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Group admits error in text of narrative
Wednesday, 01 January 2020 14:23

An erroneous assertion was made in a statement headlined “Walkable West Asheville’s Firestorm narrative,” the complete text of which was published in December’s Asheville Daily Planet.

The narrative was presented by members of the Walkable West Asheville neighborhood group to the Council of Independent Business Owners at its Nov. 15 meeting at UNC Asheville’s Sherrill Center.

Specifically, some information included in the “Slide 4” section of the narrative was incorrect, according to a reader who requested anonymity.

The passage in question stated:

“They created Asheville Prison Books.  This program distributes books with ideas to incite protests and violence in the prison system. They openly denounce prisons and claim it to be a racist construct ‘by the white man’. They distributed copies of this book to the prison inmates. A quote found in the introduction of this book clearly points out the message of this book.”

Further, the reader contended that Asheville Prison Books was not “created” by Firestorm, the latter of which was launched about 10 years after APB’s founding in 1999.

In response, Sanjit Patel, who led the presentation of the narrative, said in a Dec. 9 email to the Daily Planet:

“That correction is appropriate. The APB may have existed already. It wasn't the focus of my presentation. I'll correct my slides as well. 

“However, the book referenced IS one that was on Firestorm's website that they distributed to inmates. 

“Also,  in reference to the organizations that relocated to WAVL: Steady Collective started in WAVL.They did not exist before. It was 12 Baskets that relocated from Biltmore Village after All Souls received complaints about homeless loitering on their grounds. 

“For the sake of time and focus, I did not include 12 Baskets and their role in the epidemic in my presentation,” Patel said.


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