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Ex-undercover agent finishes saga, fields questions
Monday, 01 July 2019 23:27

Second in a series of two stories


EDITOR’S NOTE: The first part of this story included most of the May 17 speech by Chris Gaubatz, former undercover agent for the U.S. government, to about 50 members of the Asheville Tea Party and others — about what he considers to be the national threat posed by Muslim Jihadis working in conjunction with Marxists. 

The program was held in the Hendersonville City Operations Center. Among the specific topics he covered were “Experiences Undercover in the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas” and “Red Green Axis: Exposing the Left Working With Jihadis to Undermine Our Nation.”

This story finishes his speech — and covers the question-and-answer period afterward.


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HENDERSONVILLE —  Deep into his lengthy-but-riveting address to the Asheville Tea Party and other interested parties on May 17, the intensity of his presentation naturally increased as former undercover agent Chris Gaubatz told of assuming a fake name and identity as he successfully applied for, and received, a job as an intern at the Council of American-Islamic Relations, better known as CAIR, in 2007.

Gaubatz noted that he was fortunate that CAIR did not conduct an intensive background check of him. He worked undercover as an intern for six months, as planned, without being discovered.

From the start of his job, Gaubatz said he noticed from answering telephone calls at the CAIR office, “the same complaint” from the agency’s supporters.

He also said that, because he was “more energetic” than the other interns, “I was given access” to records.

“I started to see notes out on the desks — and saw that many of these people had paid CAIR to handle their problems,” but never followed through — and kept their payments.

“So now, can you see why CAIR doesn’t want me” to travel around the Southeast, talking about issues related to Islam?”

He added, “CAIR claims its a civil rights group,” but “you can’t have a Muslim civil rights organization stealing money from Muslims — especially when they also have such a close relationship with (television’s) CNN....

“So they shredded documents. My version of shredding was… I took 12,000 pages of evidence over six months — and I packed them in my car” and, instead of shredding them, turned them over to the U.S. government.

“Do you think CNN will report that? A large portion of the media has become nothing more than shills for the left. What you never will hear what they actually say and write.

“On the project, it was supposed to be a summer-long operation, but they were literally closing down the office.

“The director liked me so much, he gave me a verbal reocmmendatin to walk into the CAIR office in D.C.

“When I went to” a major event “at CAIR headquarters in Washington, D.C., I almost slipped up and used my real name, but I caught myself at the last second. My (undercover) name was David Marshall.

“This was a very busy office. It’s not just shooting up things and blowing things up. It’s subversion. It’s influence of our policy in the Middle East, which is their bread and butter. ... The other thing” that CAIR focuses on “is influencing the media.

“They’re literally calling a jihad group on how to respond to jihad... CAIR is who the United States (news) media calls for a comment on anything Islamic.”

In speaking of CAIR, Gaubatz prompted some laughter from the crowd when he asserted, “They do a lot of shredding, by the way... I was the one (intern) who volunteered to help on shredding

“As part of that duty, I had to take boxes of pamphlets and put them in the trunk of my car. I literally parked right in front of their offices” to load the records to be shredded.

“Some of those documents are (reproduced) right in the back of the book” in which his undercover experiences are detailed — “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize Ameria.” 

(The book, which he was selling and autographing copies before and after his program, was written by U.S. investigations special agent Paul David Gaubatz (Chris’ father) and investigative journalist and Hoover Institute fellow Paul Sperry.)

“On the one hand, they were talking about meetings with government officials on Capital Hill — and on the other hand,” they were working to subvert the system.

“We have all kinds of documents to show who these guys are. There’s never been a lack of documents to show CAIR is a Hamas organization.

“CAIR was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator. So the plan was to go after CAIR, but what happened? (Barack) Obama was elected president and his sttorney general, Eric Holder, closed down the investigation.

“So that’s why they (CAIR) don’t want that book out there — and that’s why they don’t want me talking.

“Toward the end of the summer, Ibrahim Hooper, the same guy who doesn’t want me speaking, offered to help me to get married. (Hooper, born Douglas Hooper and a convert to Islam, is national communications director and spokesman for CAIR.)

“At an Islamic Brotherhood conference, Ibrahim mentioned to ‘watch out’” for a man, who happened to be Gabautz’s father. Ironically, Gaubatz said, his father ended up snapping a picture of him with Hooper.

At the time, 2007, “I was in my late 20s. They (CAIR) thought I was in my early 20s. 

“At the beginning of the projct, we found out they (CAIR) were defrauding Muslims… My father started contacting many of the victims of the fraud scheme and asking them if they’d like to sue them... My Dad has stories. He’s my best friend. He’s just a good man.”

Speaking generally, Gaubatz triggered some laughter from the crowd as he noted that there are “two ways (when one is working undercover) to get somewhere in a jam. One is to get a cane and start shuffling. Or you just shuffle somewhere” without a cane.

Gaubatz then told how he got into “a situation” and needed to make a move, but lacked a cane, so he just did an exaggerated shuffle and, “not only did they ignore me, they helped me up on the stage.”

In the ultimate of ironies, the undercover agent said he shuffled up on stage to Nihad Awad (CAIR’s chief executive officer and founder) and instead of giving him a check (a donation, as expected) at the fundraiser, pulled out a legal paper and said, ‘You’re served!’” shocking him and others at the gathering.

In the aftermath, Gaubatz said, “The donors are saying (to Awad)… ‘So you defrauded Muslims and we’re at a civil rights fundraiser?’

“After that happened, the book got written,” referencing the 2017 book “Muslim Mafia.” Gaubatz asserted, “They never knew where that information had gotten out, until the book ‘Muslim Mafia’ came out....

“So when the book ‘Muslim Mafia’ came out, though, there was a little bit of a news flash when it came out. Remember, you had establishment Republicans who were working with these guys, too. It wasn’t till President (Donald J.) Trump was elected” that concerns addressed in the book were given a higher priority by the government.

Prior to Trump’s ascension as president, Gaubatz charged that the national Republicans were following “(John) Boehner, (John) McCain, (Marco) Rubio — the same old establishment ‘hacks.’”

The so-called “hacks” later called former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., an “Islamaphobe” for her concerns about the threat of certain Muslims, he lamented.

Pausing, Gaubatz added, “Always remember that the Tea Party (movement) was the precursor to President Trump.

“What Rush Limbaugh started showing us in the 1980s and ‘90s,” via his conservative national talk radio show, “it was something we hadn’t seen before... When Andrew Breitbart started his website (Breitbart News Network) later... Then the tea party... Then President Trump came along,” there was a challenge to the liberal status quo being expressed.

He asked, rhetorically, “Why is ‘the establishment’ — on both sides of the aisle — fighting” Trump?

As for widespread criticism of Trump’s “delivery” (communications) style, Guabatz said, “I don’t care. Finally we have someone fighting for us. If we had someone like President Trump after 9/11, we would have won those wars.”

In reference to being labeled an “Islamaphobe” by CAIR and some in the news media, Gaubatz also asked, rhetorically, “Why am I called names in the media?

“I don’t care,” noting that his attitude on that topic is “sort of like President Trump’s.”

He paused and asserted, “Think of the tens of millions of people who died under communism in Russia ... and the millions and millions who died under (Chairman) Mao (Zedong) in China. And those who died under (Fidel) Castro in Cuba.”

Pausing again, he stressed, “Under Sharia, gay (homosexual) people are killed.” 

(Sharia, according to Google, is “Islamic canonical law based on the teachings of the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet (Hadith and Sunna), prescribing both religious and secular duties and sometimes retributive penalties for lawbreaking. It has generally been supplemented by legislation adapted to the conditions of the day, though the manner in which it should be applied in modern states is a subject of dispute between Islamic fundamentalists and modernists.”)

Regarding the red-green axis, he asked, “How does that work? It’s very simple. While they (Jihadis and Marxists) disagree on the end game, they agree on one thing — revolution. This will work, as they have a common enemy — us. We are the enemy ... those who believe in our Constitution and a republic.”

He added, “The Chinese communist party is despicable... They will work together” with anyone, “even Muslims and gays… The Muslim Brotherhood said their plan is to destroy America” from within. It is the left and the Muslim Brotherhood that we’re fighting against.”

Further, Gaubatz asserted, “This (the U.S.) is a country that is founded on Judeo-Christian values. We are not a democracy — that’s mob rule. Our founders said we are a republic. Our laws are based on the laws of nature, with us created in the image of God. Our moral framework is the holy Bible. And if our leaders are too afraid to say something close to that in public, then we don’t need those leaders.”

He then termed American political far left as “godless, atheist and Marxist....

“From my perspective, I don’t think President Trump will have trouble winning in 2020. My concern is, if this movement grows, what happens when he loses office? Never forget that the same vitriol this group has for Trump, it all translates back to us (conservatives).

“I’m arguing that we have one shot and if we don’t get this right,” it could mean the end of the United States as the founders envisioned.

“We’re going to take the country back the same way President Trump did — town by town, county by county. I’m going to hit this message till the 2020 election. With President Trump, the era of political correctness is over.”

During a question-and-answer session after his speech, a man asked, “Have you met with President Trump?”

“I haven’t,” Gaubatz replied. “But he ‘gets’ it. He understands these ideas… The problem is...  he also has had a number of establishment people giving him advice, too. 

“The problem (also) is because the other side is (comprised of) incredible organizers. We’re rugged indivdualists,” he said of conservatives. “We need to be more” savvy at organizing to be more successful poltically.

A man asked, “Has President Trump released (dismissed) some of the Muslims from the White House that were in during (the administration of) President Obama?”

“Yes,” Gaubatz answered. “But the problem is mid-level bureaucrats...The State Department was riddled by communitsts in the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s.”

A man noted that he “has to deal with Muslims in the (local) community. How do you start a (critical) discussion, as you’re immediately shut down (by being labeled) as an ‘Islamaphobe?’”

“It depends on who you’re talking to,” Gaubatz replied. “If it’s a hard-left idealogue, I wouldn’t even waste my time. Every single encounter is different. If they’re so indoctrinated and not even interested in the truth, other than being kind (to them),” the best strategy is to leave their company politely and quickly.

“The key to all of this (theological discussion) is to keep it very short and to the point. .. I would encourage you to get a little more versed on the Holy Land Foundation.”

(Gaubatz’s reference was to the Richardson, Texas-based Muslim charity indicted, along with several of the group’s leaders, for funneling millions of dollars to the terrorist group Hamas. In the second trial in 2008, jurors found all the defendants guilty on all counts of helping finance terrorism.)

A man said, “They (Muslims) always go to the Old Testament” to criticize Christianity — “and I say ‘I’m a Christian and I believe in the New Testament.’”

In response, Gaubatz suggested the man ask such a challenger, “Is there any command in the Old Testament for Jews and Christians to wage war on nonbelievers? In Sharia, Mohammed is considered to be the perfect example of a human being. Ask them to name one example that God said to fight and wage war against nonbelievers... Always remember, stick to just what Mohammed said.”

Another man asked, “What would you recommend as the best English translation of their (Muslim) scriptures that aren’t ‘sanitized?’” 

As for the best — and ‘un-sanitized’ English translation, Gaubatz recommended “The Yusef Ali translation of the Koran.” He added that the meaning of the Koran, according to Muslims, was “revealed through the angel Gabriel.”

Speaking generally, Gaubatz asserted that, as an undercover agent, “I always used what they used,” insofar as religious references go.

The man also asked, “Why are you still walking around?” implying the retired undercover agent should be in hiding, as it is surprising he has not be killed for his criticisms of Islam.

As for why he continues openly to criticize Islam publically without fatal consequences, Gaubatz responded evenly, “By the grace of God, nothing has happened. As for CAIR, their main line is media manipulation and political influence” — not killing its adversaries.

As a followup, the same man who posed the earlier two questions asked, “Ibrahim Hooper (of CAIR) doesn’t look (in a picture) like a Muslim? Is he a convert, too?

“Yes, he’s a convert,” Gaubatz replied. “Ibrahim Hooper ‘throws out’ (asserts) that people like me who speak about how Islam is — they are racists. But Islam is not a race. Ibrahim Hooper is a convert to Islam. That whole thing (about accusations that Guabatz is an ‘Islamaphobe’) — you could shut down in two seconds. I’m not talking about a race, but an idealogy.”

Another man asked Gaubatz for his thoughts on how the U.S. could transition from what he termed the public schools’ current practice of “indoctrinating (young Americans) about Islam.”

In response, Gaubatz said conservatives “need to start submitting ‘errors of omission or commission’ to local school boards — and that’s not an easy problem” to address.

Bilello, the ATP’s chair who is a retired teacher, added, “It’s all funded by these hundreds of left-wing groups.”


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