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The Candid Conservative: Stealing our kids
Friday, 02 June 2017 10:41
“If you say there is no such thing as morality in absolute terms, then child abuse is not evil, it just may not happen to be your thing.”
— Rebecca Manley Pippert

The Problem

If you’re a graduate of a public-school system, odds are you’re going to have trouble with this one. Please read on. The slippery reasons for a lack of intellectual traction may be of interest. It’s never too late to get educated.

Know any public-school teachers? You should. And with an assumption of your interest in the future of our culture, might we suggest you ask them how they feel about their work? If they’re honest, the answer will be discouraging. We have a lot of unhappy people spending seven hours a day programming our kids.

Don’t blame the teachers. It’s as true today as it ever was that most go into education from a good heart. By the time our hyper-centralized education system gets through pounding them into submission, psychological defibrillation is in order.

Happy to help.


Corrupting our culture

Twentieth century earth saw tremendous advances in technology, health and prosperity. Amidst these successes there were set-backs – a global depression and two world wars. Out of the carnage a group of people – let’s lump them into a category we’ll call Progressive-Liberal-Socialists – found purchase among the many who saw man as doomed under existing social structures.

These learned scholars – some who were lingering voices from the previous century – were characterized by three qualities – they were smart; they were angry; and they were radical. They were also people with a mission of corrupting America’s culture. 

The names – Freud, Darwin, Marx, Dewey, Sanger, Friedan, Ayers, Zinn, Alinsky, Kinsey, Foucault and others – may or may not ring a bell. In the echoes of the 21st century left, their beliefs are immediately recognizable.  

At the top of their passions came the idea of moral relativism. This is the pretense that ethics are fluid and that there really isn’t such a thing as a moral code – just man’s temporary ideas on what it should be. Hitler, Stalin and Mao lived off this mantra.

If one wishes to rewrite an existing culture’s script, it’s important to kill enthusiasm for the original. At the hand of these humanistic zealots, Christianity was redefined as the “opiate of the masses” and capitalism as “exploiting the masses.”

That both had uplifted more people than any social movements in history was conveniently discarded. Power interests are rarely interested in the truth.

Today’s liberals are carrying on that tradition in our public schools.



Destroying our reason

The ruthlessness of the left finds its energy in ends justifies the means thinking. They believe their mission is so pure their methods don’t matter. Witness former Weatherman terrorist, college professor and Asheville lecturer Bill Ayers, “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.” 

It’s telling that Mr. Ayers and most of those mentioned above – add to the list young Berkley converts – validate violence, despotism and their own brand of moral zealotry as counters to the same traits they condemn in others. That’s the rationalization model of a pedophile priest.

Examples are found in the left’s slick approach to tough social issues. Ending new lives is a simple matter of ‘choice’. Using and being used as a sexual toy – that’s called ‘liberation.’ 

Drug legalization is being successfully and ironically sold as a job and revenue generating ‘enterprise.’ Warehousing people in dangerous crime havens is OK because it’s ‘public housing.’ Making people dependent on government is innocently screened as ‘public assistance.’ Those who dare question the deeper origins of gender swapping are called ‘homophobes,’ while supporting the 2nd Amendment makes one a ‘murder.’ You get it – today’s left uses language to manipulate minds and destroy debate.

They learned how in our public schools.



Manipulating our sense of reality

American culture was founded on the idea that, per the benevolence of higher spiritual authority, we have certain natural inalienable rights. The Progressive-Liberal-Socialist movement is founded on the idea that our rights are inalienably tied to the benevolence of Big Government. They like their way better because it puts them in charge.

That’s about power, not benevolence, and all the proof one needs can be found through interaction with essentially any governmental bureaucracy. Benevolence is episodic – inefficiency, complexity and detachment are consistent.  For an exclamation point on the folly of putting your faith in government, attempt to read any letter from the IRS.

Though Progressive-Liberal-Socialism doesn’t work, hasn’t worked and never will work, the left continues to pursue the fantasy. That’s because fantasies are always easier to sell than reality. The real world awkwardly matches liberty and opportunity to responsibility. 

The left’s world is attractive because it skips the last word.




Burning out our teachers

Anyone wishing to stomp the stuffing out of an individual can do no better than to place that person in a position of responsibility without corresponding authority. That’s precisely what we’ve done to our teachers. We give them theoretical control of their classes, but then strip them of the tools necessary to pulling it off.   

Ask any teacher how much energy goes into behavioral management versus instruction.

Discipline in public schools is first and foremost applied to protecting the system. Shielding students and securing the classroom from disruption and distraction come later. That’s one of the reasons we have schools within schools and isolated elite campuses for those who really want to learn. Teachers know that chaos and learning are not compatible.  

As the distance between those who instruct and those who design curriculum, develop policies and distribute funding has increased, teacher moral has plummeted. Today’s teachers are like today’s peace officers – surrounded by government bureaucrats, immature players, ineffective unions, paralyzed administrators and indifferent participants.

That’s a perfect formula for burnout.  Any warrior knows that as the distance between command and those doing the fighting increases, potentials for success decrease.




Kidnapping our normal

One of the favored constructs of the P-L-S movement is the idea that normal doesn’t exist.

Note the climate change denial charges immediately thrown about when anyone dares challenge the assertions behind man-made climate change. Does it follow that anyone who similarly questions man-made gender swapping is guilty of gender denial? How did we get to a point in today’s crazy academic environments where gender and climate confusion is good and gender and climate clarity is bad?

Sorry guys, for the same reason we define ‘normal’ as that digestive place between constipation and diarrhea, normal is real. Sure, sick cultures sometimes embrace weird notions of normal, but over time, the road to reason reestablishes itself between the ditches.

Anyone claiming there is no normal – isn’t normal. 




Challenging our adversary

The struggle in our schools can be understood in two contrasting approaches to education – didactic and dialectic. Both have been corrupted to the left’s mission of mischief.

At its best, dialectic learning relies on reasoned discourse from different angles of view on a subject with an eye on determining the best point of truth. In the didactic method, the teacher gives instruction on a subject with the specific intent of identifying facts and securing them in the student’s memory. Both methods have a place in modern education. Both have been flipped upside down by the left.

In the old application of the didactic model a teacher might teach a Civics class and impart the time-tested truths of America’s exceptional system of governance. Interspersed in that opportunity would be dialectic moments whereby failures in that system – the institutional acceptance of slavery as an example – might be reasonably debated and discussed.

In today’s classroom, teachers use the didactic method to program children on liberal propaganda and the pretense of dialectic discussion to drown out dissenting points of view.  

Imagine a classroom teacher today sharing the undeniable truth that the laws of nature are antagonistic to gender swapping, casual sex and abortion. Then picture a classroom holding a rational discussion of that assertion.    

Any classroom that doesn’t teach time-tested facts, constructs, history and values is a hostage to liberal relativism. Any classroom that doesn’t support open, rationale, inclusive, safe and honest discussion on same – ditto.



Recapturing our children’s minds

You’ve just had a course on the damaged state of most public-school classrooms – and what to question if you’d rather not have a bunch of smart, angry, radical crazy people programming your child.

Freedom of speech, reason and morality do not apply in the left’s idea of scholastic utopia – and we’re letting them get away with it.

The solution – climb out of your recliner and take a cue from former James Bond villain and conservative thinker Robert Davi, “We aren’t the silent majority, we’re the noisy as hell majority!”

In the face of the shrill academic orchestrations of progressive-liberal-socialism, our kids merit something better than silence….


 Carl Mumpower is a psychologist and former elected official. He is chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 




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