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Tuesday, 04 June 2019 11:54

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Once again, former U.S. undercover agent Chris Gaubatz, who returned to speak in the area in mid-May, was branded an “Islamaphobe” and “a hater” by Ibrahim Hooper, who is national communications director and spokesman for the Council of American-Islamic Relations, better known as CAIR. 

Asked for his response to some of Gaubatz’s assertions during his May 17 speech in Hendersonville, Hooper said in a March 26 telephone interview with the Daily Planet, “This is the guy who said, ‘Islam is evil.’ He has the right to be a bigot.”

Hooper, who is an American convert to Islam, noted that “there have been Muslim-majority nations for centuries,” where, he said, the religious minorities have lived in peace “for centuries,” just as there have been non-Muslim-majority countries, where Muslims have been allowed to live in peace “for centuries.”

He also contended that, in the Koran (the Islamic sacred book), “there is no compulsion for Muslims to re-establish the caliphate,” a political-religious state under the dominion of Muslims, contrary to Gaubatz’s assertions.

Regarding Gaubatz’s claims that there is a real threat of jihad against the United States (radical Muslims waging a holy war in the name of Islam), Hooper said, “It’s just making things up out of whole cloth.”

As for Gaubatz’s contention that CAIR is a front group for a Hamas organization, Hooper said, “If you accept his bizarre conspiracy theories, why am I talking to you now?”

He elaborated by noting that, if CAIR was part of Hamas, he would be in big — possibly fatal — trouble for speaking with its critics, or with news media seeking a response.

Hooper reiterated that people like Gaubazt “are haters.” He also noted — again — that Gaubatz has tweeted, “When you understand the threat, you understand that there is no such thing as ‘radical islam’ [sic], just islam. [sic],” using the hashtag “#IslamIsTheProblem.”

During the brief interview, the CAIR official said he found it “interesting” that Gaubatz continues to focus his speaking engagements in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee — and is addressing gatherings of “older” conservatives.

On the lighter side, Hooper said he once offered to help Gaubatz in his purported plan to get married. (As Gaubatz said in his talk, that was part of his pose as a Muslim convert who had fallen in love with a Muslim woman.)

At that point, Hooper said that someone should ask Guabatz about “his friend” John Guandolo, the founder of

Hooper said that Guandolo had caught flak for voicing his view recently that “7-11 clerks and hotel managers” are all Muslims.

(Guandolo, a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, took a commission as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He served with 2d Battalion 2d Marines as an infantry platoon commander in combat Operations Desert Shield/Storm. 

(From 1991-1996, he served in 2d Force Reconnaissance Company as a platoon commander, sssistant operations officer, and the unit’s airborne and diving officer. 

(During this time, he also deployed to the Adriatic/Bosnia. He served for one year as the unit leader for the CINC’s In-Extremis Force, directly reporting to a combatant commander in a classified mission profile. 

(Guandolo was a combat diver, military free-fall parachutist, and a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School.)

In a Feb. 14 press release, CAIR stated, “In the past, Gaubatz joined his former employer and fellow anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist John Guandolo in smearing American mosques and claiming the Black Lives Matter movement is funded by ‘enemies’ of America.”

CAIR bills itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.”


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