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Feeling sadness for those who believe in Trump
Wednesday, 05 April 2017 10:22
Special to the Daily Planet

Believing is a gift, a blessing.  Over the years, I’ve observed that believing people are settled, certain, content.  Sometimes I envy them.

But myself, I’ve never been able to buy wrapped packages of beliefs from anybody.  I’m a Christian and a Democrat, but I’m just not wired to follow all the doctrinal byways of either group. 

Growing up, my family had a great array of right ways to live – including how to interact with colored people.  And everybody else in our town seemed to have the same Georgia-correct ways of living.  I didn’t rebel, but after I left home, I picked and chose as best I could.  Most of those who stayed in our town continued the traditions and no doubt taught them to their children. 

I spent many years with a conservative foreign missions organization.  Again, I didn’t rebel.  I had my work to do.  But I smiled at some of their doctrines that are no more than human guesses at truth.

So there I was watching a TV interview with a staunch Trump supporter.  I didn’t smile.

He said:  “You know it’s the truth.  It came from his heart. You know the man is speaking the truth to us. All the promises he’s said, he’s doing.  So anything President Trump says, I believe.  I’m just a firm believer of everything he does.  Because he tells us, we the people.  He’s just like us, but he’s the President.”

The man was way beyond happy; he seemed ecstatic, giddy.   I think he giggled.

What’s wrong with that?  I want to say that nothing is wrong with it.  The man believes in Trump, and it makes him happy.

But basing his happiness on Trump truth is a problem.

I don’t say President Trump exactly lies.  It’s not a lie to blurt out whatever comes to your mind and let the chips fall where they may.  It’s careless blabber.  But it’s not truth.

Three million illegal aliens didn’t vote in the last election for Clinton.  Obamacare was not designed to collapse in 2017 when Obama was out of office.  The news media don’t cover up terrorist attacks around the world.  His own intelligence agencies are not like Nazis. 

Our Trump voter in the interview may be Top Ten in enthusiasm, but he’s not alone by any means.  According to what I read, Trump voters believe in him.  For example, a Quinnipiac poll showed that 86 percent of Republicans agree with Trump that the news media are the enemy of the American people. 

Trump people disregard the day-by-day shockers from the White House – some, no doubt, because they disregard the media.  Instead, they hold to the reasons they voted for him, trusting that he will fulfill promises from the campaign:  the wall across the southern border, bringing factories back to America, better and cheaper health care, tough immigration policies.

It’s becoming clear that Trump won’t fulfill those promises – not really.  He will appear to be working on them – precisely to keep his followers loyal – but it’s a scam.

He will get bids on the wall, but Congress will never approve the billions to build it.  Republicans will pass repeal of Obamacare and replace it, but it’s a “replace with something, anything” deal, and the replacement won’t actually improve anybody’s health care.  

He will tout new jobs and companies that stay in the U.S., but the factories won’t come back.  (I concede he may indeed be active on immigration, whether or not it’s effective for national security or anything else.)

I don’t know how to feel about this whole thing.  I’m angry at the presidential cynicism.  But what about the Trump people themselves, who believe in him?  I feel great sadness..

Lee Ballard lives in Mars Hill.  For more of his work, readers may visit his blog at



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