporate tax rate here is 30 percent. 

That means for every $100 made; businesses must pay $30 to the Federal Government. This does not encourage growth or productivity.

Instead, it encourages companies to offshore jobs overseas and relocates manufacturing to countries that have low taxes.

We must incentivize businesses to stay and create jobs in America. That’s why I support President Trump’s tax plan. U.S. companies have more than $2.5 trillion invested overseas. 

Imagine what that money would do if it were invested back at home. If Congress wants to promote the American economy and support American workers, they must lower the corporate tax rate to 15 percent – as the president is demanding. 

It’s time for them to do their job.

Timothy Elkin
Executive Board Member, BCGOP



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