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Tuesday, 02 April 2019 22:50

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Asheville, often touted for its desirability as a place to live (or visit) by city-rankers, recently was  named No. 14 on Livability’s “2019 Top 100 Places to Live” for its “bang for your buck.” 

Specifically, Livability said, “With a population just under 100,000 (86,789), Asheville provides a lot of bang for your buck. Known primarily for its love of beer and good food, Asheville is the world’s only Foodtopian Society and has an unparalleled foodie scene.”

However, the ranking was scoffed at as absurd in some quarters.

For instance, the Asheville Citizen Times, in a March 6 article headlined,“Asheville named #14 most livable city in U.S. —  but it’s not as affordable as they think,” opened by stating, “Another day, another ‘best-of’ list for Asheville. But this one may not be deserved.”

The ACT article went on to note that “keen-eyed Ashevillians scoffed at the price listed for median home value — $231,678. That’s a cool 94 thousand shy of the figure calculated by local real estate agency Mosaic Community Realty, $325,000. 

“Another page on lists Asheville’s median home price as $199,800, which makes us both laugh and cry.,” the ACT reported, addiug that, “according to the North Carolina Housing Coalition, 30 percent of Buncombe County households are ‘cost-burdened,’ meaning the cost of housing exceeds a third of their total income. Hit hardest are the renters, 50 percent of whom are cost-burdened.”

The ACT reported in July 2018 that Asheville’s skyrocketing home prices “have climbed steadily higher since 2011 and show few signs of slowing.” In its March 6 story, the ACT added, “Somehow, we’ve also climbed’s rankings — we’re up 34 places from our first appearance in 2014.”

Leading Liviability’s list was Boise, Idaho. Rounding out the top five were Raleigh, N.C.; Madison, Wisc.; Iowa City, Idaho; Rochester, Minn.

Livability ranked nearby Greenville, S.C., at No. 10, noting, “There’s no getting around it: Greenville is having a moment.”

Annually, Livability editors and data scientists analyze statistics on economics, housing, amenities, infrastructure, social and civil capital, and more to create annual rankings of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live in America.”



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