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The Candid Conservative: The progressive passion for fake love
Monday, 04 September 2017 15:31
Special to the Daily Planet

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.

— Socrates

The Problem

Earlier this summer, the Buncombe County Republican Party tendered a friendly challenge to organized political groups – “We’ll debate you on your turf, in your way and time, and on any subject. Our chair will sweeten the deal with a $100 contribution to the charity of your choice.”

The mission was to step over malice and open the door to civil discourse. We were confident a conservative view would stand the scrutiny. There was also opportunity to challenge the lock of Asheville’s liberal good-old boy-girl-and-everything-in-between network.

It worked.

A few weeks back, we had our first debate on the resolution that funding should be increased for public education. North Carolina State Senator Jeff Jackson spoke in favor and I spoke against. It was a solid hour and a half of back and forth and questions and answers among a 140-something participants, four of whom by the way, were acknowledged Republicans. (Here’s a video link -;feature=em-uploademail)

The two guys on the stage did a good job with the civil discourse thing. The audience? Well, let’s just say that dignity and maturity were not always in evidence.  

There are more debates to come. My wife is busy working doubles to pay for the charitable donations.

In a 140-to-4 liberal-conservative reality, ridicule and abuse comes with the turf – but it’s not pleasant. Contrary to perceptions, I don’t have a thick skin. A thick skin leads to a thick head.

At the end, I walked out with a smile – and a stark takeaway. The left doesn’t get love.


It begins with truth

Yep, that seems a contradiction to their carefully crafted reputation as a selfless collective of bleeding hearts. I admit the left does its fair share of wailing, whooping, moaning, groaning and even occasionally bleeding. That’s not love – it performing.

Real love can’t be purchased as cheaply as Brand-X would have us believe.


Dishonesty and love can’t grow in the same garden

The absolute best way to mark an individual’s love credentials is their interest in truth. Without truth, love melts into something akin to a unicorn fantasy. It sounds good, but doesn’t really exist.

Per a lost dedication to truth, we’re entering especially hazardous waters in today’s America. Ironically – in the age of information – truth is hard to find.

It’s not because truth is fluid. Our capacity for finding and embracing the truth may be flexible, but truth isn’t. We miss it most often because we don’t really want it.   

The education funding debate provided numerous examples of truth aversion.

My favorite was the license a majority of attendees gave themselves to boo or otherwise erupt when they heard something with which they disagreed. Keep in mind this was a formal debate in a public school. The behavior of a significant number of the adult attendees would have gotten them sent to the principal’s office.

Truth is like Freddie Kruger – you can hurt it or ignore it, but you can’t kill it. That was tough on some in the audience. Frail, fragile and feeble are the nature of deceptions, lies and distortions. If one has to shout to protect their version of truth, it’s probably one of the latter.

Facebook postings echoed throughout the state were also revealing. My statement – absolutely true by the way – “We’re treating our teachers like prostitutes.” – became “GOP debater calls teachers prostitutes!”

If one has to take those kinds of liberties to prop up their ersatz version of the truth – well, let’s just say there’s a pirate at the helm.

Statistics and clear progress on reversing teacher pay realities were also variously ignored, manipulated or attacked.

Example – eight years of charted progress under Raleigh’s Republican leadership was dismissed with the claim that we haven’t kept up with inflation. The fact that nobody else has – including about everyone reading this article – was actively disregarded.

That in 2016 North Carolina was a top tier state in progress on education funding was similarly sacked. Heck, our progress was even ahead of New York – a state that spends an average of $24,000 per student versus our $8,000. If the dedication is recycling a preferred narrative, truth becomes an inconvenience.

That matters for one pivotal reason – without truth, we are not safe. If we’re not safe – nothing works.  


A classic misunderstanding of love

Progressives find solace in fake love.  

 Three standouts – enabling, dependency and lust – look like love in the same way moonshine looks like water. Likewise, they produce temporary happiness that ends in a headache.

Enabling finds us attempting to uplift someone without an attachment to the power of realism, choice and responsibility. Enabling is like a burp. It gives an illusion of relief but nothing much happens but noise. Giving a pain pill to a cancer sufferer and claiming a cure is not love.

Enablers are admirably resolute in their public defense of the disadvantaged. It’s downhill from there. Throwing fake science, platitudes or other people’s money at people problems have no trackable connection to success – it does give a vanity fix to the enabler.

Nothing marks the fake lover more quickly than an interest in fostering dependency. Fish nets serve the fisherman, not the fish.

No matter how much the anti-nature left sells their rescue fantasy, the necessity of personal effort, good choices and accountability will always be central to the course of human experience. The soft relentless messages of nature – not the loud propaganda of human manipulators – tells us so.

For good reason lust comes in last on the imposter list. It’s the lowest form of cheap love.

The confusion is understandable because lust makes one feel temporary fondness for the object of their affections. For the same reason affinity for a just delivered pizza doesn’t survive the evening, lust, too, loses its flavor.  

No one reveals the muddle between lust and love better than the LBGTQ fraternity.

L-O-V-E is a central part of their marketing campaign. In similarity to a Madison Avenue effort to conceal cigarette cancer connections with glamour, this group works hard to cover a movement arguably much more devoted to pee-pees than hearts.

Ask any friend wrestling with gender confusion about the lead attraction in the LBGTQ community. It’s sex, but please don’t take my word or theirs.    

If you’ve got the courage, take a look at the LBGTQ personals and dating sites. You’ll have to wash your eyes out with soap to flush the imagery. “Grinder’ isn’t DIY link on processing organic flour.



Promising free stuff

At the heart of the left’s loveless message is a simple equation – the promise of something for nothing.

“Free” is a fake four-letter word. It doesn’t realistically exist in nature.

What does exist – as evidenced by our affection for lotteries, Hollywood fantasies and politicians who promise opportunity without accountability – is a widespread hope for rescue from the hardships of life.

The left is there to help. Not with real love, but a false promise of something for nothing that never quite seems to happen. Picture a mule behind a dangled carrot.  



What’s the real deal?

If we’ve got the left giving us lessons in all the things that real love isn’t, what is?

I’ll keep it simple – love is anything you do for the growth and betterment of others or yourself. The devil is in the details.

The demanding nature of this definition starts with the word “do.’”Real love is an action thing above all else. Talking, feeling and thinking are good – but they are not action.

That “growth and betterment” clause locks love into a very tight space. If our actions do not uplift character, potentials, behavior, opportunities, etc., then what we’re doing isn’t loving. Real love helps people become better people.

To the extent the left has been running America for decades, are we getting better? Fatter, angrier, more selfish, lazier, less moral, and more dependent, perhaps. Better like tires, TVs and computers – not even close.

Independent thinkers can’t stop this cultural slide, but they can help slow it down. Every day provides opportunities, like debates, to practice real love even in tough circumstances. That’s OK – heroes are birthed more often amidst friction and fraction than tranquility.   

Be a hero – love your fellow man, as God tells you, too.

Our friends on the left will help by continuing to demonstrate what not to do….


Carl Mumpower, a psychologist and former elected official, is chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 




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