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Nesbitt released from hospital; suspect sought
Friday, 16 October 2020 22:24

From Staff Reports 

LEICESTER — The chief and founder of SKYline News, Chad Nesbitt, has been released from Mission Hospital and is recovering at his Leicester home after being injured — and being diagnosed with traumatic brain injury — while covering a protest on Sept. 23 in downtown Asheville.

What’s more, SKYline News is offering a $1,000 reward for information on a “person of interest” in the incident, as Nesbitt continues to recover from a head injury.

A press release in early October from SKYline stated that Nesbitt continues to recover from a head injury.

The release also said he suffered permanent hearing loss in one ear and at this time he cannot stand or walk without help.

Anyone with information about the person of interest should contact Asheville police at 252-1110.the release urged.

It also asked that anyone with information or digital evidence of the incident to contact the APD.

A Sept. 24 press release from Mission Health stated the following:


“Local journalist Chad Nesbitt is currently a patient at Mission Hospital having received a traumatic brain injury while he was covering the protests in Asheville last evening. Mr. Nesbitt is in serious but stable condition and will be closely monitored in the coming days. His wife, Nancy, asks that the family not be contacted by media during this difficult time and will return calls and messages at a later date. Mrs. Nesbitt and their daughter Savannah would like to thank everyone for their outpouring of support and prayers.”


Meanwhile, on Oct. 9, Nesbitt released the following Facebook posting:


“BIG THANK YOU TO MY CHURCH!....and all my Pastors at Trinity Baptist. Thank you Winston Parrish for my American Flag blanket and dinner.  LOL...Tink and I have been fighting over this blanket!

“We have a great congregation that has totally loved on me, prayed for me, and helped me during this attack. God Bless You All!

“Also thank you to The Leicester Leader, Weaverville Tribune, The Asheville Tribune, and Clint Parker for the flowers. 

“Nancy, Savannah, and I have received thousands of cards wishing me well, flowers, and more from people all over Western NC. The outpouring of love and prayer is just incredible!

“Thank you to my close friends, Danny Radcliff, Eddie Harwood, Chris and Mari Peterson, My Defense Contractor friends, Bill aka Charles Beck, Madison Cawthorn, Kevin Gentry, Dan Forest, Mark Robinson, Priscilla Cawthorn, Roger Cawthorn, Ellen Pitt, friends at WLOS, Karen Shook, Sanjit Patel, Heather Wesley, Don Yelton, my personal security team (who saved my life), APD, NCHP, BCSO, HCSO, MCSO, and the Thousands that have been praying for me. YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE PEOPLE!

“Thank you to my private nurses and employees! They are helping me so much with my Grandparents. I love y’all!

“Madison Cawthon and Josh Ingle were at the hospital for over five hours after my attack. Young men like y’all make me so proud and I really appreciate you guys looking after me and my family.

“Grace Wilson, a ten-year-old at Trinity, said some beautiful words about me in a video. Thank you Grace! That young lady and her family is incredible! Erin Blankenship Wilson.

“Nancy’s Bible study ladies at Trinity are also incredible.

“It is everybody’s prayers that is helping me recover and I will never forget those of you that are helping me, Nancy, and Savannah get through this. Today was the best day so far being able to walk. I am still off balance but stronger. Headaches are still terrible and there is no sleep but I will recover and be reporting again soon. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND AMERICA!”


Dozens attend prayer vigil for injured journalist

From Staff Reports

Dozens of people gathered on the night of Sept. 28 in Asheville for a prayer vigil for SKYline News founder Chad Nesbitt, who was seriously injured during a Sept. 23 protest over the Breonna Taylor case.

The event was held in the parking lot of The Freeze of Asheville, located at 1091 Patton Avenue in West Asheville.

“Nesbitt’s wife Nancy thanked the crowd for the love and support,” Asheville television station WLOS (News 13) reported.

“I cannot keep up with all the notes and the calls and the Facebook messages and the personal messages,” News 13 quoted her as saying. “There’s so many, and I appreciate every single one. It helps us get through, but just know I can’t answer to everybody right now.”

At the time of the vigil, Nesbitt remained in Mission Hospital with a traumatic brain injury after what police called an assault during the protest. 

However, in early October, Nesbitt was released and is convalescing at his home in Leicester.



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